Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Zachary K Hubbard

Ever heard of Zachary K Hubbard of Free 2 Find The Truth or as it should be called Free 2 Distort The Truth. This guy has a webite and YouTube where he tries to take Gematria or masonic numerology and complicate the shit out of it. This guy is put out there to distort how staged terror, fake news stories, fake deaths that contain masonic numerology. It's so laughable some of his videos and calling people "Truth Seekers". What a condescending bastard. This guy will spin you off into la la land with his videos making occult numerology so insane when it's really pretty simple. Also his gematria calcuator is a total waste of time. The goal isn't to focus on the numerology. There's not much critical thinking involved to analyze numerology. All these fake events have masonic code in them, but there's more critical analysis to make then what the stupid numerology in these events is. Also you tell people about masonic/occult numerology and tell them to check out this disinfo artist and people will think your nuts and now your screwed which is the point of a Zach Hubbard.

Zach's YouTube Channel Picture is Freemasonic. One side of the face is lit up and the other is dark. Pure occult. No suprise Zach is a Freemason put out there to decieve.

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