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The Conspiracy Center?

How Come I Feel Like Is Straight Up Gatekeeping? Part 2: The Hoax Hierarchy

Part 1

John le Bon has a great website if you want to limit your critical thinking. Check out his Hoax Hierarchy. Is this a joke?

The Hoax Hierarchy is meant to be pure confussion and make people complicate media fakery and staged events in the news. What a joke this is. Why would anyone get into creating a pyramid to categorize media fakery. I think John created this as a joke on his followers.

The pyramid is known as an occult symbol and here John is using it to group hoaxes. What does this do for anyone? A staged hoax terror event is a hoax. We don't need to group it into some category to make it complicated or also how John wants you to treat hoaxes as minor, big, small, medium.

This guy is getting people to be concerned about not breaking down these hoaxes or staged media events but instead to focus attention and thinking on where it belongs on some lame pyramid he came up with. Then he has the nerve to charge me or anyone money to find out what hoaxes belong on this pyramid.…

Why Does Fakeologist Keep Ro11o And Typo Error Around At

I've listened to enough audio chats where it's drunk Typo Error and drunk Ro11o (spells his name with 11 to indicate he's a freemason just like Tim). I've also seen Typo Error use double numbers in his name indicating he's a mason. Aside from Tim keeping these drunks around because they are fellow masons, the main purpose is to drive away most people who come to the site. It follows the formula of truth mixed with lies where the truth lures you into the website or to watch a video and the lies either makes you look stupid or tricks you or drives you away from conspiracies and truth.

I see Tim continue to allow Ro11o and Typo Error on audios despite protests from even john le bon and Tim has said people complain to him via email. Complain all you want but these guys are part of the operation and there to stay. To think otherwise is laughable. Tim has to keep these guys around.

September 11, 1945: Reporters Are Taken To The Trinity Test Site

A good look at the pictures show that there was no explosion.


The Secret World Of Female Freemasons - BBC News

I laughed my ass off. What a PR stunt.

BBC News

There's Hope For A Mass-Awakening?

So there seems to be this understanding within conspiracy culture that there is going to be a mass awakening and the masses are going to overthrow the establishment or the oligarchs. I laugh my ass off listening to Joe Atwill tell Tim Kelly all the time about this and Jesuit-trained Joe Atwill is probably getting off saying it since he knows there is no truth to it. Yeah the masses who have been duped for thousands of years are going to beat the system or subvert it. No way. All I have to do is look at all the idiots who have fallen for the Flat Earth Disinfo campaign and recently this EGI disinfo campaign. People within the so-called awakened conspiracy realm are falling for stuff like Flat Earth and EGI just like those that are asleep who fall for celeb culture, sports, politics, government, etc. It's like these people got out of the matrix and it didn't take much to put them into another one within the manufactured conspiracy culture. It must be so easy for the powers that…

Eating Food Made With Trash

Would you eat ketchup made from tossed-out tomatoes? Drink beer made with stale scraps of bread?

If so, join the club. A growing number of companies are making food and drink products out of ingredients traditionally considered waste. And, according to new research, consumers increasingly accept—and even prefer—such products.

“Consumers are actually willing to pay more for food made from surplus products,” says Jonathan Deutsch, a professor of culinary arts at Drexel University, who led the study.

Deutsch and his colleagues presented study participants with different food products labeled either “conventional,” “organic,” or “value-added surplus”—their term for foods normally destined for the dumpster. Participants were not, as food manufacturers have long assumed, disgusted by the idea of using “trash” in their food, but felt positively about the opportunity to help the environment.

Would You Eat Food Made With “Trash?" |

How Come I Feel Like Is Straight Up Gatekeeping? Part 1

Every time I go on it feels like a limited hang out. It's either dinosaurs are a hoax or I'm going to fuck with you about the shape of the earth and waste your time. If John wants to present his site like this, he can and people will fall for it.

This guy was launched with the Ball Earth Skeptic Round Table back in 2015, a series of talks wondering about the shape of the earth and somehow never asking themselves WHY IT MATTERS WHAT THE SHAPE OF THE EARTH IS, LOL!

I mean why isn't this guy talking about all the staged events, fakery and criticizing culture creation? How about exposing man-made religion? I feel like I'm trapped and not able to freely think on a Does john le bon talk about 9/11 being faked? It's hard to know if he has hid that somewhere on his website. I know I can find the shape of the earth talk and I can get out a clock and see how much time I will be wasting on the shape of the earth, while not realizing it doesn'…

The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Crew Is Alive Picture Is Disinformation

This picture has been floating around for a few years now. It supposed to show the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Crew still alive 30 years after the event. I have no doubt the 1986 Challenger Disaster was faked and nobody died or got hurt, but this picture is showing people that don't look like the Challenger Disaster Crew and just happen to share the same names. That's not far fetched for the names of the Challenger Disaster Crew to be common names. To me this is a campaign probably by NASA to discredit researchers when they go to show this picture to family and friends to prove the 1986 Challenger Disaster was faked. It's totally by design.

