The California Gold Rush

How much of a con was the California Gold Rush? A massive one.

According to history books the Gold Rush started in 1848. A mass influx of people headed out west to California. Also international ships arrived along California's coast. Before the Gold Rush started California had no real formal government. It was mostly occupied by Native Americans.

If you look into the California Gold Rush, you find out the majority of immigrants to California searching for gold, Never Found Anything. Despite all the techniques to discover gold and all the instruments, etc., the massive immigration of people didn't find gold. What did this do?

It helped populate California and drive people to the Western part of America, which was underpopulated. People that were willing to be slaves.

The Native Americans in the East and Central United States were already being driven further West because they didn't want to embrace the new American way of life. Which was government control and enslaving people.

The Native Americans who were already in the Western United States, were not conforming and adopting to the white man's slave system and culture, so Native Americans were in constant conflict with the U.S. government.

I think the powers that be concocted a plan to finally push the Native Americans out of the West by starting a rumor that Gold could be found in California. This way a massive amount of people in the United States and Internationally would start populating California in search of gold. These people were people who could be enslaved, controlled by the government, and were willing to comply with the system.

When I say enslaved, meaning conforming to a system of government control. Most of the immigrants were Chinese from China which already was a heavily controlled country and Americans from the Midwest and East.

There was always a problem with the American government getting the Native Americans to change. Change to the way of life of being under government control. The American government was always at war with the Native Americans leading up to the 1840s.

With a new massive immigration taking place to California, the powers that be could use these new immigrants to get rid and reduce the Native American population. Also the West of the United States wasn't really populated by Americans. There needed to be government control out West. How do you do that? You have to have people to tax.

So basically the trick of the Gold Rush was to get people into the West. Start developing the Western United States and finally get rid of the Native Americans. It was just another con that people fell for from the Psychopaths.

Also take note that California became a state government by 1850. It took one year for a state government to be created after the Gold Rush started. Damn that was fast. Government is ready to go right after all these masses of people arrive. I'm supposed to believe that wasn't the plan?

The San Francisco 49ers are even named after this bullshit. Reinforce the myth of Gold miners or miners who found nothing and fell for a complete con to get them moving Westward.

Throughout history there always seems to be different tricks the powers that be pull to get the masses to migrate somewhere. If the powers that be need to populate an area, they will pull a con to get people to do it. It's just the same pattern over and over again throughout history.