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The Day The Music Lied

On February 3, 1959, rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, with the pilot, Roger Peterson. 

The three were on a music tour called  "Winter Dance Party Tour.

For the start of the "Winter Dance Party" tour, Buddy Holly assembled a band consisting of Waylon Jennings (bass), Tommy Allsup (guitar), and Carl Bunch (drums), and the opening vocals of Frankie Sardo. New hit artist Ritchie Valens, J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson and Dion DiMucci (of Dion and the Belmonts fame) joined the tour to promote their recordings and make an extra profit.

The crash happened on the 11th night of the tour.

This became known as the day the music died.

Did the music really die that day or was it a lie?

The plane took off from Mason City Muncipal Airport in Iowa at 12:55 a.m.

Buddy Holly was aged 22 at the time of the crash.

Coral Records was able to release brand new albums and singles for 10 years after Buddy Holly's death. Was Buddy Holly recording these after 1959? How could he have that much material that hadn't been released? He'd only just started in 1956.

The Buddy Holly Story Compilation Album just happened to come out 3 weeks after his alleged death and by no surprise it did well. After Buddy Holly's alleged death there were a total of 14 Singles and 28 Compilation Albums that came out. Wow, the guy was only recording from 1956-1959? Where did all those recordings come from? In 3 years?

Ritchie Valens was aged 17 at the time of the crash.

The self titled Ritchie Valens Album came out the month after he died. Another album followed in October of 1959. Also an addition 9 compilation albums came out after Ritchie's alleged death. That was for someone who was 17 years old and just started recording in 1957. So for 2 years he somehow produced all these songs. He recorded all this from ages 15-17 too somehow.

The Big Bopper Jiles Perry "J. P." Richardson, Jr. was aged 28 at the time of the crash. He came on the scene in 1954.

The Big Bopper wasn't as popular as Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. He doesn't seem to have gotten a lot of recognition post alleged death with albums and singles. I guess he fake his death and didn't have any extra material to record.

Some laughable media stories to sell the myth of this plane crash:
  • Big Bopper had contracted flu during the tour and asked musician Waylon Jennings who originally was going to fly instead of taking the bus to the next tour stop for his seat on the plane. When Holly learned that Jennings was not going to fly, he said in jest: "Well, I hope your ol' bus freezes up." Jennings responded: "Well, I hope your ol' plane crashes".
  • Ritchie Valens, who had once had a fear of flying, asked Tommy Allsup for his seat on the plane. The two agreed to toss a coin to decide. Bob Hale, a DJ with KRIB-AM, was working the concert that night and flipped the coin in the ballroom's side-stage room shortly before the musicians departed for the airport. Valens won the coin toss for the seat on the flight. Dion had been approached to join the flight, although it is unclear exactly when he was asked. Dion decided that since the $36 fare (equivalent to US$292.20 in today's money) equaled the monthly rent his parents paid for his childhood apartment, he could not justify the indulgence
  • Holly's pregnant wife, María Elena, learned of his death from the reports on television. A widow after only six months of marriage, she suffered a miscarriage shortly after, reportedly due to "psychological trauma". Holly's mother, on hearing the news on the radio at home in Lubbock, Texas, screamed and collapsed. María Elena Holly did not attend the funeral and has never visited the grave site. She later said in an interview: "In a way, I blame myself. I was not feeling well when he left. I was two weeks pregnant, and I wanted Buddy to stay with me, but he had scheduled that tour. It was the only time I wasn't with him. And I blame myself because I know that, if only I had gone along, Buddy never would have gotten into that airplane."
  • Holly's glasses were lost immediately after the crash. In March 1980, they were discovered in a Cerro Gordo County courthouse storage area. Sheriff Gerald Allen, who found them, presumed they were discovered by a farmer after the snow melted, placed in an envelope dated April 7, 1959, (along with The Big Bopper's watch, a lighter, two pairs of dice and part of another watch), and misplaced when the county moved courthouses. The glasses, missing their lenses, were returned to his widow Maria a year later, after a legal contest over them with his parents.
  • In January 2007, Big Bopper's son Jay requested that his father's body be exhumed and an autopsy be performed to settle the rumors that a gun was fired or that Richardson initially survived the crash. The autopsy was performed by Dr. Bill Bass, a forensic anthropologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Jay was present with Dr. Bass throughout the autopsy and observed as the casket was opened; both men were surprised to find the remains well enough preserved to be recognizable as those of the late rock star. "Dad still amazes me 48 years after his death, that he was in remarkable shape," Richardson told the Associated Press. "I surprised myself. I handled it better than I thought I would". Dr. Bass's findings indicated no signs of foul play. He was quoted as saying, "There are fractures from head to toe. Massive fractures ...[Richardson] died immediately. He didn't crawl away. He didn't walk away from the plane".
    After the autopsy, Richardson's body was placed in a new casket made by the same company as the original, then was reburied next to his wife in Beaumont's Forest Lawn Cemetery. Jay then allowed the old casket to be put on display at the Texas Musicians Museum. In December 2008, Jay Richardson announced that he would be placing the old casket up for auction on eBay, giving a share of the proceeds to the Texas Musicians Museum, but downplayed the suggestion in later interviews
  • On March 3, 2015, it was announced that the National Transportation Safety Board, the successor to the Civil Aeronautics Board, had agreed to consider reopening the investigation into the accident. A final decision may not be made until 2016. The new investigation was proposed by L. J. Coon, a retired pilot from New England, who felt that the conclusion of the 1959 investigation was inaccurate. Coon suspected a possible operational failure of the right rudder and also requested a review of the fuel readings, as well as a possible improper weight distribution. Coon also argued that Peterson may have tried to land the plane and requested that his efforts should be recognized. Coon approached the National Transportation Safety Board's cold case unit with his personal investigation because he felt that the verdict "amounted to an injustice for Roger Peterson
So 3 musicians died on the 3rd day of February or 33. To me this looks fake and phony. The stories listed above are so in your face ridicoulous. It's part of a long running movie script that keeps playing out about this fake plane crash.

Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper faked their deaths.

I think this was part of the plan before launching their careers. This promotes the plane crash agenda of putting fear into people's minds about traveling by plane. Faking plane crashes also helps puts more safety regulations on airplanes. Safety regulations on planes and cars keep getting stricter. It's become over-regulation.

I don't think the music industry was as popular in the 1950s as it is today or after this fake crash. This might have been the spark and jolt to get young baby boomers interested in music.

