Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jay Dyer BeLIEves In Religion?

Besides Jay Dyer getting people to watch movies to look for Esoteric Freemason symbols and the esoteric meaning of movies as opposed to the exoteric meaning, Jay is big on Orthodox Christianity. This to me is a complete joke, to think Jay Dyer really believes in Christianity. I mean how does a guy somehow know all this esoteric occult shit in movies but then doesn't become skeptical of the bible or any man-made religion. I've heard him on videos have a literal interpretation of the Holy Bible. It's just so laughable. What happened to the Esoteric interpretation of the bible Jay? Exoteric on the bible and Esoteric on movies, okay, really believable. I think he is purposely shilling for religion and Christianity. What's so laughable is in his videos he had these religious art or relics in the background. It's like some stage prop to convince his followers he's an orthodox Christain, LOL! This guy is making money off of people's stupidity and it's their own fault if they don't realize it. He does have good critical analysis of culture and suggests good books though.

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