Sausage War?

"The food proved too much for the hungry Soviet troops, who paused in their attack to fill up on the Finnish sausage. By then, the Finns had gotten word of the attack. They used the pause to their advantage, surrounding the Russians and staging a surprise of their own." "The “Sausage War,” as it was dubbed, was only a brief battle. But it illustrates both the disorganization of the Red Army and the surprising savvy of the Finns. Still, sausage was not enough to stop the invasion: After 105 days of war, Finland was overwhelmed by the Soviets’ sheer firepower. The country surrendered and ceded territory to the Soviet Union." The Bizarre ‘Sausage War’ That Inspired Hitler |

When I read shit like this now I know why they call it the theater of War. I mean seriously this is such propaganda.

Fakeologist Member Unreal

I noticed Fakeologist member Unreal used the black/white occult ying/yang avatar. No surprise to me that Unreal has occultist ties. The guy has literally destroyed Fakeologist with his EGI thread with Ab/Tim/Fakeologist's blessing. Very few people have called this EGI shill out. Tom Dalpra and AA Morris come to mind, but that is it. I don't think Mr. Unreal Andreas is a secret intelligence operative. I think he's in a secret society and his secret society is willing to pay Mr. Unreal to spread truth mixed with lies. So what you see is Unreal tell you some truth with transgender celebs and then mix it with over the top photo analysis of who is transgender in Hollywood or the elites. It's laughable and I know some real people at Fakeologist are afraid to call him out. If I want to laugh my ass off, I will check out the EGI crap on Fakeologist but I know Ab Irato Tim is allowing the thread on Fakeologist because Ab is shilling for EGI on top of flat earth. To be fair it&…

The Simpsons Predicted Disney Would Buy Fox In 1998 Episode

The animated comedy’s 1998 episode, “When You Dish Upon a Star,” featured Homer becoming the personal assistant to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who were trying to escape the spotlight by moving to Springfield. He annoys Ron Howard, who visits the couple, by trying to pitch a screenplay involving a time-traveling killer robot driving-instructor and a pie that can talk. Homer’s lack of discretion about the whereabouts of Baldwin and Basinger prompts the pair to sever their relationship with him, which prompts Homer to create a mobile museum showcasing their personal effects. After a high-speed chase, in which Howard is injured, Homer is ordered to keep away from all celebrities, and, one month later, we see Howard pitching Homer’s script at 20th Century Fox, which, according to the giant sign out front, is now “a division of Walt Disney Co.”

The Simpsons predicted Disney would buy Fox in 1998 episode | Entertainement Weekly These guys love putting this predictive programmi…

Thin-skinned Jay Dyer Blocks Me Part II

As I mentioned in Part 1, Jay Dyer who is known for blocking people on his website over the slightest criticism (who knows, maybe a typo in a comment gets you banned), blocked me on Twitter. Well I want to make sure it's on record I didn't mean to infringe on Jay Dyer's monetary situation that could be harmed making dough off dupes who think politics is real. So hopefully Jay will still get subscriptions coming in.

What I've been wondering is how come Jay Dyer constantly talks about the occult. How much more needs to be done on the occult, I mean seriously how about some media fakery? How about the fakery of nuclear weapons, 9/11, staged political assassinations, fake news stories? Instead it's what is the hidden message in whatever movie that came out and now I should watch movies and look for what is hidden.

At least Jay Dyer has his TV show where he can tell us the secrets of film and get us to spend money consuming the bullshit movies that the powers that be w…

Sex Robot Craze Sparks Rise Of ‘Digisexuals’

THE craze for sex robots will lead to a growing number of men whose only sexual and romantic relationships will be with dolls, academics say.

So-called "digisexuals" will shun human partners in favour of the new kind of virtual reality porn and customisable robots able to speak and interact.

The Sun | ALL DOLLED UP Sex robot craze sparks rise of ‘digisexuals’ where randy men will ONLY sleep with dolls, experts warn

Dust Ban 21 Has Been Erased???

Apparently Dustban 21 has been scrubbed by Ab Irato aka Fakeologist, Mami's Shit and Delcroix over at Outside Radio. They certainly wouldn't be trying to hide anything by deleting that 5 hour audio. What did all three sites coordinate this???

Check it out:

Dust Ban's YouTube:

On a side note I found out Tim Fakeologist was in a masonic lodge for a celebration, LOL! Go to the  2 Hour: 20 Minute mark of this audio from Markus Allen's Fireside chat.

Thin-skinned Jay Dyer Blocks Me. Part 1

Apparently overly sensitive Jay Dyer can't take it anymore. I went to far telling Jay Dyer politics is bullshit, LOL!! Also many of his followers think politics is real and he leads them on the path that it is. So I might be hurting the coin he could be having coming in, LOL!

Just to set the record straight Donald Trump is a puppet and so is Putin. This is a dialectic playing out that Russia influences Trump. This has been scripted out. Government means govern the mind in latin. It's all bullshit, LOL! — Question Our Reality (@Q_O_R) December 13, 2017

Come on this is theater for the mind. There guys are laughing this asses off if anyone takes this seriously. The concept of government is a con, an ancient trick. — Question Our Reality (@Q_O_R) December 13, 2017

Government is going to lead the way. We can't lose with government, it's never failed us. I'm so glad I have the right to consent to be governed by rich wealthy senators. If we all keep voting this governmen…