Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I Didn't Survive Listening To Khammad And Roch3llo

I was going to listen to this break down of 9/11 fake survivors which I agree are totally fabricated (I live near many them). Anyways when I click on the video I get this masonic happy horseshit with the one eye woman with a tear. Now seriously I already know Roch3llo is screaming Freemason with her e turned into 3 spelling of her name. Now Khammad freely puts this one eye shit in their audios. Okay,whatever they are already kind of annoying to listen to and this is absurd to insert this masonic one eye crap. Also the video has 9 thumbs up and 9 thumbs down so far.

And when is Khammad going to question religion on Clues Chronicles or this deal with Roch3llo. She claims she is Muslim, but yet doesn't question man-made religion. How can you be a skeptic and critical thinker and realize all these conspiracies with fakery and fall for religion. I'm not buying it.

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