Also the music in the 1950s sounds very innocent to what we heard coming out of the 1960s up until today. Was the music industry needing a big fake disaster death event to change the tone of the music they wanted us slaves to listen to?

Starting in the 1960s the music industry really took off with the Beatles, British Invasion, rock music hippie music, and suddenly music became part of American Culture like never before.

Fake a plane crash with young musicians to get young Americans thinking about a culture of music and especially the changes that were coming ahead for the 1960s.  

Did Tupac Shakur Fake His Death?

Tupac Shakur allegedly died on September 13, 1996 at the age of 25. I think he faked his death.

His parents were in the Black Panther Party in the 1960s, which was a 1960s black radical/socialist group that was most likely filled with agents. He also has other family that was in the Black Panthers Party too.

It looks to me like the Black Panthers were started by intelligence agencies and controlled from the start. There were probably some real people, but mostly agents and agent provocateurs. Why would there be a grassroots movement that wants socialism like the Black Panthers? The powers that be want socialism.

I think Tupac's parents were planted agents within the Black Panthers and Tupac comes from a family with connections to intelligence.

Tupac is also listed as an actor in addition to being a rapper. 

Tupac happened to be releasing a new album right after he allegedly died called The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. It was just a coincidence as Coincidence Theorist would say. The album cover has Tupac on the cross like Jesus Christ:

Also the album’s sleeve contains the text Exit 2Pac, Enter Makaveli, which was to be Tupac's new "stage" name. Niccolò Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist and philosopher who wrote about faking his death to fool his enemies. It was said Tupac had been reading Machiavelli while he was allegedly in prison. The album cover is supposed to be an attempt to convey his crucifixion by the media and  imply an artistic resurrection to come.

He was crucified in the media because the media told us he died even though he didn't. He was resurrected as in he is still alive but he "died" in the fake reality/fake persona that was given to us.

Death/Rebirth is heavily symbolic in Freemasonry.

The album was originally due for release in March 1997, but due to his death, Suge Knight of Death Row Records decided to release it four months earlier. Yeah better release it after Tupac's death than delay record sales.

Obviously this is a music industry trick. To have the death faked and then release the album and sales go through the roof.

Tupac Shakur was also part of the East-Coast West-Coast feud going on in rap. A fake feud to hype up hip hop music.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lynyrd Skynyrd Fake Plane Crash

Lynyrd Skynyrd is considered one of the best classic rock bands of all time. From what I've learned about the music industry, lots of famous musicians die a lot allegedly. I think most of the deaths are fabricated to promote an agenda.

With regards to Lynyrd Skynyrd, I think the plane crash that supposedly killed some of the band never happened.

On October 20th, 1977, a Convair CV-240 chartered by Lynyrd Skynyrd  ran out of fuel and crashed in Gillsburg, Mississippi. Among the victims from Lynyrd Skynyrd were Ronnie Van Zant, aged 29 (2+9=11), Steve Gaines aged 28, and Cassie Gaines aged 29 (2+9=11).

Looks like three fake deaths to me. Also on February 15, 1979, Steve's and Cassie's mother, also named Cassie LaRue Gaines, was killed in an automobile accident near the cemetery where Steve and Cassie are buried.

Did the mom fake her death to be with her son and daughter wherever they disappeared to? 

To reinforce the myth of this crash according to former band mate Artimus Pyle and family members, Van Zant frequently discussed his mortality. Pyle recalls a moment when Lynyrd Skynyrd was in Japan: "Ronnie and I were in Tokyo, Japan, and Ronnie told me that he would never live to see thirty and that he would go out with his boots on, in other words, on the road. I said, 'Ronnie, don't talk like that,' but the man knew his destiny."

Van Zant's father, Lacy, said, "He said to me many times, 'Daddy, I'll never be 30 years old.' I said, 'Why are you talking this junk?' and he said, 'Daddy, that's my limit.'" Van Zant's father later noted that, "God was a jealous god. Taking him for reasons I don't know."

I'm not falling for it. These stories are to make sure you have no doubt about this crash.

The band happened to be releasing a new album 3 days before this alleged crash called Street Survivors. It turned out to be Lynyrd Skynyrd's most successful album.

Here is the cover of the album:

Flames just like the plane that crashed into flames. Predictive programming 3 days before the crash???

The surviving members of Lynyrd Skynyrd broke up after this alleged plane crash.

I think the payoff from album sales after this crash was enough to support going along with faking it by Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines and Cassie Gaines.

Maybe the plan was to retire Lynyrd Skynyrd for the 1970s and boost Street Survivor album sales. Maybe the band wanted to break up and Van Zant and the two Gaines agreed to fake their deaths to help get lasting publicity for the band and the final album.

David Angell and 9/11

David Angell was the creator and producer of the television show Frasier. He allegedly died on 9/11.

David Angell also just so happen to serve at the Pentagon after he graduated from college. Nothing to see there right?

David Angell was the Cheers show producer and writer. Just happened to have this scene in one of the episodes entitled "The Sam In The Gray Flannel Suit:

Just another coincidence for Coincidence Theorist. Synchronicity for Synchronicity Theorist.

How about this Fraiser 9/11 predictive programming:

Frasier 9/11 Predictive Programming Creator and Writer for Frasier Dies on Flight 11

The creator of Frasier is listed on the Flight 11 manifest as seated next to Mohammed Atta.

Are you familiar with the "Frasier" episode in which Flight 11 is mentioned non sequiter? The show was in 1997!!!

I don't see this video getting passed around. I already knew the creator of Frasier, David Angell allegedly died on 9/11. I didn't know the show writers basically put some 9/11 predictive programming in the show about Flight 11.

Also what is with David Angell's last name? It's spelled Angell with two L's, but it looks like two 1's or 11 like Flight 11. Done on purpose?

David also was 54 (5+4=9) when he allegedly died. His age added and Flight number are 9/11, coincidence?

So David Angell faked his death for 9/11 and I'm sure he got a huge payout from the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

I'm starting to think there is a Fake Death Industrial Complex with the amount of celebrities, entertainers, show business people, music industry people, academia, and pro sports players who are faking their deaths. There are a lot of people who have faked their deaths and are still among us.

Sam Kinison Faked His Death

Comedian Sam Kinison allegedly died on April 10, 1992. He was allegedly killed in a car accident. The age at the time of his death was 38 (3+8=11).

Sam Kinison became a member of a comedic group at the Comedy Workshop known as the Texas Outlaw Comics, that also included Bill Hicks.

