Thursday, December 28, 2017

There's Hope For A Mass-Awakening?

So there seems to be this understanding within conspiracy culture that there is going to be a mass awakening and the masses are going to overthrow the establishment or the oligarchs. I laugh my ass off listening to Joe Atwill tell Tim Kelly all the time about this and Jesuit-trained Joe Atwill is probably getting off saying it since he knows there is no truth to it. Yeah the masses who have been duped for thousands of years are going to beat the system or subvert it. No way. All I have to do is look at all the idiots who have fallen for the Flat Earth Disinfo campaign and recently this EGI disinfo campaign. People within the so-called awakened conspiracy realm are falling for stuff like Flat Earth and EGI just like those that are asleep who fall for celeb culture, sports, politics, government, etc. It's like these people got out of the matrix and it didn't take much to put them into another one within the manufactured conspiracy culture. It must be so easy for the powers that be to know they can keep duping people even after purposely waking them up, LOL!

Seriosly the masses fell for man-made religion for thousands of years all over the world. People are designed to be fools. They can't help it and history has proved this. Government fooled people for hundreds of years. Most people are fucked and you can't help them and they also don't want to be helped so they get what they deserve.

Seriously who is God going to feel bad for? The people who keep getting duped over and over again or the people doing the duping who have to deal with morons that can't wake up to the deception they are within. Why would God feel bad for people who can't get it? Who keep falling for one deception after another? It makes no sense. You can't feel bad for people being dumb. People who would rather consume manufactured culture with pornography, video games, processed food, constant pleasure, etc. It's too easy to enslave people and fool them and I don't see why a creator of this earth would feel bad for those who can't see past the deception.

Look at the transgender agenda. The powers that be cannot believe they can convince the masses or some of them to become different genders. People are made to be fooled. People have been enslaved for thousands of years whether physical or mental slavery, mental now more so than ever before. People are made to be enslaved, it's just the way it is.

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