I was disappointed to find Simon Shack on the Clues Forum promoting this disinfo. Simon doesn't come across as a dupe and to me, he did this on purpose. Luckily, Khammad on Clues Forum showed how there are two different Judith Resniks. The Judith Resnik pics are dead obvious to me. The Judith Resnik at Yale is not the ho…

Order Burgers With Your Face

A burger chain that uses robots to flip burgers is replacing cashiers with machines that know your order by analyzing your face.

CaliBurger, a burger chain with more than 40 locations globally, is now allowing customers to order using a kiosk that automatically recognizes the faces of certain loyal customers. The burger chain and the NEC Corporation of America, which made the machines' artificial intelligence technology, unveiled the self-ordering kiosks on Tuesday.

Customers use the new kiosk by creating an loyalty account with CaliBurger, linking their faces to past orders. Then, when they return to the burger chain, they simply need to look into the machine's camera — and their orders will automatically pop up.

Currently, CaliBurger is testing the kiosk at a single location in Pasadena, California. If all goes well, the chain plans to roll out the self-ordering, face-recognizing kiosk at all locations in 2018.

"Our goal for 2018 is to replace credit card swipes wit…

Jay Dyer BeLIEves In Religion?

Besides Jay Dyer getting people to watch movies to look for Esoteric Freemason symbols and the esoteric meaning of movies as opposed to the exoteric meaning, Jay is big on Orthodox Christianity. This to me is a complete joke, to think Jay Dyer really believes in Christianity. I mean how does a guy somehow know all this esoteric occult shit in movies but then doesn't become skeptical of the bible or any man-made religion. I've heard him on videos have a literal interpretation of the Holy Bible. It's just so laughable. What happened to the Esoteric interpretation of the bible Jay? Exoteric on the bible and Esoteric on movies, okay, really believable. I think he is purposely shilling for religion and Christianity. What's so laughable is in his videos he had these religious art or relics in the background. It's like some stage prop to convince his followers he's an orthodox Christain, LOL! This guy is making money off of people's stupidity and it's their o…

The Diet That Helps Fight Climate Change?

A lot of people count calories, or try to cut carbs from their diet — the next step could be cutting carbon from your diet. Take that steak on your plate: Eating an average-sized steak for dinner has a comparable carbon footprint to driving about three miles in a standard gas-powered car. Get a large steak with some sides, and you easily double the impact.

“We have to think about the methane that’s being released from animals and rice paddies and areas where we’re growing food. And we have to consider the nitrous oxide gas that’s being produced from the fertilizers we’re feeding to the microbes that live in the soil. And you add all of that together, and you get a better understanding of global climate impacts of our food system,” said Houlton. Different foods have vastly different carbon footprints. Swap your steak for fish, for example, and you get an eight-fold reduction in emissions. And if you’re game to switch that to beans or lentils your emissions drop to near zero. It reall…

Zachary K Hubbard

Ever heard of Zachary K Hubbard of Free 2 Find The Truth or as it should be called Free 2 Distort The Truth. This guy has a webite and YouTube where he tries to take Gematria or masonic numerology and complicate the shit out of it. This guy is put out there to distort how staged terror, fake news stories, fake deaths that contain masonic numerology. It's so laughable some of his videos and calling people "Truth Seekers". What a condescending bastard. This guy will spin you off into la la land with his videos making occult numerology so insane when it's really pretty simple. Also his gematria calcuator is a total waste of time. The goal isn't to focus on the numerology. There's not much critical thinking involved to analyze numerology. All these fake events have masonic code in them, but there's more critical analysis to make then what the stupid numerology in these events is. Also you tell people about masonic/occult numerology and tell them to check out…

I Didn't Survive Listening To Khammad And Roch3llo

I was going to listen to this break down of 9/11 fake survivors which I agree are totally fabricated (I live near many them). Anyways when I click on the video I get this masonic happy horseshit with the one eye woman with a tear. Now seriously I already know Roch3llo is screaming Freemason with her e turned into 3 spelling of her name. Now Khammad freely puts this one eye shit in their audios. Okay,whatever they are already kind of annoying to listen to and this is absurd to insert this masonic one eye crap. Also the video has 9 thumbs up and 9 thumbs down so far.