If you know by now, Bill Hicks is accused of faking his death to become Alex Jones. I don't see it. Alex Jones and Bill Hicks look similar though. Maybe they are related, but also remember a lot of people in life look similar and aren't even related.

I do believe Bill Hicks did fake his death just like Sam Kinison did. Check out this post: Bill Hicks Faked His Death, But He Isn't Alex Jones.

Like I said in the previous post, Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are being promoted as the same person on purpose. It was planned out back in 1980s/1990s by having Bill Hicks and Alex Jones at the Waco Psyop. This was by design to keep people spinning their wheels and dividing people by creating a debate about Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. It takes the focus off of serious research into our fake reality. If you check YouTube, it's working really well by all the videos going back and forth over Bill Hicks is Alex Jones. It's called COINTELPRO and it usually never fails.

Back to Kinison being associated with Bill Hicks in the Texas Outlaw Comics. Both guys died so close to each other too supposedly. Kinison in 1992 and Hicks in 1994. Wow, what a coincidence as Coincidence Theorist say.

Just before Kinison's alleged death on April 10th, Kinison on April 4th, 1992, six days before, married Malika Souiri at the Candlelight Chapel in Las Vegas. They honeymooned in Hawaii for five days before returning home to LA on April 10th and preparing for a show that night at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino.

So Kinison married a woman right before his death. Maybe a quick marriage before he faked his death. Did he even come back to LA or did he stay in Hawaii and that is where he is now?

Souiri sued Kinison's brother Bill in 1995 for allegedly defaming her in his book Brother Sam: The Short Spectacular Life of Sam Kinison, and then again in 2009 for allegedly forging Sam's will.

To me that is to reinforce the myth in the media that Sam Kinison died. Also Bill Kinison wrote a book about his brother and how much money did that bring in? Making money off of death again theme.

Another story to add to this myth was a report from the Toronto Sun from February 2011, that reported Kinison had fathered a child with the wife of his best friend and opening act, Carl LaBove, who had been paying child support for the girl for nearly 13 years. LaBove filed legal papers claiming the girl was Kinison's, and DNA tests taken from Kinison's brother Bill show a 99.8% likelihood that Sam Kinison was the father of the unnamed woman, who was 21 at the time of the Toronto Sun story, and excluded LaBove as her father.

The media to me just helps shut the door on doubt with reports like that.

I think stand up comedy is very difficult. You're on the road a lot and touring and traveling takes its toll. Sam Kinison wasn't getting a lot of permanent/steady movie roles or television roles. He was in the two movies Back to School from 1986 with Rodney Dangerfield and a lesser know film Savage Dawn, but after that he got no movie roles up until his alleged death in 1992. He was given sporadic TV parts on some shows like Married with Children and Tales From the Crypt.

Most comedians do stand up and hopefully get their own TV show or some permanent show business job where they don't travel. Considering Sam Kinison received not much by age 38 and still had to tour to do stand up comedy to support himself, I'd say he just caved in and took a pay out to fake his death.

Automobile accidents do happen, but I think they are greatly exaggerated in the news. Ab Irato of just pointed one out that happened in Toronto that was absolutely ridiculous, fake, and had occult numbers:  Noblies and Flying Tires. The news/media is there to scare and frighten people. Sam Kinison was probably willing to go along with a media story that promotes car accidents and he got paid handsomely along with a book written by his brother.

Also remember if people read of constant car accidents, it keeps them afraid of traveling. Car accidents being reported in the news also brings in more regulations for manufacturing cars with certain safety features. Cars are out of control with the amount of safety built into them now.

If people read Sam Kinison died in a car accident it drives home the message that celebrities can die in car wrecks just like us slaves. People take news more seriously when their beloved celebrities are involved.

In my opinion Sam Kinison wanted out of show business because he didn't want to keep being a stand up comedian for the rest of his life. Since no permanent acting roles were being offered (I liked him in Back to School), I'm sure there is way to find the fake death option in the shady corners of show business.

Bill Hicks Faked His Death But He Isn't Alex Jones

Comedian Bill Hicks allegedly died on February 26, 1994.

Most of Bill Hicks stand up included a lot of anti establishment stuff.  This included a wide range of social issues including religion, politics, and philosophy, was controversial, and often steeped in dark comedy. He criticized consumerism, superficiality and banality within the media and popular culture, which he characterized as oppressive tools of the ruling class that keep people "stupid and apathetic.

Hicks often discussed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He mocked the Warren Report and the official version of Lee Harvey Oswald as a "lone nut assassin, even though I have concluded that nobody died in the Kennedy Assassination and it was all a staged Psyop. Check out this very well written expose' of the JFK Assassination as a Hoax.

This is why Bill Hicks was thought to be speaking for the masses or the people. As you can see from the above photos, he was very much in on the scam. Freemason indeed.

He allegedly died of Pancreatic Cancer. Was an offer made to him to fake his death to promote the Cancer agenda? When the masses know a celebrity gets cancer, they accept cancer as normal and part of life, as opposed to questioning what it really is and how the medical and pharmaceutical industry makes a lot of dough off of cancer.

You have to remember Bill Hicks wasn't getting any permanent gigs in show business. He was journeying through stand up comedy. On the road, grinding it out traveling. He wasn't getting any acting roles on TV or movies which is where most successful comedians end up.

In show business and the music business, they have a job called disappearing. As long as you promote an agenda, you will be compensated monetarily. Ab Irato of has a term for this called The Dead Celebrity Program. This is what I think Bill Hicks did. Fake his death and it was said he died of Pancreatic cancer.

This helps the medical industry normalize cancer. Therefore the Medical Industrial Complex and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex make a lot of money off of cancer treatments.

Bill Hicks has been accused of faking his death to become Alex Jones. I don't agree with this at all. I could see that Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are related but there is no reason for Bill Hicks to become another person when he could have just moved into the fear maniac Alex Jones role anyway since he was getting no permanent work to begin with.

I think the Alex Jones Bill Hicks talk is part of a Psyop to get people stuck in a stupid debate about Entertainers faking their deaths to become other actors. Dallas Goldbug promotes this heavily and he is COINTELPRO. All the Bill Hicks Alex Jones talk does is promote disagreement and wastes time.

I think by design they had Bill Hicks at Waco when Alex Jones was there reporting in the early 1990s so they could use it later to get people spinning their wheels, getting nowhere with it. Bill Hicks was already questioning the guilt of David Koresh and the Branch Davidian compound during the Waco Siege in his act on stage.

Waco was a staged Psyop Hoax to begin with.

