Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Double Mind and The Revelation of the Method

Revelation Method

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Jason Ramkishun, Come To! The Bell Tolls For Thee!!!

This man is still alive. He is a Freemason who faked his death as part of a drive by shooting News Media Psyop. is questioning this man and his family because they are putting on a show for the public. Who allows news media cameras and reporters into their house hours after a family member was murdered??? Come on this is staged!

Enough is enough and it's time for Jason Ramkishun to come out of hiding and talk about his fake death. His family could also show up on Website or Discord Channel. Let's cut the crap and get the truth out there Ramkishun Family. This death is total bullshit.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Case Study in Sophistry: John Le Bon

Please excuse this brief detour into an example of a video that is the result of being triggered by a youtube troll :) This is of course all pointless in the grand scheme of things, so please view it accordingly and don't take it too seriously.

 The actor playing the character John Le Bon has been trained as a sophist, and accordingly "he" attempts to make subtley disingenuous associations. For example in this case the character uses "conspiracy theory paranoia" as a way to disingenuously assert the idea that there are no disinformation agents on the internet. In this particular case he attempts to associate my last recording dealing with conspiracy paranoia in REAL LIFE with the justified paranoia surrounding disinformation ON YOUTUBE (which this character is a obviously a part of).

 If you remove your latest video I will delete this one.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Weatherman Dramatically Braces For Hurricane Florence While 2 Guys Casually Stroll By

As Hurricane Florence continues to wreak havoc on the Carolinas, weather people and storm chasers are heading as close as they can to the eye of the storm without putting themselves in danger.

One such reporter was caught on camera bracing for the storm ... a little two intensely.

In the video shared by Twitter user @gourdnibler, two men can be seen walking at a comfortable and relaxed pace behind a reporter from the Weather Channel battling what one can only assume are ferocious winds.

It's unclear whether the reporter has the density of a cream cracker or is faking the wind's severity for compelling storm footage. Regardless, this guy probably needs to cool it with his Hurricane coverage.

While the wind from Florence will surely cause some destruction, the real threat is from rainfall, so this guy laying it on thick makes this whole thing a little extra ridiculous.


Monday, July 2, 2018

Media And Generations

A historical look into the long time development of media, social engineering, and culture creation in the 20th Century.

Dayz of Noah

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The History And Philosophy Of Skateboarding

What is the philosophy of skateboarding? Skaters recognize voids. It is in these voids that untapped potentials present themselves. It is this in between state of untapped potential that is what drives the skater. A skater repurposes their environment and in that repurposing a transformation takes place both to the environment and to the skater. Skating is a culture in transition in the age of transitions. In this presentation I continue to explore Michel Foucault's concept of the Heterotopia as well as Gilles Deleuze's concepts of Assemblage theory, Rhizomes, as well as the transition from Discipline based societies to Control based societies in relation to the culture and history of skating.

Adam Miller