Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Freemason Paid Controlled Opposition Shill Phil Blanks/Phil Harmonic/Zero Zeros

If you ever visit, The Fakeologist Discord and Hoax Busters Call Discord, you will  be familiar with a nerdy, technological, no personality gay dude named Phil Blanks/Phil Harmonic and formerly known as Zero Zeros. If he's not gay he has a high feminine sounding voice at times. This guy made his Shill debut in this scene back in the Fall of 2017. Coming in as Zero Zeros he was attacked for coming across as an agent for using that name as a nod to him being a Paid Agent, Agent Zero Zeros like 007 or Agent Zero.

What is funny is the people giving Phil Blanks shit for being an agent are also paid controlled opposition shills on, but it was perceived that Phil was a disruptor controlled opposition shill to and not a supporter controlled opposition paid shill to Fakeologist. So that's why he was taken to task, to see if he was there to disrupt Fakeology even though that's got disinformation in it too.

See this is what happens on websites that are controlled opposition. You have your support help like the Delcroixs, Napoleon Wilsons, Xileffelix, Tom Dalpras, Fayes and there are so many more who are there to shill for the Fakeologist topics like media fakery, 9/11, September Clues, fakeology and Sims. Then you have outsider paid controlled opposition shills who come in to disrupt this controlled opposition website It's all part of a crazy mess that these handlers of these people have concocted to cause mass confusion and burn out with this scene of Hoax Busters and Fakeologist.

Getting back to the Fakeologist Gay Boy Phil he is known to be a pain to deal with on audios. Tim G. Fakeologist has nicknamed him thousand questions because he robotically asks questions constantly and doesn't listen to answers. There are many an audio chat from where Phil Blanks has irritated people. John R Adams once scolded Phil for derailing a conversation that him and others were in the middle of. Another time Chris Kendall hung up on Phil Blanks for being scattered brain on a Hoax Busters Call (Go to the 1 hour 53 mark).

I know Phil Blanks does this on purpose in order to steer conversation to the bullshit he wants to promote. This is part of his controlled opposition shill program. To take any conversation taking place and derail it. The thousand questions he asks is part of the shtick he has to do as directed from his handler.

Phil Blanks is also big on promoting that space satellites are orbiting the earth. He rejects the well known theory how GPS works without satellites needimg to circle the earth.

Instead Phil Blanks says there are hundreds of satellites spinning around the earth and somehow not colliding with each other. Why take that risk and not use the same model as radio waves that bounce off the ionosphere and back down to ground level. If it works with radio then why unnecessarily send up satellites? Also Phil Blanks is implying NASA is telling the truth about space satellites being able to orbit the earth but they only lie on space travel. How do we know orbits are possible? Does outer space exist? Are we going to go off of the fraudulent imagery from NASA? Phil Blanks being dismissive of radio waves technology that can be used for GPS satellites is absurd. He constantly promotes space satellites revolving the earth and NASA just sends this stuff up to "outer space" according to him. Chris Kendall is also a shill for space satellites even though he tries to rarely mention it, but if you ask him about it he supports satellites revolving around the earth and therefore NASA is telling us the truth on that.

Another Shill Job by Phil Blanks is this 9/11 initiation crap. This guy always is droning on about these videos he found on YouTube that indicate and prove 9/11 and the monolith was an initiation for the profane and therefore 9/11 was for our own good.

This is Phil's lot of videos he promotes on a regualar basis that is proof 9/11 and the monolith are part of a initiation of the masses into something deeper but Phil can't explain what. Why? Because these videos promote mysticism. It's pure la la land from these videos. Whether you take back to the future predicting 9/11 or the monolith videos, it's just wooing you and me into thinking maybe this all has some deep mystical meaning. The 9/11 stuff in Back to the Future seems to be more Freemasonry than predicting 9/11 the actual staged Psyop that took place on September 11, 2001. 9 and 11 are very important numerically in Freemasonry. These a occult/magic numbers that Masons hold sacred. So these movies with 9/11 upside down, embedded here and there, it's just an homage to Masonry.

Phil is there to give you this wow, wow mystical experience. He wants to have you critically thinking disabled so he can woo you with what if this is all part of some journey that's for are own good. I'm telling you this guy drops these videos in the Fakeologist Discord Channel all the time and talks about them on Fakeologist Audio Chats. Look out for that Phil Blanks mysticism.