Bill Hicks faked his death, but most likely is somewhere is Arkansas where he is alleged to have died.

The Marshall University Fake Plane Crash

When I see that a movie or motion picture has been made about a famous plane crash reported by the news, I now automatically think of "reinforcing the myth". The myth of a supposed plane crash.

The movie We Are Marshall is a film that depicts the Marshall University plane crash of 1970 and it's aftermath on the Marshall University football program. It stars Matthew McConaughey and opened December 22, 2006. It cost 65(6+5=11) million dollars to make and only made $43 million at the box office. What a loss.

With regards to plane crashes, I think most of them are faked to scare the slaves. The slaves can't be zipping around the country in private and commercial jets without some fear put into their minds about the experience.

Us slaves are given fake plane crash news stories to scare the shit out of us about flying, even though it's so awesome to think we can catch a plane from New York to LA and be there in 5 hours or a little less. With frequent plane crashes the media propagates and I'm sure the intelligence agencies put together, we are led to believe flying is really bad, especially after 9/11 which I have concluded no planes crashed anywhere.

Marshall University allegedly had a famous plane crash on November 14, 1970, which supposedly killed 75 people including Marshall Football players, coaches, and fans. 36(3+6=9) passengers were football players. 9 coaches were also allegedlly killed. The plane was a Southern Airways DC-9.

Heading into this alleged crash the football team had a record of 3-6(3+6=9).

The airliner continued on final approach to Tri-State Airport when it collided with the tops of trees on a hillside 5,543 feet (1,690 m) west of runway 11 now runway 12, but it was masonic 11.

The plane burst into flames and created a swath of charred ground 95 feet (29 m(2+9=11)) wide and 279 feet (85 m) long. According to the official NTSB report, the accident was "unsurvivable". I like how that word is placed in the report to make sure there is no doubt.

The aircraft dipped to the right, almost inverted and had crashed into a hollow nose-first.

To me this looks like a fake airplane crash. How could they fake an airplane crash with such a massive amount of people involved?

The 36 football players look to me like they were real. The question is how did they get 36 football players to fake their deaths? I'm sure there was a payout. 

I wonder if these 36 football players were really young college kids. Maybe older?

How about the head coach. This is where it gets sketchy.

Rick Tolley was interior line coach just before the 1969 season and was promoted to head coach after head coach Perry Moss was removed from head coaching duties and suspended. I didn't find the actually reason why though. 

During the entire 1969 season Tolley was considered the "acting" head football coach. Tolley had expressed his desire to be the permanent head coach, but the university had not appointed a permanent athletic director and would name a head coach after the 1969 season was complete. 

Twenty-eight Marshall players had signed a petition and presented it to Governor Arch Moore asking that suspended head coach Perry Moss be named to the top spot. 

Newly appointed Athletic Director Charles Krautz announced Tolley's selection appointment to the permanent head coaching position on December 1, 1969, heading into the 1970 season. His appointment was a unanimous recommendation by a special selection committee submitted to Donald Dedmon, executive vice president of the university, who made the final decision, in an absence of Roland Nelson, Marshall University president who was on vacation.

To me that looks very suspicious how Tolley was installed as coach. 

According to the report of the 1969 season: Tolley started the 1969 season with over 40 players but through attrition, the number of players dropped to just 32 players after the team lost the first six games. The team was on its way to a collegiate record losing streak. 

Rick Tolley played football at Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is known for producing a lot sketchy characters and a fake mass shooting I might add. Michael Vick with his dog fighting scandal came from VT and so did controlled opposition and disinfo agent Judy Wood. To me Viriginia Tech is a hot bed for sketchy characters.

Also another polytechnic college by the name of California Polytechnic State University also had a big plane crash with football players back in the 1950s. I think polytechnic schools have heavy intelligence connections.

After this supposed crash, the NCAA Rule banning Freshman from playing Varsity College Football was abolished. The rule up until then was that Freshman weren't allowed to play Varsity at the college football level, only Sophmore, Juniors, and Seniors. Seems like another reason to fake this plane crash.

On November 12, 1972, the Memorial Fountain a 6500(6+5=11) pound, 13-foot-high (2900-kilogram(2+9=11), four-meter-high) sculpture was dedicated at the entrance of the Memorial Student Center.

On November 11, 2000, the We Are Marshall Memorial Bronze was dedicated.

On December 11, 2006, a memorial plaque was dedicated at the plane crash site.

Damn, how many memorials do they need to reinforce the myth???

I say Fake Plane Crash. The football players were probably real people, but I don't think they were real college recruited football players. Maybe former college football players who didn't make it to or were cut from the NFL, AFL, or CFL(Canadian Football League) but were given an option to be plants by intelligence agencies to pull this event off and fake their deaths in exchange for a pay out. Maybe the NFL, AFL or even CFL had options for players to fake their deaths on college football teams plane crashes.

As for the flight crew and fans supposedly on this plane, those people probably didn't exist, but maybe they did and also faked their deaths. The only reason I say the football players were real is because there were games played during the 1970 season.

Also I think that intelligence agencies surround football programs at the college level and baseketball too. There is obviously something to gain from these players who are out in the public spotlight constantly, especially today. Also if you can't make it to the pros or you get cut, maybe there is a certain someone who notices and makes you an offer.

Did Thurman Munson Fake His Death?!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_400/amd-munson-frontpage-jpg.jpg

Thurman Munson was the famous New York Yankees Catcher on the 1977 and 1978 World Champions. But allegedly he died on August 2, 1979.

The New York Yankees were looking to win their 3rd straight championship in 1979. By August of 1979 the Yankees were in fourth place and 11 games out of first the day Munson supposedly died. Only four teams total made the playoffs back in the 1970s, so the Yankees would have to be in first place by the end of September to get into the playoffs and they weren't looking good being in fourth.

Munson was coming to the end of his 11th season when "died", all with the New York Yankees.

According to the news report of his death on August 2, 1979, Munson was practicing takeoffs and landings at the Akron-Canton Regional Airport with friend Jerry Anderson and flight instructor Dave Hall. On the fourth touch-and-go landing, Munson allowed the aircraft to sink too low before increasing engine power, causing the jet to clip a tree and fall short of the runway. The plane then hit a tree stump and burst into flames on Greensburg Rd., 870 feet short of runway 19.

Munson suffered a broken neck and would have most likely been a quadriplegic. Munson "died" of asphyxiation due to the inhalation of superheated air and toxic substances allegedly.

