Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sam Kinison Faked His Death

Comedian Sam Kinison allegedly died on April 10, 1992. He was allegedly killed in a car accident. The age at the time of his death was 38 (3+8=11).

Sam Kinison became a member of a comedic group at the Comedy Workshop known as the Texas Outlaw Comics, that also included Bill Hicks.

If you know by now, Bill Hicks is accused of faking his death to become Alex Jones. I don't see it. Alex Jones and Bill Hicks look similar though. Maybe they are related, but also remember a lot of people in life look similar and aren't even related.

I do believe Bill Hicks did fake his death just like Sam Kinison did. Check out this post: Bill Hicks Faked His Death, But He Isn't Alex Jones.

Like I said in the previous post, Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are being promoted as the same person on purpose. It was planned out back in 1980s/1990s by having Bill Hicks and Alex Jones at the Waco Psyop. This was by design to keep people spinning their wheels and dividing people by creating a debate about Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. It takes the focus off of serious research into our fake reality. If you check YouTube, it's working really well by all the videos going back and forth over Bill Hicks is Alex Jones. It's called COINTELPRO and it usually never fails.

Back to Kinison being associated with Bill Hicks in the Texas Outlaw Comics. Both guys died so close to each other too supposedly. Kinison in 1992 and Hicks in 1994. Wow, what a coincidence as Coincidence Theorist say.

Just before Kinison's alleged death on April 10th, Kinison on April 4th, 1992, six days before, married Malika Souiri at the Candlelight Chapel in Las Vegas. They honeymooned in Hawaii for five days before returning home to LA on April 10th and preparing for a show that night at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino.

So Kinison married a woman right before his death. Maybe a quick marriage before he faked his death. Did he even come back to LA or did he stay in Hawaii and that is where he is now?

Souiri sued Kinison's brother Bill in 1995 for allegedly defaming her in his book Brother Sam: The Short Spectacular Life of Sam Kinison, and then again in 2009 for allegedly forging Sam's will.

To me that is to reinforce the myth in the media that Sam Kinison died. Also Bill Kinison wrote a book about his brother and how much money did that bring in? Making money off of death again theme.

Another story to add to this myth was a report from the Toronto Sun from February 2011, that reported Kinison had fathered a child with the wife of his best friend and opening act, Carl LaBove, who had been paying child support for the girl for nearly 13 years. LaBove filed legal papers claiming the girl was Kinison's, and DNA tests taken from Kinison's brother Bill show a 99.8% likelihood that Sam Kinison was the father of the unnamed woman, who was 21 at the time of the Toronto Sun story, and excluded LaBove as her father.

The media to me just helps shut the door on doubt with reports like that.

I think stand up comedy is very difficult. You're on the road a lot and touring and traveling takes its toll. Sam Kinison wasn't getting a lot of permanent/steady movie roles or television roles. He was in the two movies Back to School from 1986 with Rodney Dangerfield and a lesser know film Savage Dawn, but after that he got no movie roles up until his alleged death in 1992. He was given sporadic TV parts on some shows like Married with Children and Tales From the Crypt.

Most comedians do stand up and hopefully get their own TV show or some permanent show business job where they don't travel. Considering Sam Kinison received not much by age 38 and still had to tour to do stand up comedy to support himself, I'd say he just caved in and took a pay out to fake his death.

Automobile accidents do happen, but I think they are greatly exaggerated in the news. Ab Irato of just pointed one out that happened in Toronto that was absolutely ridiculous, fake, and had occult numbers:  Noblies and Flying Tires. The news/media is there to scare and frighten people. Sam Kinison was probably willing to go along with a media story that promotes car accidents and he got paid handsomely along with a book written by his brother.

Also remember if people read of constant car accidents, it keeps them afraid of traveling. Car accidents being reported in the news also brings in more regulations for manufacturing cars with certain safety features. Cars are out of control with the amount of safety built into them now.

If people read Sam Kinison died in a car accident it drives home the message that celebrities can die in car wrecks just like us slaves. People take news more seriously when their beloved celebrities are involved.

In my opinion Sam Kinison wanted out of show business because he didn't want to keep being a stand up comedian for the rest of his life. Since no permanent acting roles were being offered (I liked him in Back to School), I'm sure there is way to find the fake death option in the shady corners of show business.

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