The Watergate Psyop

I think the Watergate Scandal is one of the most comical staged American Psyops ever. If you think this was real then you have to assume that Politics is for real and not scripted. Politics and political parties have always been scripted and politicians are just actors to act out those scripts.

I don't know for sure if elections are rigged. It doesn't matter if they are because the two choices you are given are always in on the scam. The goal for each Presidential Election by the powers that be is make one side seem more electable than the other and as long as people see it that way, they will think they actually voted for the right person and the votes were counted fairly.

All that doesn't matter because Democracy is a sham. United States Presidents have always been actors.

For Richard Nixon's campaign team to need to break into Watergate Democratic headquarters is laughable. What would be the purpose? The elections are a scam. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Nobody needs to break into each others' headquarters.

G. Gordon Libby, a former FBI agent was in charge of this alleged plan to break into Watergate. A former FBI agent just happens to be helping the President get reelected and has this secret plan to do it. Also the CIA was involved. E. Howard Hunt was CIA and he worked with Libby to coordinate this plan allegedly.

What's up with G. Gordon Libby and E. Howard Hunt having their first names abbreviated?

To break into the Democratic headquarters to install listening devices is even more laughable. This whole event seems to be a way to sell the myth that politics was real and Democrats and Republicans are against each other.

After the break in became public knowledge and allegedly the burglars were arrested, Nixon subsequently ordered one of his Chief of Staff to have the CIA block the FBI's investigation into the source of the funding for the burglary. So the CIA and FBI were already burglarizing Watergate and now Nixon wanted the CIA to block the FBI from investigating. So hilarious.

Washington Post Reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were made heroes for investigating Watergate and a  movie was made about it called All The Presidents Men which came out 2 years after Nixon resigned from office.

So the media was given credibility and now the American public should trust the media because look at what Woodward and Bernstein did. They showed you Nixon was a crook. So trust the media.

For Hollywood to get to profit off this scam is typical. I think they wrote the script for All The Presidents Men movie back in the 1960s and then a decision was made to not only make it a movie but why not have it actually happen. The script for the movie was so good, why not play it out in the public arena and have President Nixon go along with it.

The Presidents are just actors following orders. They don't care if they resign or get caught in a fake scandal. It's part of their acting role. They get paid to act and the American people think the President is the most powerful man in the world.