Zero elevens YouTube Channel is apparently another operation by Phil Blanks. When I asked him about this he didn't deny it was his channel. This channel just reposts videos from other channels that deal with flat earth, Ancient Egypt is a Hoax, NASA space fakery, Jungle Surfers videos and some other wacky stuff. This YouTube channel is promoting disinformation in the form of flat earth and Ancient Egypt is a hoax. I mean Phil isn't even making his own videos here. He just reposts other people stuff and somehow has 4,000 subs.

Phil Blanks/Phil Harmonic/Zero Zeros is a pure deceiver. He's there to dupe you and me using his disinformation tactics. I won't fall for it and if Phil wants to think he's some grand wizard of deception and is proud of it, whatever. I just know this guy is full of shit and he's there to mislead and do his black magic.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Why Does John le Bon Want To Deceive?

John le Bon of Hoax Hierarchy Fame on, is in the business of deception. That deception is as a paid controlled opposition shill. John has a history of paid controlled opposition shill activities. He started in the 2015 Flat Earth Psyop Launch that he now renounces and says he was never a flat earther but just wanted to talk about it. Sounds like a straight dude backpedaling on trying  having sex with dudes, he just wanted to experiment. Whatever, he still has a history of calling events real that are clearly staged events.  The January 2017 Melbourne Car Attack is one he called real. Why? Because his handler doesn't allow John le Con to call events in Australia staged or it's very limited what he can call staged in Australia. Outside of Australia he is allowed by his handler to call events fake or staged. You will see him do this a lot. 

Why does this guy want to decieve so many people and charge money on top of his handler paycheck he gets? Because John is of the Jesuit Order, a secret society devoted to decieiving those who are profane. If you aren't an initiate, then too bad because you then deserve to be decieived by this guy and the Jesuit Order. John le Bon, being a Jesuit trained paid controlled opposition shill, cannot wait to apply what he has learned in the art of deception from his Jesuit Order Teachers. This guy looks at it as a compeition to decieve the profane.

I've already covered in three parts (part 1, part 2, part 3) the deception this John le Con is laying out. It's dirty and you have to take a shower after you visit his website. John le Con tries to make legimate conspiracy researchers look stupid with his Hoax Hierarchy Pyramid. The goal of this as directed by his handler was to make people get into calling staged terror and shooting events baby hoaxes, kiddie hoaxes, teeny hoaxes, all so you end up looking dumb when talking this way to other people you are trying to wake up. One of the other purposes of John le Con making this Hoax Hierarchy Pyramid is to label you or me if we care about a local news story being faked. So if you tell John le Con I think said local news story is fake, then he will come back and say it doesn't matter because it's a baby hoax. This is a way of belittleing and making even a local news story being fake seem insiginifcant. That's what he's trained to do. Control your thinking so you don't react intuitively to what you think is worth attention.

Don't let this man con you. He is out for your dough so he can put on his deceiving act using his Jesuit deception tactics. He isn't there for your own good. He only cares about you if you're an initiate of the Jesuit Order. Do your own research and don't follow a con artist like John le Con. He is dangerous to ruining minds. Think for yourself and avoid listening to this Charlatan.

Clues Forum Launches Attacks On John le Bon.

Simon Shack's Clues Forum is on the attack. It's all because of John le Bon.

Clues Forum members who are paid controlled opposition shills just like John le Con, are ripping the Hoax Hierarchy Pyramid to shreds. I've already outlined why I know this Hoax Hierarchy Pyramid is pure disinformation and is meant to be a way to label critical thinkers/skeptics who call a mass terror or shooting event a staged event or hoax.

Now John le Con made a video that was detrimental to Simon Shack's Tychos Controlled Opposition Shill bullshit. That video has pissed off Clues Forum now even though it came out almost 1 year ago. Basically it's John le Bon highlighting stuff about Simon Shack shilling for the Tychos Model but nothing of substance. He tries to tie Simon Shack to promoting the occult and magic, instead of criticizing Simon Shack for being fake duped that there is a solar system and appealng to authority by shilling for Brahe. Of course these shills are told to misdirect the way John le Con does in this video. Call out stuff that doesn't matter and not the elephant in the room like Simon Shack appealing to authority.

Just to reiterate these are two shills going at each other. Shill infighting. I'm not surprised considering John le Con seems to have emotional and self esteem issues separate from his paid controlled opposition shill duties. He just likes to pick fights with other shills. Maybe he was bullied in school or maybe he can't get laid. Whatever, he is shill infighting regular.

