Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Faking Your Death Is Well Worth It

This fakeologist post points to how these celebrities who fake their deaths keep rolling in the millions long after they have faked their deaths. I mean seriously why wouldn't big time celebrities fake their deaths since they keep rolling in the dough big time?
You can’t stop the music, even when its creator has shuffled off this mortal coil. That’s evident in the makeup of our Halloween-spooky ranking of highest-paid dead celebrities, where nine musicians grace the list of 13, up from just six a year ago. 
Even as physical sales continue their long decline, those nine acts—including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Nipsey Hussle—generated 15.2 billion streaming spins over the past year in the U.S., up 38.5% from the prior 12 months. That sort of consumption offers the departed a second career from beyond the grave.

“In the physical world, it would die down to the point where that stuff just wasn't carried anymore,” says David Bakula, Nielsen’s Senior VP of Insight and Analytics. “That barrier's been removed, and it's just simply as long as you're still thinking about that artist, you're still going to go in and play it with really no friction at all.”

Earnings for the 13 dead celebrities are essentially flat compared with last year if you remove Michael Jackson’s windfall of almost $300 million from the sale of his EMI publishing stake. That sale boosted the total earnings to $628 million last year, compared with $285 million in 2019, with the dips of non-musicians like Arnold Palmer canceling out the streaming gains. Read on to see the full list—featuring estimated earnings from October 2018 to October 2019—if you dare.
The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2019 | Forbes

Deconstructing The Magic Trick

I wouldn't say this is predictive programming, but it's prepping the mind of the viewer of the "9/11 Movie" to accept the deception that is about to play out before their eyes.

Monday, November 4, 2019

It Doesn't Matter That Sports Is Rigged!

Whether you're a sports fan or not, this book is well worth reading. It was written almost 50 years ago and is nothing like what popular controlled opposition Brian Tuohy talks about. The author Paul Hoch goes over some aspects of professional sports outcomes being determined in advance but most of the book is based off of uncovering the magic trick of professional sports on the masses. He highlights why sports came into existence on such a mass scale. You can focus all you want on sports being rigged but in the end it doesn't matter because the whole point of these distractions is to socially engineer people to conform to rules and taking orders at their jobs and obeying laws in society. It's black magic.

In this book you will find out why the powers that be decided to push professional sports into the lexicon. With the coming of industrial factory jobs where people had no say in their decisions anymore and had to take orders from mangers and where people went from using their own creativity in their work to working monotonous brain dead machine jobs, sports would be the necessary opium like religion one was in order to stabilize a society that would be rebelling if not for this mass dose of opium. Sports also serve to show people to be obedient slaves to their authoritarian government masters. This book talks about how sports like Baseball, American Football, Basketball and Hockey with head coaches and owners being the dictators to the players (cattle) is just like a worker in a factory having to take orders from his superiors.

Also Paul Hoch shows in this book how professional sports such as American football are used to socialize people to accept militarized society with Wars and huge militaries. He talks about the game of football having purposely designed terminology to mimic the military. Terms like throwing a bomb down the field and the flanker position like in war. It just along the lines of the rules and regulations training people for acceptance of being a good obedient citizens.

Sports is an old con that the elite have used going back to ancient Rome to distract the masses from their oppression. It causes people to accept their slavery and to not do anything about it as long as they are provided opium in the form of professional sports for example in this book. This magic is needed in order for the sorcerers high above to pull of the pyramid hierarchical class structure of society.

Rip Off The Big Game gets down to how owners of sports teams are wealthy elites who are playing all kinds of scams getting the masses to consume sports. Sports owners are there to shepard the herd with their wizardry using their sports teams in big arenas, stadiums, television and radio. Here is a good section of the book that sums up the Magic Trick that is sports. Pages 37-39

The unfortunate parts of this book is Paul Hoch somewhat advocating socialism and communism in the last three chapters. He is a socialist so it was no surprise he would criticize the monopoly capitalism of professional sports in America and then introduce the solution which is equality everywhere which involves government controlling people's lives even more than capitalism. Capatalism, Socialism and Communism are all Black Magic used to control people. None of them are a good option but Paul Hoch does put forth his solution to solving the problems pro sports are causing.

Still this book has numerous gold nuggets of information that worth reading it for. You can read other books on sports being rigged or fixed, but this book breaks the Professional Sports Spell. You can see sports for what they really are. You will understand why this magic is used by the wizards at the top to control the masses.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Can Gaia Run Hoax Busters Call? A Dutch Chris Kendall?

As of the last eighteen months Christopher Kendall has abandoned his post as manager of Hoax Busters Call. Now Hoax Busters Call needs a new manager to lead Hoax Buddies into the next decade. Who should slide into the role as the new manager of Hoax Busters? Gaia? Gaia is a fellow hoax buddy and Fakeologist. He is also a geologist. What would Hoax Busters Call look like under a Gaia regime?