On August 1, 1980, the day before the first anniversary of the accident, the Yankees filed a $4.5(4+5=9, 9 an important occult number) million lawsuit against Cessna Aircraft Co. and Flight Safety International, Inc. (the company who was training Munson to fly), with team spokesman John J. McCarty saying "we asked for $4.5 million because that is what Munson would be worth if the Yankees traded him."

That is basically explaining how the Yankees are going to get compensation for going along with this fake death.

Munson's widow, Diana, also filed a $42.2 million wrongful death lawsuit against the two companies. Cessna offered Munson a special deal on flying lessons if he would take them from FlightSafety International. Rather than requiring Munson to take a two-week safety class in Kansas, FlightSafet assigned a "traveling instructor" to go on the road with him, and train him between ballgames. The suit was eventually settled out of court.

The out of court settlement was the payout to Thurman Munson for faking his death.

Why would Thurman Munson fake his death?

First off, I think there is an agenda, even back 40 years ago, to get the masses scared about flying commercial planes and private planes. The powers that be don't want the masses going around flying planes and feeling comfortable about traveling in such a way. Plane crashes strike fear into the public.

Frequent plane crashes were reported in the news in the 20th century, commercial and private airplanes. If you look into them, most if not all are faked. The point is to get the masses afraid of this great way to get some place really fast.

9/11 was the ultimate blow delivered to flying planes. I don't think any planes hit the twin towers on 9/11, but one of the purposes of 9/11 was to make people afraid of flying. Heavy restrictions on flying went into place after 9/11. The TSA was brought in to airports to humiliate the public at airports with all the groping and pat downs and taking off of clothing.

Along with the TSA at airports, more restrictions were placed on private jet owners wanting to fly after 9/11. 9/11 did a lot to restrict air travel and it's never been the same, when it used to be plane flying was a very nonrestrictive experience.

It seems to me that with all these plane crashes that have been faked over almost 100 years, that there is a Freemason/Occult/Secret Society program, where you can fake your death via plane crash to promote how dangerous flying planes are and get a nice pay out.

That is what I think took place here with Thurman Munson. He was given an option to retire from baseball and the public arena via plane crash and get paid to do it. If he got around 42.2 million dollars in 1980, in today's dollars that is $122.4 million. I'd say that's pretty good for calling it quits and going to live in Ohio.

According to people surrounding Munson, he was looking to retire soon because he was frequently becoming homesick (he and his wife and kids lived in Ohio, but he played in New York) and wanted to play for the Cleveland Indians. The reason he had a private jet was because he wanted to fly home to his family on off days from playing for the Yankees. Also at 32 years of age the injuries from being a catcher were piling up. A catcher in baseball is probably the hardest position because of the collisions at home plate and the constant stance of crouching takes a toll on the knees.

Let's not forget Munson and the Yankees were 14 games out of first place on August 1st (the day before he allegedly got killed) and the chance of making the playoffs and going back to the World Series for a third straight time was a long shot.

There were also a lot of rumors that Thurman Munson really wanted to retire at the end of the season.

I see there is a lot of occult numbers with Thurman Munson's final stats for playing Major League Baseball at the time he allegedly died:
  • 11 Major League Baseball Seasons
  • 1,558 Hits
  • 113 Home Runs
  • 11th - All-time - Postseason Batting Average, .357
  • Munson threw out 44.48% of base runners who tried stealing a base on him ranking 11th - All-time - Caught Stealing Percentage
To me this looks like a fake death. I think Thurman Munson was a freemason and introduced to the occult at some point in his playing career, like most professional athletes are. I think there is a Fake Death Option given to celebrities and professional athletes with a nice pay out to promote an agenda.

Thurman Munson looks like he took advantage of this and I guess it worked out well for him monetarily and he won't get noticed in Ohio. Perfect place to reside and be away from the public eye. That is where recluse comedian Dave Chappelle lives, who just happens to now be an OBE or Order of the British Empire (everyone thought he spoke out against the system, but he's OBE).

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Watergate Psyop

I think the Watergate Scandal is one of the most comical staged American Psyops ever. If you think this was real then you have to assume that Politics is for real and not scripted. Politics and political parties have always been scripted and politicians are just actors to act out those scripts.

I don't know for sure if elections are rigged. It doesn't matter if they are because the two choices you are given are always in on the scam. The goal for each Presidential Election by the powers that be is make one side seem more electable than the other and as long as people see it that way, they will think they actually voted for the right person and the votes were counted fairly.

All that doesn't matter because Democracy is a sham. United States Presidents have always been actors.

For Richard Nixon's campaign team to need to break into Watergate Democratic headquarters is laughable. What would be the purpose? The elections are a scam. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Nobody needs to break into each others' headquarters.

G. Gordon Libby, a former FBI agent was in charge of this alleged plan to break into Watergate. A former FBI agent just happens to be helping the President get reelected and has this secret plan to do it. Also the CIA was involved. E. Howard Hunt was CIA and he worked with Libby to coordinate this plan allegedly.

What's up with G. Gordon Libby and E. Howard Hunt having their first names abbreviated?

To break into the Democratic headquarters to install listening devices is even more laughable. This whole event seems to be a way to sell the myth that politics was real and Democrats and Republicans are against each other.

After the break in became public knowledge and allegedly the burglars were arrested, Nixon subsequently ordered one of his Chief of Staff to have the CIA block the FBI's investigation into the source of the funding for the burglary. So the CIA and FBI were already burglarizing Watergate and now Nixon wanted the CIA to block the FBI from investigating. So hilarious.

Washington Post Reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were made heroes for investigating Watergate and a  movie was made about it called All The Presidents Men which came out 2 years after Nixon resigned from office.

So the media was given credibility and now the American public should trust the media because look at what Woodward and Bernstein did. They showed you Nixon was a crook. So trust the media.

For Hollywood to get to profit off this scam is typical. I think they wrote the script for All The Presidents Men movie back in the 1960s and then a decision was made to not only make it a movie but why not have it actually happen. The script for the movie was so good, why not play it out in the public arena and have President Nixon go along with it.

The Presidents are just actors following orders. They don't care if they resign or get caught in a fake scandal. It's part of their acting role. They get paid to act and the American people think the President is the most powerful man in the world.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Freddie Mercury Faked His Death

Freddie Mercury is another case of Faking a Death to sell an album. But in Freddie's case it was also to sell the myth of AIDS. The year Freddie died, 1991, was also the year that Magic Johnson was allegedly diagnosed HIV positive. 1991 was a big year for HIV-AIDS.

Freddie Mercury's real name is Farrokh Bulsara. 

