Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thin-skinned Jay Dyer Blocks Me Part II

As I mentioned in Part 1, Jay Dyer who is known for blocking people on his website over the slightest criticism (who knows, maybe a typo in a comment gets you banned), blocked me on Twitter. Well I want to make sure it's on record I didn't mean to infringe on Jay Dyer's monetary situation that could be harmed making dough off dupes who think politics is real. So hopefully Jay will still get subscriptions coming in.

What I've been wondering is how come Jay Dyer constantly talks about the occult. How much more needs to be done on the occult, I mean seriously how about some media fakery? How about the fakery of nuclear weapons, 9/11, staged political assassinations, fake news stories? Instead it's what is the hidden message in whatever movie that came out and now I should watch movies and look for what is hidden.

At least Jay Dyer has his TV show where he can tell us the secrets of film and get us to spend money consuming the bullshit movies that the powers that be want people to watch and be distracted by. LOL! Why is this guy promoting movie watching while also talking about the conspiracy of how bad culture is? What a load of crap.

If Jay Dyer wants to trick people or take advantage of people who still think politics is for real and movies should be consumed, then he can do that and it's up to those people who get duped to figure out, which won't happen so Jay has nothing to worry about.

Jay Dyer did support Donald Trump for a while and that probably got him some more coin from yearly and monthly subscriptions. So congrats Mr. Jay Dyer. At least Chris Kendall and John Adams can see through the political horseshit. On a side note Fakeologist couldn't, but then again this is the same guy who shills for EGI (maybe Donald is a woman), LOL:

I will still listen to Jay Dyer. Even though he puts out some bullshit on his website and videos/audios, he still provides nuggets including good books to read. At the same time I'm not going to be one of these dupes that pays money to hear Jay tell me how we should still take seriously Democracy or Government. Come on.

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