Thursday, January 28, 2016

Freddie Mercury Faked His Death

Freddie Mercury is another case of Faking a Death to sell an album. But in Freddie's case it was also to sell the myth of AIDS. The year Freddie died, 1991, was also the year that Magic Johnson was allegedly diagnosed HIV positive. 1991 was a big year for HIV-AIDS.

Freddie Mercury's real name is Farrokh Bulsara. 

I thought Freddie was spelled Freddy, but I guess it's looking into it too much to say FredDIE is psychological predictive programming of some sort. 

Mercury is considered an important term in the occult. See also Mercury Morris the famous Miami Dolphins running back who is a big time Freemason.

During the year of 1991, Queen was trying to sell their latest album Innuendo, which came out in February 1991. Freddie allegedly died 9 months after the release of the album on November 24, 1991. 9 being important as an initiate number in masonry and how about 9/11? 9 is a big deal in occult speak. Also Queen came out with a greatest hits album in October 1991, 27 (2+7=9) days before Freddie's Death that did very well.

Speaking of 9, Freddie's age of death 45 adds up to 9. Again, another 9.

Freddie Mercury was active in the music industry from 1969–1991 or 22 years.

Does AIDS even exist? There is lots out there whether videos or websites showing you how AIDS is a myth. So did Freddie Mercury help sell the fear of AIDS and help the Pharmaceutical industry sell drugs for the fake illness? I think so.


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  2. What complete and utter rubbish you naive fantasist!

  3. Yeah because Freddy Mercury faking his death is naive. People who use critical thinking and skepticism aren't considered naive. Maybe that's breaking news to you. You want to beLIEve Freddy died of a fantasy disease like HIV/AIDS, then go ahead. Also look into this guy named Magic Johnson who somehow walks around with HIV for over 20 years and shows no symptoms.

  4. I believe it. If you knew half the crap these music satanists masonic garbage pull, you'd defacate yourself.elton John retired in 1977. And admitted it check out the interviews on you tube. Then in jan 1978 people magazine unveils the " new"elton John " a bug eyed clone that fooled everyone . His albums never sold like before and Bernie taupin got replaced with Gary Osbourne . The Beatles were replaced every year since 1962 and were a product of tavistok institute of human relations .they were called the Fab Four for a reason .... They were fabricated