Monday, February 29, 2016

Why Does My Baby Need So Many Shots?

I came across this pamphlet from United Healthcare and I couldn't believe the absurdity that I read.

This section where Dr. Health E. Hound is asked a question about Why Does My Baby Need So Many Shots was pathetic. In the response it says:
Vaccines are safe. They have been proven to work well. Complications are rare. Studies Show They Do Not Cause Autism or other conditions.
I can't believe a health insurance company is promoting Vaccines are safe and complications are rare and they've been proven to work well. That's a complete contradiction from what anyone can find on the internet about if vaccines are bad. I guess people will fall for this and not question what a health insurance company tells them to do.

Did Dave McGowan Die Or Did He Fake His Death?

Dave McGowan has put out some good information. His best work was the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. Even though most of that book is bullshit, the best parts of the book talk about how Laurel Canyon was basically the headquarters of the creation of hippie rock music bands of the 1960s and 1970s. It gave you the impression of how manufactured the 1960s/1970s hippie rock music was.

Also he wrote a series on the Apollo Moon missions called Wagging the Moondoggie, a series on 9/11, and a series on the Boston Marathon Bombing . 

Dave McGowan was 100% controlled opposition. Where did Dave McGowan get all this information to write a book about Laurel Canyon? He really exposed the 1960s/1970s manufactured hippie music industry and somehow he just researched all of this? I'm very skeptical how Dave McGowan can get a major book published like Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon this that is in bookstores and on Also Dave has his own page:

How does this guy have 5 published books and these multi part series on the moon landings being faked, the Boston Bombing, and 9/11 without being controlled opposition?

I have no doubt that Dave McGowan faked his death. Dave was diagnosed with cancer and decided to get chemotherapy. I assume Dave is a skeptic based off his work and hearing him talk. Why would he not know chemotherapy can be deadly? Seriously? He did Chemo instead of trying alternative methods which are well known in the skeptic community. I don't buy it for one second.

Dave McGowan allegedly died on November 22, 2015.  Same date that JFK allegedly got murdered, which I think didn't happen and he just exited the stage. Check this great expose of the JFK Assassination being a hoax:

Multiple numbers like 11, 22, 33, 99 etc. are masonic code. The media is always using double numbers to report alleged events that have taken place. It's common practice to code news stories as fake with double numbers and it's also masonic.

Dave McGowan had to be in a secret society. That is how he got put out to give the information he had on Laurel Canyon and his other work. He was manufactured himself just like Laurel Canyon manufactured Hippie rock music. Most controlled opposition are secret society members and they get promoted like truth messiahs for us to follow. Don't think for yourself, trust Truther Messiah Dave McGowan. He won't let you down.

Dave exited the stage. He probably wanted to retire from being controlled opposition and also faking your death is freemason ritual.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why Do People Trust the Bible?

I can't believe how people that consider themselves awake don't question the legitimacy of the Holy Bible. If the powers that be can pull all these cons throughout history, how could you not think one of them is the Holy Bible?

It's a book. Books are known to promote propaganda. Are we a literate population so we can be more easily controlled and given propaganda literature to read? I think so. Why wouldn't the bible be a way to control people and deceive them?

I don't subscribe to any of the man made religions. I don't label myself by the many labels given to us for not conforming to the religions. I think a God created this earth, but I think the powers that be don't know the truth about God. I think it's an unknown. Maybe it can't be known.

I think the powers that be took advantage of this unknown about God and why we are here, and used the unknown to their advantage to create religions to control people. Those who rule over us probably don't care about knowing the truth about a creator, but because so much is unknown, they rather take advantage of this to control people.

Taking advantage of the unknown to deceive people is a favorite tool by the powers that be.  I don't think we went into space or the moon. I think the powers that be don't have any technology to go to space or the moon, so they take advantage of this unknown about space, stars, and the moon and exploit it to control and confuse us.

How can the bible be this book that has been preserved for thousands of years without it being manipulated and people don't question if that the bible could be bullshit? The Old Testament dictates all these rules that God has for us. Wouldn't this be a convenient way for the overlords to control people by listing all these ways you have to be in life and how to behave? It's another control mechanism.