First Hoax Buddies would have to accept Gaia promoting dinosaurs as real. This would also coincide with the promotion by Gaia that evolution is real. This would test the patience of most of the Hoax Busters Call followers since they've become accustomed to Chris Kendall debunking Dinosaurs being fake and Evolution Theory being fraudulent. Gaia does have a quick mind so he can definitely impress Hoax Buddies.

Can Gaia do a weekly audio like Chris Kendall did? Can Gaia take calls on TalkShoe from say Damon, Lynn, Jew hater Negentropic and other wackos on TalkShoe? Possibly but Gaia is known to blow up as Fakeologist Tim has alluded to. Gaia needs to be trained in mediation and relaxation techniques so he doesn't have his history of blowing up. What about Gaia's ties to Paganism, Freemasonry and Magic? I don't think this will be an issue as lots of Hoax Buddies practice magic and the worship of Pagan deities. Masonry as you can see in the above Hoax Busters Call logo thus will not be a point of contention for Gaia. Maybe Chris didn't make the HBC logo Masonic enough and Gaia wants to change it?

The only issue I see holding Gaia back more than anything else is his association with the crazy. The crazy coming from Piece of Mindful. Gaia promoted a lot of nutty theories like multiple Hilters over at Piece of Mindful. I think if he asks for forgiveness for being apart of craziness at that website, Hoax Buddies will take him into their heart and embrace a Dutch Chris Kendall.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

I'm Sorry John Adams.

Back in the Spring of 2018, John R. Adams told the Fakeologist Communtiy or Nest of Shills about the death of his wife's friend Annette Carrion. This ignited Dave J. and other Fakeologist Controlled Opposition Shills to attack John R. Adams for lying with videos being made and even a Fakeologist Forum Topic. Tim Fakeologist owner was asked by many Hoax Busters Call Controlled Opposition Shills to ban Dave J and remove the Annette Carrion Fake Death Thread from Tim put his foot down and said No Way, No How.

Well Tim might have single handedly caused John R. Adams to disappear for good. Can Tim just say he's sorry already to John about what happened? I think the answer is Yes and I've put together for Tim something to read to John R Adams when he contacts him to say he's sorry:

Hi, John Adams, this is Tim from Fakeologist.

I wanted to say I'm sorry for having caused you to leave Hoax Busters Call and Fakeologist.

It was my fault you left this scene. I want you to know that I screwed up. I should've banned Dave J after he made a derogatory video about you and your character.

I should've banned Unreal and others who participated in the Annette Carrion Fake Death Fakeologist Forum Thread.

I'm Sorry John Adams. I owe you an apology for thinking of my website and my ego first instead of others, which I tend to do.

I'm trying to right the ship with you John and I know I've made many mistakes in my time running Fakeologist and the mistakes I've made concerning you and the Dave J/Annette Carrion fiasco were bad and I apologize for them. Please forgive John Adams.


For the record or for Fakeo Member Unreal, I know John R Adams lied his ass off about fellow secret society member Annette Carrion faking her death. I've talked about this before and another time. I only highlight here that Tim owes Brother John R Adams an apology for taking this fake death to the extent he did because it caused Dave J and others like yourself Unreal, to run him out of this scene.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Can Help

If you've noticed in the 18 months, Hoax Busters Call has been going through an ongoing collapse. Chris Kendall has made 1 appearance in 1 year on HBC audios, the Afternoon Commute Institute is barely producing audios, Hoax Busters Call website has barely any posts for 2019

and  the HBC Discord is dead. During that time though Fakeologist has been going steady and hasn't missed a beat.

Now I know Chris Kendall and John R Adams are gone for good. There is still the Hoax Busters Call Replacement Players: MasonicYouth33, Taste of Freedom Adam Miller and Unintall Media. Three able body controlled opposition types who can still lead the charge in producing blog posts and audios for Hoax Busters just like Chris Kendall did. These guys need help though. They need assistance from Fakeologist, Tim in particular would be a good idea. The HBC replacements need to learn from Tim on how to keep it going without Chris and John and not fizz out like they have. They need to learn from Tim about how to stay in blog and audio shape because that is what Tim does. He has tremendous blog and audio fitness.

I'm sure Tim would be willing to lend a hand to Kyle aka MasonicYouth33 and show him how to keep moving on doing blog posts and audio for Hoax Busters Call. Kyle can learn a lot from Tim even though he sent a nasty email to Tim about how he didn't like Tim allowing Dave J to run John R Adams out of town. Still Kyle needs to put aside his differences with Tim and learn from a fellow Brother who can show him how to be consistent in producing. Also it's a win financially in shill pay.

It's a fact Fakeologist isn't on the Hoax Busters Call Sites of Interest like it used to be.



That's okay. Kyle will put back on HBC Sites Of Interest once he realizes that the Fakeologist Nest is just like the HBC nest and so what if John R Adams and Dave J had a incident, Tim was just doing what was right for Also Tim and Kyle are Brothers. I think progress is being made since Fakeologist is allowed to be in the Hoax Busters Call Discord.