And when is Khammad going to question religion on Clues Chronicles or this deal with Roch3llo. She claims she is Muslim, but yet doesn't question man-made religion. How can you be a skeptic and critical thinker and realize all these conspiracies with fakery and fall for religion. I'm not buying it.

Facebook Can Now Find Your Face, Even When It's Not Tagged

Facebook just loosened the leash a little on its facial-recognition algorithms. Starting Tuesday, any time someone uploads a photo that includes what Facebook thinks is your face, you’ll be notified even if you weren’t tagged.

The new feature rolled out to most of Facebook’s more than 2 billion global users this morning. It applies only to newly posted photos, and only those with privacy settings that make an image visible to you. Facebook users in Canada and the European Union are excluded. The social network doesn’t use facial-recognition technology in those regions, due to wariness from privacy regulators.

Facebook Can Now Find Your Face, Even When It's Not Tagged |

The Appearance on Humble and Fred

I couldn't believe Tim Ab Irato somehow got a chance to appear on Humble and Fred on Sirrus XM radio. How the hell is that possible. Well, if you look at the above promotional picture for Humble and Fred, you will see it's masonic. Half the faces of Humble and Fred are lit up. Masonic code for Freemasons. I've already established Tim is a mason. Three masons collaborating together in one big broadcast.

Tim mostly pitches Elite Gender Inversion research on this appearance. Listen Here: That's the deal. As long as Tim promoted EGI over media fakery and other serious research from his website, Humble and Fred wouldn't mind letting a fellow mason on the show. Now go to the 1 hour and 5 minute mark of this audio. Tim clearly says to Humble and Fred, "Don't dismiss EGI". I mean come on. Out of all the stuff Tim wants Humble and Fred and his audience to focus on it's not to d…

Estonia, the Digital Republic

Within this gated community lives a man, his family, and one vision of the future. Taavi Kotka, who spent four years as Estonia’s chief information officer, is one of the leading public faces of a project known as e-Estonia: a coördinated governmental effort to transform the country from a state into a digital society

E-Estonia is the most ambitious project in technological statecraft today, for it includes all members of the government, and alters citizens’ daily lives. The normal services that government is involved with—legislation, voting, education, justice, health care, banking, taxes, policing, and so on—have been digitally linked across one platform, wiring up the nation. A lawn outside Kotka’s large house was being trimmed by a small robot, wheeling itself forward and nibbling the grass.

“Everything here is robots,” Kotka said. “Robots here, robots there.” He sometimes felt that the lawnmower had a soul. “At parties, it gets close to people,” he explained.

Estonia, the Digita…

Female Santas During World War II

"The Second World War saw American women break into many male-dominated jobs: riveters, crane operators, cab drivers, and professional baseball players, to name a few.

But perhaps the most unusual breakthrough of all occurred 75 years ago this Christmas, when department stores began hiring women to play Santa, sitting in thrones previously monopolized by men. Pretty soon, still more women in red Santa suits and matching hats could be seen ringing bells on street corners and ho-ho-ho-ing it up for charity.

In World War II America, Female Santas Took the Reins | Smithsonian Mag Obviously one of the goals of World War II for the United States was to change up gender roles with women working jobs men would normally work including even Santa Claus. I mean seriously the lie of Santa Claus had to be continued during the war with women? This also ties in with blurring gender.

What's Up With All The Occult At

Ever notice Tim Fakeologist uses constant occult numerology or has banners with one eye occult crap? How about an occult donation of $1.19 or 911. Why is he doing this? Why does Tim start his broadcasts at occult numerological times. Only masons and occultist give a shit about these numbers. Well after I heard on this audio Tim Fakeologist had a celebration inside a masonic lodge, I'm not surprised Tim is a mason: to 2 hour 20 minute mark). I'm also leaving out members who have 33s, 11s and other occult names on that site. I still enjoy the good solid truth Tim posts though including the audios that don't have the shills on them.

Sausage War?

"The food proved too much for the hungry Soviet troops, who paused in their attack to fill up on the Finnish sausage. By then, the Finns had gotten word of the attack. They used the pause to their advantage, surrounding the Russians and staging a surprise of their own." "The “Sausage War,” as it was dubbed, was only a brief battle. But it illustrates both the disorganization of the Red Army and the surprising savvy of the Finns. Still, sausage was not enough to stop the invasion: After 105 days of war, Finland was overwhelmed by the Soviets’ sheer firepower. The country surrendered and ceded territory to the Soviet Union." The Bizarre ‘Sausage War’ That Inspired Hitler |

When I read shit like this now I know why they call it the theater of War. I mean seriously this is such propaganda.