Seriously, this is absolutely lame. Simon Shack promotes a Solar System model from an authority figure given to the masses to follow, Tycho Brahe. This guy is for the Hoi Polloi. Simon doesn't question anything about Brahe and just somehow thinks he was some innocent man trying to find the truth about outer space which who knows if it even exists. Simon Shack never questions if outer space exists, whether we are lied to about the solar system, but just sticks to NASA lies to us but there's still outer space and a solar system, that wouldn't be a lie too. This is the same Simon Shack that knows NASA is full of shit about outer space and space travel on multiple posts on Clues Forum but yet can't figure out Tycho Brahe is bullshit and wants us to think he's genuine.

Simon Shack went from exposing mass deception on Clues Forum to siding with authority figure Tycho Brahe about how the solar system works. Simon Shack didn't even try to come up with his own model of the Solar System if it does exist, just used some other guy's model, an authority given to us by the powers that be in Brahe. I'm not surprised. I've outlined Simon Shack's Freemasonry and how he's a paid controlled opposition shill.

Simon Shack is getting paid to promote the Tycho Brahe model. He went to the United States to give a presentation on it back in the Summer of 2018. Him and John le Con having this Shill infighting is stupid. They are both promoting deception, yet they have the nerve to fight each other over this bullshit. Well at least Simon Shack doesn't charge money on top of his handler check he gets like John le Con does. John le Con and his paywall is absurd. It didn't work for Markus Allen to charge for truth on top of shill pay and won't work for John le Con.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Tim G. Fulfilling His 9/11 Controlled Opposition Shill Quota

Here we go once again for the umpteenth time with Tim G. having to fill that monthly, weekly quota, whatever it is to shill for 9/11. First off this post provides absolutely zero substance. All we're getting is Peter Jennings Crying on 9/11 video from YouTube. Why? Who cares? Tim's this desperate to fill his 9/11 quota that he posts a video of Peter Jennings crying on 9/11. Great, there's no person in the video presenting the critical thinking to go over how he's acting. We just get the real video from Tim finding it on YouTube. Great, anyone can find this video. This is supposed to be not let's watch the what the media did on 9/11 via YouTube videos.

Really sad here seeing desperation from Tim to find a video anyone can look up even those who are still asleep and think 9/11 was done by Terrorist with box cutters. That's basically what Tim's lazy ass is posting here. A video that a Sheeple person watches. This is a Hoi Polloi type of video. Tim, post something that isn't there for mass consumption that has a critical thinking element to it and not you digging up media footage from 9/11 and saying this person is an actor. That's zero effort. I know you have to fill your handler directed 9/11 Shill quota, but at least try.

Getting back to Tim's quota he has to meet for 9/11 which seems to be on a monthly basis. I guess 5-7 posts have to be about 9/11. He used to be able to blow Simon Shack with blog posts with Clues Forum back in the early years of but then 9/11 talk on Clues Forum died. Seriously this guy has to gatekeep the website to talk about 9/11 regurlarly. You will hear Rollo on Audio Chats always making sure to steer the conversations back to 9/11. It's the handler directed iniative to get the gatekeeeping of Fakeologist on track for 9/11.

Also you will always notice Tim has to promote September Clues frequently. He will never tell you that Simon Shack has left the Missile Theory in the documentary. Simon Shack has said he doesn't believe a missile hit the twin towers and that nobody died or got hurt, but can't fix September Clues 12 years later to show this. Why? Because Simon's handler won't let him because they need all the people viewing September Clues to keep thinking people died and got hurt. If you end up on Clues Forum, then you're allowed to know nobody died or got hurt on 9/11.

Well, now let's see what other 9/11 stuff Tim is going to post this month. He has to get going on fulfilling that quota for January.

Hoax Busters Call Paid Controlled Opposition Shill Mockery From The HBC Replacements.

The first Hoax Busters Call of the year recently was dropped.

Or I should say the Hoax Busters Call Replacements as Chris Kendall and John Adams continue to ............. well it's not clear why they have been gone for so long. Anyways you can find Tim G. Fakeologist constantly posting audios and blog posts and he never misses a beat somehow at Now the HBC replacements are taking over thankfully minus that gay guy Phil Blacks/ZeroZeroes/ZeroElevens/AnnoyingAsFuck.

