David Angell and 9/11


David Angell was the creator and producer of the television show Frasier. He allegedly died on 9/11.

David Angell also just so happen to serve at the Pentagon after he graduated from college. Nothing to see there right?

David Angell was the Cheers show producer and writer. Just happened to have this scene in one of the episodes entitled "The Sam In The Gray Flannel Suit:

Just another coincidence for Coincidence Theorist. Synchronicity for Synchronicity Theorist.

How about this Fraiser 9/11 predictive programming:

Frasier 9/11 Predictive Programming Creator and Writer for Frasier Dies on Flight 11

The creator of Frasier is listed on the Flight 11 manifest as seated next to Mohammed Atta.

Are you familiar with the "Frasier" episode in which Flight 11 is mentioned non sequiter? The show was in 1997!!!

I don't see this video getting passed around. I already knew the creator of Frasier, David Angell allegedly died on 9/11. I didn't know the show writers basically put some 9/11 predictive programming in the show about Flight 11.

Also what is with David Angell's last name? It's spelled Angell with two L's, but it looks like two 1's or 11 like Flight 11. Done on purpose?

David also was 54 (5+4=9) when he allegedly died. His age added and Flight number are 9/11, coincidence?

So David Angell faked his death for 9/11 and I'm sure he got a huge payout from the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

I'm starting to think there is a Fake Death Industrial Complex with the amount of celebrities, entertainers, show business people, music industry people, academia, and pro sports players who are faking their deaths. There are a lot of people who have faked their deaths and are still among us.