I thought Freddie was spelled Freddy, but I guess it's looking into it too much to say FredDIE is psychological predictive programming of some sort. 

Mercury is considered an important term in the occult. See also Mercury Morris the famous Miami Dolphins running back who is a big time Freemason.

During the year of 1991, Queen was trying to sell their latest album Innuendo, which came out in February 1991. Freddie allegedly died 9 months after the release of the album on November 24, 1991. 9 being important as an initiate number in masonry and how about 9/11? 9 is a big deal in occult speak. Also Queen came out with a greatest hits album in October 1991, 27 (2+7=9) days before Freddie's Death that did very well.

Speaking of 9, Freddie's age of death 45 adds up to 9. Again, another 9.

Freddie Mercury was active in the music industry from 1969–1991 or 22 years.

Does AIDS even exist? There is lots out there whether videos or websites showing you how AIDS is a myth. So did Freddie Mercury help sell the fear of AIDS and help the Pharmaceutical industry sell drugs for the fake illness? I think so.

Elvis Was Pronounced Dead at 33

What I mean is Elvis Presley was pronounced dead at 3:30 pm or better known as 33 if you know about how important the occult number 33 is. Basically he faked his death. 33 is code.

According to the story he was 42 years old when he died on August 16, 1977.

He just got done releasing his new album too.

The album Moody Blue came out in July 1977.

Make an exit and have a just released album out there. Moody Blue was also one of Elvis's most successful Albums after a long drought of poor selling albums. Did people buy the album just because he died?

Faking a death with an album released is just an old trick in the music industry/show business. Make a lot of money off of an album by having an aging and washed up musician fake their death. Works every time and always will.

David Bowie just did it recently.

Also Elvis while he was most likely still alive, in August 1992, he was awarded with 110 gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums and singles, the largest presentation of gold and platinum record awards in history.

A 22nd Coincidence or Fake Deaths Code?

Richard M. Nixon, ca. 1935 - 1982 - NARA - 530679.tifPatNixon.jpg

Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States died April 22, 1994 allegedly.

Pat Nixon, the First Lady, died June 22, 1993 allegedly.

Both died on the 22nd? 22 is a multiple of 11, 11 being very important from what I can tell in secret societies/occult/freemasonry.

Looks to me like a couple of fake deaths.  So close together too. Richard and Pat just retired to their secluded place.

How Much Fakery Can You Handle?

I know I can handle a lot of fakery, so much so that I just accept most of our artificial reality has the potential to be fake.

My journey to understanding how the world we live in is mostly staged and scripted began at From there I have come to understand most of the world we live in is a stage. Going all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times and to the "Neolithic Revolution", which I think was a con to break up the different hunting and gathering tribes and turn them into controlled and managed farming slaves.

Fakery to me is an ancient con. Like I said I think it started 12,000 years ago, but I really think it picked up with Ancient Egypt. I know there is talk and YouTube videos about how Ancient Egypt and the Pyramids were fake and didn't exist when they were said to have existed. I think those are disinfo videos. To me Egypt is where Freemasonry and Secret Societies started. The Pyramid is symbolic of those on top ruling over the ignorant slaves.

Faking events or staging events is an ancient con. It's also similar to movies, theater, acting, etc. To me the origin of acting and theater comes from conning the public and lying and figuring out how slaves like us can believe in staged events and staged wars.

Most people can't handle the life we live in as being fabricated. I'm not talking about how every single thing is fake in life. I'm talking about fakery with regards to politics, television, news, videos, and imagery. The reason people have a hard time grasping these mediums have the potential to be fake life is because of the fact when we were hunting and gathering tribes long ago, not much could be faked in nature.

Once people were removed from the hunting and gathering tribes to farming and then to what is called "civilization", the potential for fakery increased. Ancient Egypt surely had fake and staged deaths, wars (though some people might have died), and scripted events to keep the slaves in control.

I do believe all the religions are just cons pulled over the masses for control. Whether it's Judaism or Catholicism, it was just another invented con to deceive the public and control them. When we were Hunter and Gatherers, I'm sure there was a religious aspect to life. I think the slave masters just said to themselves why not create religions to con and enslave people. People already are religious by design, so why not use that to our advantage and thus all these religions were created to enslave us all.

There is a creator or God, but I think so much is unknown as to what is going on. Because of this it's easy to con people to believe is false religions and use those false religions to make people slaves.

Primal instinct isn't to accept life as having anything fake in it. When human beings were hunter and gatherers, how much fakery was there in nature and the outdoors? Probably none. Once you get human beings into a artificially created civilization, then a fake reality can happen.

Books had to be one of the biggest forms of fakery invented before imagery. You could lie your ass off in a book and once you have a literate slave population, then the slaves just read lies and don't question it. The Bible is an example. How do you verify the Bible is the actual word of God. It would be so easy to script the bible. Sometimes the Bible is referred to as the "Scriptures" or "Scripture". What is a script usually? For a play, movie, or television show. When something is scripted, it's planned out ahead of time. To me calling the Bible Scripture is a giveaway.

I think politicians, emperors, rulers, Pharaohs, actors, actresses, and Freemasons/occult/secret societies have been faking their deaths for thousands of years. I don't know for sure why, but it's a ritual. A ritual that apparently moves people up the ranks in said occult/secret society and also gives you access to more secrets and knowledge. Also its supposed to be symbolic of furthering one's life by faking the death first in the public sphere.

I do think a lot of history has been faked, but while it was happening for the most part. The Ancient Romans faked stuff, the Ancient Greeks and the Vatican too. The con of fakery works and that is why it's always been used and will continue to be used.

What about the French Revolution or the American Revolution? I think tons of staging and scripted events took place. People might have died, but not like we are told how it was a massive amount of people.

I wonder if there has ever been a real Assassination. The word has ASS twice, is that code? To me a lot of history has just been theater for the mind. Nobody has to get hurt, just slave management must be furthered by these staged events outcomes.

How about Nagasaki or Hiroshima getting nuked? I've seen enough evidence on YouTube and different websites that show the Nuclear Bomb is fake and so is nuclear power. People have said the pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima look like Firebombing. Okay, what if those pictures are fake? Did any firebombing even happen? Photo imagery back in the 1940s was easy to fake, so why not fake the firebombing imagery? I don't think any bombing had to take place in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

People just can't handle a lot of stuff in life being fake. It's primal instinct to accept life as real. Only certain people can question life and understand they are being tricked over and over again and then accept it. Other people need life to be real, because they can't handle that much fakery. I'm not joking when I say people might be traumatized if they know a lot of history, religions, reality, etc, is made up. So they protect themselves psychologically by rejecting fakery.