On this HBC Replacements chat we hear Gaia, Matti, Lumberjack Greg and Uninstall Media. Throughout the call these four constantly mock the idea that they are paid controlled opposition shills and that anyone else is a paid controlled opposition shill in this scene. They won't give up one fucking person as being a potential paid controlled opposition shill. All you hear throughout this audio is frequent sarcasm about paid controlled opposition shills existing.

This is so easy to see through. You can't just mock the idea of paid shills in this scene and not at least give up some people as being paid controlled opposition shills, but that's what happens with Gaia, Matti, Greg and Uninstall on this audio. Not one person is suspected of being a shill. Not one. So laughable. These guys are getting handler directed instructions not to say anyone is a shill and to mock the notion that paid controlled opposition shills exist. It's so lame. Not to have one bit of suspicion. If  I were their handlers I would at least let them give up some people as being paid controlled opposition shills, so it doesn't look so absurd and obvious how they are covering it up. You just can't have zero suspicions of people around  here. You would have to be a complete bimbo, but that's what the handers of Gaia, Uninstall, Greg and Matt are told, to keep a lid on saying anyone is a shill and if they do bring up the topic just act sarcastic, mock any mention of paid controlled opposition shills.

It just makes me sick to hear such dirty sarcastic mockery and lying from these four!

Tim G's Trucker YouTube Channel

Tim G. of is known as a truck driver outside is paid controlled opposition shill job. Now for some reason Tim posts Truck driving videos on this YouTube Channel of his. I guess he wants to teach people how to navigate the road. He also had a car accident video go viral back in 2016. Tim is of course into promoting his truck driving on audios. He will talk while he's on the road and allow for beeping noises to come through the audio chats. I'm sure he does this on purpose to make sure innocent/naive visitors to Fakeologist think he's just a good old Canadian Truck Driver and not also a paid controlled opposition shill.

Here are the videos. If you click the video and go to the description of these videos Tim has Affiliate links for Dashboard Cams which give Tim a kickback if someone decides they want to buy a dashcam recorder. That's the whole point of him posting these videos, so he can get some coin.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Why Did Johnny Clues Leave

Johnny Clues has a history at It goes back to 2014. Johnny was one of the few Canadians to grace the website. Tim G. the paid controlled opposition shill owner of is Canadian and is from Toronto. Johnny Clues became very involved with in 2014 even going so far as to start the Johnny Clues podcast on Tim and Johnny were on good terms until the Evil Edna/Psyopticon Voice Morphing Incident that took place.

I've already established how I know Tim is a Freemason and a Controlled Opposition Shill. I don't believe Johnny Clues is a Freemason or controlled opposition. There is nothing so far I've seen from Johnny Clues that indicates he's shilling for anything. He's seems like an innocent Canadian that Tim doesn't care about because in Tim's Freemason mindset, Johnny is considered profane and not an initiate into Freemasonry, so he's below Tim. Basically Tim views Johnny as his lesser even though he was one of the few Canadians to grace Fakeologist in the 7 years of existence.

Getting back to the Summer of 2014 and the Evil Edna/Psyopticon incident, Tim purposely dismissed the whole incident as he told so by his handler. He went so far as to claim voice morphers haven't been invented yet and won't be. This voice changing incident was not good for It caused many people to leave the website. Calcified Lies, Jan Eric, Dusty Ash, Banazir, Johnny Clues and Videre Licet. It was like a time bomb was set and went off in the Summer of 2014 to divide even paid controlled opposition shills at like the John Adams/Dave J Psyop did to in the Spring of 2018.

This Evil Edna/Psyopticon voice changing incident opened up the speculation to paid controlled opposition shills visit Audio Chats and use Voice Changers. I've highlighted the other voice changing incident that took place back in January 2015 in the below video. We hear former Fakeologist Member and Paid Controlled Opposition Shill Sami's voice change when greeting others on this audio.

So what else did Tim do about this Evil Edna voice morphing incident? His handler had him and others post about it in the Fakeologist Forums dismissing it and gaslighting the whole episode. This was done on purpose to make people doubt Dusty Ash, Banazir and Peter Shea's claim that a voice changing episode with Evil Edna/Psyopticon took place. That was the goal. Put doubt into visitors of the website as to whether Dusty Ash, Banazir and Peter Shea were being truthful with their claim that Psyopticon used a voice changer.

Tim continues to claim he doesn't understand why Dusty Ash and Banazir left. This again is done on purpose so as not to bring up the reason he knows, which was highlighted in a 5 hour Dust Ban Audio which Tim listened to. Tim's handler has given Tim instructions to dismiss the gripe Dusty Ash and Banazir have about the voice morphing episode. Tim is told to play dumb and act like it didn't happen.

Johnny Clues of course sided with fellow Canadians Dusty Ash and Banazir because he felt his fellow Canadians were and are telling the truth about Psyopticon/Evil Edna debacle. Johnny couldn't believe what he walked into. A shill infested nest known as, that traps real people in order to direct their thinking on media fakery and staged terror and shootings events. Johnny Clues was stunned to learn about a website that isn't genuine but in fact dirty as shit. You have to take a shower after visiting It's so dirty with disinformation in blog posts, forum posts, EGI and flat earth. It has filth oozing from it with all it's paid controlled opposition shill members.

Johnny Clues didn't want it to be that way. He wanted a website where he could talk about media fakery, our fabricated reality on television and the media, the staged terror and shooting events and overall being able to question this world. Sorry Johnny Clues, but Tim G. Fakeologist doesn't give a flying fuck if you wanted a genuine experience at He doesn't care if you piss off or want your donations refunded. Tim looks at you as a profane, unenlightened Canadian. He thanks you for the audio content you provided as Tim did get paid for the audios you did by his handler. When it's all said and done with Tim, it's about coin. Tim is searching for how to make a buck via his handler and that means pumping out blog posts, audios, forum posts, etc.

Johnny Clues, I've watched from the sidelines and seen you been taken advantage of by Tom Dalpra, Matti, Napoleon Wilson, Rollo, Tim G., Rachel, Faye and countless other paid controlled opposition shills from It's sad and disappointing. These guys won't feel bad because they will just tell themselves they are doing their jobs or whatever other Masonic psychological techniques they have for not feeling bad. Johnny Clues has great critical discussions that are worth hearing and reading and's Nest as Johnny once made clear with his now deleted YouTube Channel, is not the place to be to have the freedom to talk about our fabricated reality.

This is a learning experience though for Johnny and others who have witnessed expose themselves as the Nest of Paid Shills they are. This airs it out for others to see. It gives us all a chance to explore the fakery at that has been set up by handlers pulling the strings of these shills. We can see how this machine works, when websites like Fakeologist and Hoax Busters are concocted as Nests for real people to end up in and get frustrated because it's just another limited hangout. Facing the truth, that it's all controlled, instead find truth on your own but don't expect these Paid Controlled Opposition Shill Power Houses like and are going to be innocent and a place to be free to question reality. It's not the case and it just goes along with the saying if it's too good to be true, it usually is.

Johnny Clues is just one guy who wanted to have open critical discussions on a website like and it's not his fault that it's a Nest. It's just the lay of the land. I know Johnny Clues recently tried to apologize to Tim thinking he was wrong about Fakeologist being a Nest, but then came off of that, it's because Johnny Clues didn't want to believe Fakeologist could be so corrupted with dirtiness in the form of a massive amount of disinformation and paid controlled opposition shills. Again, not Johnny's fault. It's a tough reality to face, but The Truth Hurts. Johnny Clues doubted himself about Fakeologist being a Nest of Shills because he wanted to be wrong about it. He liked Rollo, Tim, Tom Dalpra, Rachel and Faye, but didn't want it to be true they were there to deceive him. It's just such a hard pill to swallow.

Johnny Clues might have flamed out but what he put on his Nest Assessments YouTube Channel was brilliant. The guy has a sense of humor with old school cartoons and using it to parody Fakeologist and their disinformation fuckery. Johnny Clues, you did the right thing trying to showcase the crazy fakery within Fakeologist. To show it's a Nest of dirty shills who have nothing better to do then get paid to deceive. Johnny was being natural and it's great what he did and I commend him for hanging with the deception at Fakeologist for as long as he did. He's a tough man and thank you Johnny Clues for the Nest Assessments YouTube Channel.

It's interesting how close Johnny Clues is to Tim considering they are both in Toronto. I hope one day the two cross paths there. Maybe Tim will finally have to face Johnny Clues face to face. Own up to his bullshit. Johnny Clues knows that nasally sounding voice. Maybe when Tim has to deal with Johnny Clues one day in Toronto, he won't be able to get out of all the lying he's done to Johnny Clues. Here's wishing to Johnny Clues confronting Tim in Toronto. It can happen and someone like Johnny Clues would be the perfect person to make Tim realize what a dirty paid controlled opposition shill he is.