Considering all the deception that goes on with mass shootings, 9/11, JFK, etc., why wouldn't the Bible be one of the oldest versions of deception? The bible is referred to as the scriptures? What is that about? A script is for a movie or television show. Isn't referring to the bible as scripture like saying it's scripted?

I think the bible was movie, TV, and theater script writing of it's time. A lot of the stories in the bible remind me of stories told in fictional books, television shows, movies, and plays. The bible reads like  stories that were come up with by probably some of the best script writers of that time that would have been script writers for movies and TV like today.

Why wouldn't our overlords come up with a con to make people afraid and conform like the Bible does to people?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Justice Scalia Spent His Last Hours With A Secret Society

I don't believe for one second that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died. has a post about how Justice Scalia, according to the Washington Post, was with members of a secret society when it was reported he died:

He was with the International Order of St. Hubertus. A Supreme Court Justice in a secret society. I'm not surprised.

I think Supreme Court Justice Scalia faked his death as part of a masonic ritual. But part of his death being faked was to have the media make it look like it was under mysterious circumstances. This way sites like Vigilant Citizen which is controlled opposition, (but still provides good information) can float the idea out there that maybe he was poisoned and murdered.

This is completely laughable. Why would they need to murder a Supreme Court Justice? Supreme Court Justices are presiding over court cases that help screw over us slaves. The Supreme Court isn't for the people. We don't even get to elect the Supreme Court Justices, that is up to government. The Supreme Court is there to help enable the system of laws that are in place to control us American slaves.

The Constitution which the Supreme Court is supposed to uphold is 100% bullshit. It has the word CON in it for a reason. The Constitution is a con. The Supreme Court is there to rule on court cases that further enslave the American people. They don't need to kill anyone on the Supreme Court. They are all yes men and women doing as they are told by whoever behind the scenes.

For Justice Scalia to be with a secret society as he was being reported as dead should tell you right there all you need to know about Scalia. The best part is that the Washington Post reported this if you read the Vigilant Citizen article. So it was out in the open in the mainstream media. They are telling us Scalia was in a secret society in a major newspaper and people think it's par for the course and don't put two and two together.

Scalia was in a secret society. Secret society members don't kill each other. They take care of each other. Scalia faked his death as part of a masonic ritual. This allows for another Supreme Court Justice to be nominated. Scalia probably wanted to retire anyway and I think he just exited the stage via fake death. In doing so, the media gets to float a story that he died under mysterious circumstances, so we can spin our wheels thinking he was killed and go back and forth debating how it was done and waste time coming up with all the scenarios.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Jim Morrison and The Doors Get Exposed

Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin talk about Jim Morrison, The Doors, and the shady connections the music industry has to military intelligence and freemasonry.

Joe Atwill says Jim Morrison "left the stage" and he doesn't think he really died on July 3, 1971. I think a lot of musicians "leave the stage" when they are said to have allegedly died such as David Bowie recently. Joe calls Jim a lifetime actor, as in he lives his whole life as an actor given to the masses to promote whatever agenda. Joe says Jim was given to the baby boomer generation to promote using LSD.

Conscious Consumer Network

Dr. Hans Utter - The Liquid Culture

Good discussion with Hans Utter on music and culture. Hans makes good points whenever he's doing an audio.

Conscious Consumer Network

How Spacewalks Are Faked

This video examines the similarities between the vacuum of space and water in NASA and other international space agencies footage from spacewalks. The hoax of spacewalks are exposed and the myth of NASA crumbles in light of research and new evidence.

Resist Your Programming/ Q-D'Etat productions 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Freemasonry

Good discussion with a good amount of talk about Freemasonry. Apparently One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a homage to Freemasonry.

Conscious Consumer Network

Families and Relationships in a Brave New World

In this episode of CCN - UnSpun 004, Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill talk about how family life functions today and how people aren't married and raising kids like the old days. This podcast episode analyzes the break up of the family. This may be one of the best episodes of Unspun I've heard.

Jan Irvin can be annoying, but he makes a good point that we are taught to love our servitude and how slavery is sold as freedom and not what it is which is slavery. Jan also makes a point how all these unmarried single men and women who are not going to end up making families (more than ever before) will have no one to take care of them when they are older. So the state will have to step in with a solution, which would be government taking care of old people. I see this definitely coming in the future. The state will be in charge of advanced age old people because there will be no families around to take care of these people.