All these revolutions reek of fakery whether the industrial revolution or the American Revolution. Why would there be a Revolution for industrial? Industrial jobs suck. What's the revolution for? To go from a farmer where you were your own boss to work and slave away for someone else in a factory? Makes no sense.

The American Revolution was to break away from England and start a Democracy. Well Democracy is another con. The Revolution had to be staged. Why would the masses want a Revolution for system where you elect rulers to pass laws against you? So the Revolution was done for us to get that system in place. Democracy was the new system because it would work better for the slave master then the old system of monarchy.

Now you have socialism one world government which replaces Democracy. All these Revolutions are bullshit and always were. What about these staged riots and demonstrations, because that is what they are. The slave masters realized a long time ago it's easier to staged revolts because nobody will feel like revolting if they know someone is doing it for them.

It's all a science for ruling over the masses, handed down for thousands of years.

What I see from a lot of people is a lack of wanting to accept fakery. They push back and reject it, because they are scared of how to handle that reality. Having fear that something could be fake is ridiculous. With the movies, television shows, and books that sell the myths of reality, it's hard to convince people. Propaganda is there for a reason. It works.

The California Gold Rush

How much of a con was the California Gold Rush? A massive one.

According to history books the Gold Rush started in 1848. A mass influx of people headed out west to California. Also international ships arrived along California's coast. Before the Gold Rush started California had no real formal government. It was mostly occupied by Native Americans.

If you look into the California Gold Rush, you find out the majority of immigrants to California searching for gold, Never Found Anything. Despite all the techniques to discover gold and all the instruments, etc., the massive immigration of people didn't find gold. What did this do?

It helped populate California and drive people to the Western part of America, which was underpopulated. People that were willing to be slaves.

The Native Americans in the East and Central United States were already being driven further West because they didn't want to embrace the new American way of life. Which was government control and enslaving people.

The Native Americans who were already in the Western United States, were not conforming and adopting to the white man's slave system and culture, so Native Americans were in constant conflict with the U.S. government.

I think the powers that be concocted a plan to finally push the Native Americans out of the West by starting a rumor that Gold could be found in California. This way a massive amount of people in the United States and Internationally would start populating California in search of gold. These people were people who could be enslaved, controlled by the government, and were willing to comply with the system.

When I say enslaved, meaning conforming to a system of government control. Most of the immigrants were Chinese from China which already was a heavily controlled country and Americans from the Midwest and East.

There was always a problem with the American government getting the Native Americans to change. Change to the way of life of being under government control. The American government was always at war with the Native Americans leading up to the 1840s.

With a new massive immigration taking place to California, the powers that be could use these new immigrants to get rid and reduce the Native American population. Also the West of the United States wasn't really populated by Americans. There needed to be government control out West. How do you do that? You have to have people to tax.

So basically the trick of the Gold Rush was to get people into the West. Start developing the Western United States and finally get rid of the Native Americans. It was just another con that people fell for from the Psychopaths.

Also take note that California became a state government by 1850. It took one year for a state government to be created after the Gold Rush started. Damn that was fast. Government is ready to go right after all these masses of people arrive. I'm supposed to believe that wasn't the plan?

The San Francisco 49ers are even named after this bullshit. Reinforce the myth of Gold miners or miners who found nothing and fell for a complete con to get them moving Westward.

Throughout history there always seems to be different tricks the powers that be pull to get the masses to migrate somewhere. If the powers that be need to populate an area, they will pull a con to get people to do it. It's just the same pattern over and over again throughout history.

Normalizing Bestiality

This video is being put out there on purpose to get the masses and specifically future generations of women to accept having sex with animals as normal. 

The girl's name in this video is a giveaway. Whitney Wisconsin. Not a real person. Just a bad actress. She has been put out there to spread the Normalizing of Bestiality Agenda and other promiscuous sexual material. She has 7,500 subscribers almost, half of which are probably fake and the view counts on her videos are fake.

The Hegelian Dialectic is also going on here too by design. There is another video here: 10 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT DO IT With A DOG. 

Obviously these two videos are part of the plan. There has always been a plan to normalize Bestiality for the masses and now they will start that process. This is just like what I pointed out with Normalizing Paedophilia/Intergenerational Sex from the post I did on the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal.

If they keep hammering the masses with news of paedophilia and bestiality stories, people will just thinks its a normal part of being a human being. People will accept those that are confused and think they should have sex with kids and animals. The proclamation will be that since so many people keep having sex with children and animals, which will be from fake news stories, then therefore laws against such acts are discriminatory and paedophilia and bestiality is therefore normal.

This is part of a science of how they get the masses to accept anything.

I almost guarantee there are books written and handed down of how to con the public and there must be an archive somewhere.

Normalizing bestiality and paedophilia are just two more cons that will be pulled and the masses will eventually accept it. I think this relates to Homosexuality. I don't subscribe to any man made religion, I do believe there is a god or creator, but to me Homosexuality looks like another con pulled on the public.

At first Homosexuality was put out to the masses as something to scorn, which I think was done on purpose. To get the idea into people's heads to start thinking about men being with men and women being with women. The next phase, was introducing a culture that feminized men and now we are up to the point of full blown acceptance. The 1970s music and clothing stick out to me as a huge push to feminize men. Today you can see it all over the place.

The con of homosexuality is a con because first off the chances of reproduction is zero. The slave population gets lowered. Another part of the con is it helps further the The Androgynous Hermaphroditic Agenda, merging of man and woman. That also ties into transhumanism because the way to merge man and woman in the future will be via technology, where women and men can implant robotic penises and vaginas and technology will allow men to have babies. You can already see this propaganda all over the Internet and YouTube.

I think us slaves will be half machine and half human. That's the plan. Have the slaves better managed that way. The enlightened powers that be will still be original human beings, but because we are considered ignorant and stupid, the slaves must be managed this way in the future. People seem to accept everything in our society, so I will not be surprised when this all happens. 

Ultimately the cons of Bestiality, Paedophilia, and Homosexuality all come down to keeping us slaves from reproducing. It's another form of the many forms of birth control. Keep the slaves from reproducing and use whatever methods possible to accomplish this. I think that is the goal of the powers that be.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What Was The Point Of The American Civil War?

Introducing the new slave system to the South.

Knowing what I know about so much of history being staged, scripted, faked, etc., I also suspect the Civil War had a lot of fakery.