Tim would be more than willing to help out the Kyle and the replacements at HBC. I can tell because Tim plays bumpers on his audios from Hoax Buddies such as John R Adams, Chris Kendall, Taste Of Freedom and Uninstall Media. Tim used to play the MasonicYouth33 bumper but he stopped because Kyle went nuts on Tim. I'm sure Tim would be willing to throw that bumper back in the mix if Kyle and Tim bury the hatchet on John R Adams and Dave J.

If I were Kyle, Uninstall Media and Taste of Freedom Adam Miller, I would ask Tim for help on how to maintain Hoax Busters on a regular basis with audios and posts. Maybe pay Tim money for a Skype Consultation session where Tim goes over how he gets it done on a regular basis so well with Fakeologist posts and audios. By studying the master, Youth33, Media and Miller can take what they have learned and reinvent HBC. Give it new life. Make HBC born again, rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. After all of that, go back and thank Tim or at least donate as his audios say every hour.

I don't understand what's holding these guys back from seizing the day and asking Tim for help. Seriously Tim's help could turn Hoax Busters around. Chris has given you boys full control of his website and wants you to continue the vision he had for the Hoax Busters Call Nest to be right there keeping up with in a friendly companion way. This is a golden opportunity to take advantage of what Tim has to offer to reignite HBC.

I will be absolutely stunned if MasonicYouth33, Adam Miller and Uninstall Media don't grab the extended hand offered by Tim to save Hoax Busters Call. It's time to start seeing what's left of HBC come alive and get back to a stable Hoax Busters like in years past. Chris Kendall is offering HBC to be continued on and hopefully these guys can get it together and march on using what Tim has to offer or if they don't they are definitely shooting themselves in the foot.

Let's say Kyle Not So Freemason/MasonicYouth33 still holds a grudge against Tim and won't listen to any advice Tim has for him on running the HBC website and audios. At least let Tim take over Hoax Busters Call posts and audios. Just give Tim full control of HBC to rehabitlitate it. You won't have to do anything Kyle, Adam Miller or Uninstall Media. You guys just sit back like you've been doing and let Tim Come In and work his MAGIC on HBC. It makes sense and it's better than what is currently going on with Hoax Busters. So why not take the plunge in exploring what Tim can offer for

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Mystic Chords Of Memory


Is the book Mystic Chords of Memory overrated? I decided to check it out since John R Adams and Chris Kendall hyped it up so much 2 years ago on Hoax Busters Call and Tim Kelly's Our Interesting Times Podcast. Of course we all know about Tim Kelly being a Cartoonist and Policy Adivisor:


Back to MCOM. Well first of all it's over 850 pages which is real tough when your reading Michael Kammen. This is because this guy goes overboard with having sections of the book containing introductions and concluding sections. Also there is over 100 pages of notes. Kammen goes nuts in this book by sourcing almost every paragraph in the book. So you're constantly turning to the chapter notes in the back of the book.

Basically this book covers American History as propagated from 1700s through 1990s to the masses or if you read between the lines, it's basically telling you how the profane were kept ignorant through the propagation of our alleged American History. The book goes over how the Rockefellers and Ford Family were involved in helping finance Historical Sites to visit which kept profane Americans caring about history of the country that is probably filled with lots of lies which they are better off not knowing and putting their energy towards. What you can take away from the book is the massive effort by the wealthy elite and American government over hundreds of years to make sure the profane American gave a shit about American History. Keep their minds and energies towards a created historical narrative of wars, nationalism and presidents/leaders. Whether it was indoor/outdoor museums dedicated to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, President's boyhood homes, alleged battlefields, preservation efforts for "historical" sites, you come away with how much the United States citizens are in a fog because they've been engineered to believe in a history that is nothing but lies but because Museums says it's real, therefore they have to care about it.

Most state libraries should have this book so you can get it for free if ask your local library to do an inter-library loan. Be prepared for getting annoyed with Michael Kammen and his Nazi like citation after each paragraph. If you read it through the lens of this is how the American masses got engineered then you can have an appreciation for the book giving you some truth nuggets. Michael Kammen isn't conspiratorial at all and has no skepticism of the government. He is a totally willing shill for the establishment, so don't expect anything of a controlled opposition nature from Kammen. He is all for the status quo and enabling it. As disappointing as that can be, Kammen still can show you in this book how American History has to be constantly reinforced through propaganda mediums of empty battlefields, countless museums and keeping people's minds in fixated that this country is real and the Native Americans never had a history because there is nothing to show for it like America has.

The one take away for me in this book is how there was an goal from the American government and the wealthy elites to make sure the masses gave a shit about America because if there weren't efforts like museum and empty battlefields preserved, then I'm pretty sure people in this country wouldn't have given a flying fuck about what our alleged history was.