Also I liked how Jan said that people aren't as stupid as the powers that be claim because why would they need to propagandize us and mind bomb us with so much bullshit to keep us ignorant?

Conscious Consumer Network 

Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill keep saying there is an awakening and changes are coming, so support Conscious Consumer Network. I think that is 100% bullshit. These two are paid separately from donations, they are controlled opposition, and in secret societies.

They are just selling false hope on purpose and they know it. I will take the gold nuggets they give, but I know Joe Atwill is full of shit saying we must do something and endorsing Conscious Consumer Network like it some real grassroots platform. Every time Joe says this at the end of the show, it sounds so laughable. He is probably having a good laugh having us think something special is taking place with all this consciousness and awakening and it will lead to some changes. It's just another con. These two are put out there for us to listen to, follow, and trust. They are like truth messiahs given to us. Most of their information is bullshit but they do provide some truth. That is how most controlled opposition work. Give you great information and then lace it with poison. You just have to be skeptical when listening.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Proof The NFL Plans Super Bowls And Their Outcomes?

Here are two videos that might demonstrate how players and coaches are in the know as to the plan for game outcomes and even the Super Bowl.

Here is head coach Jimmy Johnson possibly giving a preview days before for the outcome of Super Bowl 28 held on January 30, 1994:

JJ let's slip that Dallas was about to beat Buffalo for the Bills 4th SB loss in a row!

Bally Gobackwards
I think this was a slip and Jimmy Johnson screwed up and it was corrected by Chris Mortensen. Jimmy wasn't supposed to say that.

Here's another slip up by Don Beebe, the wide receiver of the Buffalo Bills during Super Bowl 28 and the other 3 Super Bowls the Bills played in. Notice how he quickly changes what he was saying:

Don Beebe slips up and struggles to repair the damage!!

Bally Gobackwards

The African American Family, Feminism, and the CIA

Conscious Consumer Network

Rigged Pro Sports Are A Distraction

I like a lot of what this guy says about how pro sports is a distraction and keeps you from waking up and realizing what is really going on. I noticed his YouTube channel has his picture with one eye, but still a good video from a Mason.

andrew christopher

Lifetime Actors

In this podcast episode of CCN – UnSpun 008, Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill discuss lifetime actors. People given to us who live their whole life for the most part as a lie to promote an agenda and to influence us. These people are change agents.

Conscious Consumer Network

Social Control Via Religious Movements

In this podcast episode of CCN – UnSpun 003, Joe Atwill talks about how Christianity was created as a solution to slave rebellions in ancient Rome. Reduce the slave tension. It was a way of responding to the problem of slaves thinking they shouldn't be slaves and something had to be done about the constant rebellions and get slaves to think that rebelling is bad.

Joe makes the point Christianity was and is a form of mind and social control.

Also they talk about how we are currently living through Christianity 2.0 right now with mind and social control propaganda in our culture. We're basically living through the newest cons that are laid upon us. Us slaves have always been constantly conned for thousands of years and it's still going strong now.

Some fear mongering of course was put in this audio by Joe and Jan, so skip when needed.

Joe Atwill and and Jan Irvin are controlled opposition and belong to secret societies, but they do offer some gold, with a lot of disinformation. I prefer hearing Joe talk more than Jan on these talks. The guy gets annoying and interrupts Joe a lot.

Conscious Consumer Network

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joe Atwill on Weaponized Anthroplogy and the Creation of the Counter-Culture

Joe Atwill joins the show to discuss "weaponized anthropology", the creation of the Sixties Counter-Culture by the intelligence agencies and degradation of society through entertainment and the arts. We talk about how the CIA used the research of anthropologists to manipulate American society and bring about an "archaic revival." He argues that music and other forms of entertainment have been weaponized and used against the general population in order to secure oligarchic rule.


Freemason Hand Gestures

this had to be exposed not many people know about this and would do it without knowing what it means

ღ✞ Awakening Truth ✞ღ( † Our Lord The Truth) 
Here is one of the websites in the video which exposes the different masonic hand signs/gestures:

From reading the posts on that site, you can see masonic gestures and hand signs are constantly used by politicians, celebrities, and musicians.