Was there real fighting and did people die? I think so, but the number of causalities is probably way off. I also take note of how Civil War Historians claim there was an Eastern Theatre, Western Theatre, Southern Theatre, and Northern Theatre. That is a giveaway to me. Theatre and people getting killed for real don't go together. War is serious and invoking words like theatre makes me think that it's obviously some sort of code for staging or scripting.

I think a lot of these wars are just for the mind. If you can get the masses to believe there was a war, that's is all you really need. Lots of killing doesn't need to take place for the masses to believe a war happened. I do think people were killed though from fighting in the Civil War. People did die.

I also think people died from fighting in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. I also think people were severely injured in those wars from fighting. People coming back with missing legs and arms was the norm for Vietnam Veterans and you can still see today from the Vets that are left, that Vietnam caused people to lose limbs. I think that's how transhumanism/prosthetic limb technology really kicked off here in America.

So what was the real purpose of the Civil War? I think the powers that be had a problem with the North becoming industrialized and the South lagging behind. The North went from a farming economy to an industrial/manufacturing economy. So basically people went from being farmers in the North, taking care of their own land, to slaving away in the factories and manufacturing jobs.

The Powers That Be wanted Southerners to be slaving away at factory jobs just like the North. Because the South wasn't converting to this system, a plan had to be hatched to shake things up in the South to get Southerners onto this new slave system. That plan was the Civil War. Devastate the South via destroying their economy, destroying their infrastructure and then rebuild it under this new slave system of factories and manufacturing. Out with the old and in with the new.

The South was using Black Slaves for their farm/plantation economy. That was wrong. No one should be a slave in any capacity. The powers that be wanted to change this. So they freed Black Slaves, but only to get blacks and whites to slave away for a new industrial slave system. Lots of Southerners viewed the Industrialized North as very harsh conditions for those working Industrial jobs. Wages were unfair, work conditions were horrible, and it wasn't better than owning a farm or plantation. Also the South's economy was beating the North's economy.

During the Civil War "Reconstruction" of the South was already taking place in different Southern States. Southern States' governments were converted to the Northern type of state governments. During the Reconstruction period that took place during and after the Civil War, the South was reformed to be more like the North. This meant rebuilding the South to get people into a managed slave economy using governments local and state.

Reconstruction of the South to this new slave system was really the point of the Civil War. Historians may say Blacks got freed and slavery was over. No, it just continued in a new form. Being taxed by government and working industrial jobs was the new slavery with whites and blacks included.

You have to read in between the lines of these historical events to find out the real meaning. You just can't read about the Civil War and conclude slavery ended. That is what the powers that be want you to think. Slavery continued and it still continues for the masses. The cons never end and never will.

I think the majority of history is about psychopaths tricking the masses into being slaves. Psychopaths coming up with different cons to get the masses to slave away. History is just an example of all the cons used on the masses to continue enslaving people.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Booth Rescues Lincoln From Death

Just like JFK's assassination was scripted and staged, so was Abraham Lincoln's assassination. I have no doubt that the script for the Abraham Lincoln Assassination was the blueprint for the staged JFK assassination, since you can find so many similarities between the two which is not a coincidence.

According to Wikipedia though, John Wilkes Booth's son Edwin Booth once saved Robert Lincoln's life, son of Abraham Lincoln. This is supposed to be a coincidence. I don't think so. Looks like more fake bullshit.

Here is what allegedly happened:
Robert Lincoln was once saved from possible serious injury or death by Edwin Booth, whose brother, John Wilkes Booth, was the assassin of Robert's father. The incident took place on a train platform in Jersey City, New Jersey. The exact date of the incident is uncertain, but it is believed to have taken place in late 1863 or early 1864, before John Wilkes Booth's assassination of President Lincoln (April 14, 1865).
Robert Lincoln recalled the incident in a 1909 letter to Richard Watson Gilder, editor of The Century Magazine:
The incident occurred while a group of passengers were late at night purchasing their sleeping car places from the conductor who stood on the station platform at the entrance of the car. The platform was about the height of the car floor, and there was of course a narrow space between the platform and the car body. There was some crowding, and I happened to be pressed by it against the car body while waiting my turn. In this situation the train began to move, and by the motion I was twisted off my feet, and had dropped somewhat, with feet downward, into the open space, and was personally helpless, when my coat collar was vigorously seized and I was quickly pulled up and out to a secure footing on the platform. Upon turning to thank my rescuer I saw it was Edwin Booth, whose face was of course well known to me, and I expressed my gratitude to him, and in doing so, called him by name.
Months later, while serving as an officer on the staff of General Ulysses S. Grant, Robert Lincoln recalled the incident to his fellow officer, Colonel Adam Badeau, who happened to be a friend of Edwin Booth. Badeau sent a letter to Booth, complimenting the actor for his heroism. Before receiving the letter, Booth had been unaware that the man whose life he had saved on the train platform had been the President's son. The incident was said to have been of some comfort to Edwin Booth following his brother's assassination of the President.[49][50] President Ulysses Grant also sent Booth a letter of gratitude for his action.
I'm sure this story was made up after the scripted Lincoln Assassination to add to the Lincoln Booth narrative to keep the lie going and a way for the powers that be to poke fun at the gullible masses for believing Lincoln was murdered.

Friday, January 8, 2016

6Six6 Subway Menu For The Simple Ones

I think 666 is Freemason code and I agree with Ab Irato of that the powers that be are using Satanism to antagonize Christians.

Subway jamming the 666 that all of corporate and celebrity world love sooooo much.

We Are All Inventions 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dinosaurs Are Fabbed, Buried, "Discovered", Then Replicated

Sounds crazy. But, just as many hollywood techniques are used to fake dinosaurs as nasa garbage or news hoaxes.

We Are All Inventions

Dinosaur "discovery" is produced by multiple techniques, just as all other media hoaxes. Some requested info. Other random info to observe. I will post a pt.3 later on. This vid may not have the potency of vid 1. But it has a lot of argument available to you. Take care everyone! Happy New Year! :)

We Are All Inventions 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The NBA Is An Occult Sideshow

NBA rigging at its finest. Notice how it's pointed out the clock went back to 2.2 seconds. To me that is code. 2.2 is 22. 22 being a multiple of 11. It's freemason/occult code. Why not 2.1 seconds or 2.3 seconds? Just a coincidence? No, just par for the freemason course.


Mario Gonzalez 

And if you think the NBA isn't laced with masonic bullshit, then check these out: