Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Fakeologist.com Appearance on Humble and Fred

I couldn't believe Fakeologist.com Tim Ab Irato somehow got a chance to appear on Humble and Fred on Sirrus XM radio. How the hell is that possible. Well, if you look at the above promotional picture for Humble and Fred, you will see it's masonic. Half the faces of Humble and Fred are lit up. Masonic code for Freemasons. I've already established Tim is a mason. Three masons collaborating together in one big broadcast.

Tim mostly pitches Elite Gender Inversion research on this appearance. Listen Here: http://humbleandfred.podcastaccelerator.com/march-22-2017.mp3. That's the deal. As long as Tim promoted EGI over media fakery and other serious research from his website, Humble and Fred wouldn't mind letting a fellow mason on the show. Now go to the 1 hour and 5 minute mark of this audio. Tim clearly says to Humble and Fred, "Don't dismiss EGI". I mean come on. Out of all the stuff Tim wants Humble and Fred and his audience to focus on it's not to dismiss EGI. Okay, not buying it.

I think Tim and Humble and Fred are all on the same page in this audio. The set up beforehand was Tim was made to look crazy but the deal was he would promote EGI to the Humble and Fred audience along with bits of media fakery. Tim is clearly shilling for EGI in this audio and it stinks to high hell.

Look, what all this EGI research on Fakeologist does is turn the majority of people off. That's the goal. Come to Fakeologist and see media fakery and a lot of people will leave once they see the crazy EGI shit. You could suggest Fakeologist to a family member and they will think your nuts once they see Tim is promoting flat earth and EGI. That's the point.

On a side not I came across this video where Fakeologist member Sami appears to be using voice morpher as his voice changes while greeting every person on the audio chat:

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