Thursday, December 28, 2017

The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Crew Is Alive Picture Is Disinformation

This picture has been floating around for a few years now. It supposed to show the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Crew still alive 30 years after the event. I have no doubt the 1986 Challenger Disaster was faked and nobody died or got hurt, but this picture is showing people that don't look like the Challenger Disaster Crew and just happen to share the same names. That's not far fetched for the names of the Challenger Disaster Crew to be common names. To me this is a campaign probably by NASA to discredit researchers when they go to show this picture to family and friends to prove the 1986 Challenger Disaster was faked. It's totally by design.

I was disappointed to find Simon Shack on the Clues Forum promoting this disinfo. Simon doesn't come across as a dupe and to me, he did this on purpose. Luckily, Khammad on Clues Forum showed how there are two different Judith Resniks. The Judith Resnik pics are dead obvious to me. The Judith Resnik at Yale is not the hot, sexually attractive 1986 Challenger Disaster Judith Resnik. After Khammad posted pictures of a young Yale Judith Resnik with a young 1986 Challenger Disaster Judith Resnik showing they don't look alike, then rained down crazy from Clues Forum posters to take attention off of her finding and Simon Shack was nowhere to be found posting about this obvious discrepancy and hence proving the Challenger Disaster Picture circulating is meant to discredit fakery with the whole disaster.

Once one of these pictures have been shown to be two different people the whole thing has to be called into question. People who fall for this need to wake up and realize the disinformation campaign in conspiracy culture that is constantly going to dupe researchers and make them look bad. EGI and Flat Earth are other examples. The powers that be love fucking with people with stuff like this. It looks to easy.

This is like comparing apples to oranges. Comparing pictures from 1986 and guessing what a person looks like aged 30 years later is speculative. A complete gamble to guess what someone looks like after 30 years of aging.

Also I heard on a Fakeologist Audio Chat from back in 2015 where Tim Fakeologist tries to persuade Chris Kendall to call up(go to the 50 minute mark) the supposed Challenger Disaster Crew that are out in the open. Thankfully Chris didn't make the call because he would've looked bad or gotten embarrased, but shame on Tim for encouraging Chris Kendall to make an ass of himself.

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