Fakeologist Member Unreal

I noticed Fakeologist member Unreal used the black/white occult ying/yang avatar. No surprise to me that Unreal has occultist ties. The guy has literally destroyed Fakeologist with his EGI thread with Ab/Tim/Fakeologist's blessing. Very few people have called this EGI shill out. Tom Dalpra and AA Morris come to mind, but that is it. I don't think Mr. Unreal Andreas is a secret intelligence operative. I think he's in a secret society and his secret society is willing to pay Mr. Unreal to spread truth mixed with lies. So what you see is Unreal tell you some truth with transgender celebs and then mix it with over the top photo analysis of who is transgender in Hollywood or the elites. It's laughable and I know some real people at Fakeologist are afraid to call him out. If I want to laugh my ass off, I will check out the EGI crap on Fakeologist but I know Ab Irato Tim is allowing the thread on Fakeologist because Ab is shilling for EGI on top of flat earth. To be fair it&…

The Simpsons Predicted Disney Would Buy Fox In 1998 Episode

The animated comedy’s 1998 episode, “When You Dish Upon a Star,” featured Homer becoming the personal assistant to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who were trying to escape the spotlight by moving to Springfield. He annoys Ron Howard, who visits the couple, by trying to pitch a screenplay involving a time-traveling killer robot driving-instructor and a pie that can talk. Homer’s lack of discretion about the whereabouts of Baldwin and Basinger prompts the pair to sever their relationship with him, which prompts Homer to create a mobile museum showcasing their personal effects. After a high-speed chase, in which Howard is injured, Homer is ordered to keep away from all celebrities, and, one month later, we see Howard pitching Homer’s script at 20th Century Fox, which, according to the giant sign out front, is now “a division of Walt Disney Co.”

The Simpsons predicted Disney would buy Fox in 1998 episode | Entertainement Weekly These guys love putting this predictive programmi…

Thin-skinned Jay Dyer Blocks Me Part II

As I mentioned in Part 1, Jay Dyer who is known for blocking people on his website over the slightest criticism (who knows, maybe a typo in a comment gets you banned), blocked me on Twitter. Well I want to make sure it's on record I didn't mean to infringe on Jay Dyer's monetary situation that could be harmed making dough off dupes who think politics is real. So hopefully Jay will still get subscriptions coming in.

What I've been wondering is how come Jay Dyer constantly talks about the occult. How much more needs to be done on the occult, I mean seriously how about some media fakery? How about the fakery of nuclear weapons, 9/11, staged political assassinations, fake news stories? Instead it's what is the hidden message in whatever movie that came out and now I should watch movies and look for what is hidden.

At least Jay Dyer has his TV show where he can tell us the secrets of film and get us to spend money consuming the bullshit movies that the powers that be w…

Sex Robot Craze Sparks Rise Of ‘Digisexuals’

THE craze for sex robots will lead to a growing number of men whose only sexual and romantic relationships will be with dolls, academics say.

So-called "digisexuals" will shun human partners in favour of the new kind of virtual reality porn and customisable robots able to speak and interact.

The Sun | ALL DOLLED UP Sex robot craze sparks rise of ‘digisexuals’ where randy men will ONLY sleep with dolls, experts warn

Dust Ban 21 Has Been Erased???

Apparently Dustban 21 has been scrubbed by Ab Irato aka Fakeologist, Mami's Shit and Delcroix over at Outside Radio. They certainly wouldn't be trying to hide anything by deleting that 5 hour audio. What did all three sites coordinate this???

Check it out:

Dust Ban's YouTube:

On a side note I found out Tim Fakeologist was in a masonic lodge for a celebration, LOL! Go to the  2 Hour: 20 Minute mark of this audio from Markus Allen's Fireside chat.

Thin-skinned Jay Dyer Blocks Me. Part 1

Apparently overly sensitive Jay Dyer can't take it anymore. I went to far telling Jay Dyer politics is bullshit, LOL!! Also many of his followers think politics is real and he leads them on the path that it is. So I might be hurting the coin he could be having coming in, LOL!

Just to set the record straight Donald Trump is a puppet and so is Putin. This is a dialectic playing out that Russia influences Trump. This has been scripted out. Government means govern the mind in latin. It's all bullshit, LOL! — Question Our Reality (@Q_O_R) December 13, 2017

Come on this is theater for the mind. There guys are laughing this asses off if anyone takes this seriously. The concept of government is a con, an ancient trick. — Question Our Reality (@Q_O_R) December 13, 2017

Government is going to lead the way. We can't lose with government, it's never failed us. I'm so glad I have the right to consent to be governed by rich wealthy senators. If we all keep voting this governmen…

FDR Had Federal Reserve Bank Building Built

With all those socialist policies and nanny state new deal legislation under FDR, he managed to gift the Federal Reserve with their own building, LOL!