One point the blog author makes is how the mystery schools go back to ancient Egypt. Secret societies are very old and have a long history. People think freemasonry and secret societies are only a few hundred years old when they are thousands of years old.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Subliminal In Deadpool Commercial

This subliminal was probably done on purpose for people to catch. Meanwhile there is an ass load of subliminal messages in commercials, TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, online images/pictures, etc. They want you to believe this isn't frequent, when in fact it's constantly happening.

I was watching tosh.o and I noticed a flicker in the screen during a deadpool commerical. So I decided to go back and try to catch the flicker and once I did I found a sex scene with red ribbons which could come off as blood . Soo creepyyy ! Share and Save this video

Lori Sears

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lesbian Barbie

The Lesbian Barbie is here. For all those little girls who know they are lesbians at such a young age. Feels like an agenda:
It’s a big few weeks for Barbie! First, Mattel revealed that Barbie would come in four different body shapes and eight skin tones; now, they’ve released what is technically the first lesbian Barbie – in the form of retired champion soccer player Abby Wambach

If you don’t follow sports, you may instead remember Wambach from a viral video of her kissing her wife, Sarah Huffman, after ending her career by winning the Women’s World Cup last July. And now she has a Barbie!
The doll was revealed at the MAKERS conference, where Wambach said:
“I’m not going to lie, you guys might not believe this… but I was a Barbie kid. I played with Barbies my whole life. I know about playing with Barbies who may or may not have looked like I felt – and I feel like this is a really impactful statement. It just proves we really are getting somewhere.”
Mattel Just Released The First-Ever Lesbian Barbie

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Awakening of the True Self

The origin of the conditioned personality, or 'false self', and the process of awakening to reality.

Worldly Llama! 

Sexual Emergency

I don't know for sure if this recent story is real or faked in order to put into people's minds the phrase "Sexual Emergency":
Austrian police have confirmed that an Iraqi refugee was arrested over the rape of a 10 year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna in December. He told police he did it due to a “sexual emergency,” local media reported citing the interrogation record.

Iraqi refugee raped 10yo boy in Austria, says it was ‘sexual emergency’
I've already gone over how intergenerational sex and normalizing pedophilia are part of an agenda by the powers that be for the masses. In this post The Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal, I talked about how sex abuse scandals are most likely faked in order to push ahead with the agenda of normalizing intergenerational sex and pedophilia.

Now reading about this alleged rape that took place where the phrase "sexual emergency" was used, I think this is another part of pushing those agendas. A sexual emergency from my interpretation (because there is no explanation from the story) would mean someone who needed to get a sexual release immediately and since there are no consenting adults, a child is then used because there is an emergency to have sex.

I wouldn't be surprised going forward if future fake or real, most likely fake stories about pedophilia crime cases bring up the phrase "sexual emergency" as to why the adult had sex with the child. I said in the Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal post I did how the powers that be will normalize pedophilia by making the public sympathetic to pedophiles. Eventually laws will have to legalize pedophilia because it will be reasoned pedophiles can't help themselves and it's normal.

I predict that the powers that be will use the Fabian technique or strategy to normalize intergenerational sex and pedophilia, which has been used with most agendas that have been put forth. They will wear down the masses via the Fabian style with more fake pedophilia stories and say it's a "sexual emergency" or something similar and that humans need to be able to have sex with children if there is such emergency.

Just like the transgender agenda is being pushed hard now, I know the big push for pedophilia is coming soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Alan Watt Talks About The Delphi Technique


NASA CGI Web Page. Real or Fake?

More CGI and Fakery for NASA's website.

God's Flat Earth 

The Masterplan of the Elite

I think Alan Watt is pretty close to accurate about the changes that will keep happening in the 21st Century. There is some fear mongering, but I think Alan does a good job explaining a lot of the cons of history. He also explains a lot of what is coming in the future such as socialism, a planned obedient society that is happy to serve the state, and other good information.


A View Of The Twin Towers On 9/11 Driving Up The New Jersey Turnpike?

Not sure if these videos are authentic or being put out there on purpose. The category that these videos were posted in was Comedy. On purpose or by accident? The view counts for them are low. Could this be real 9/11 Twin Towers footage?

On 9/11/2001 I was driving in Newark , NJ and filmed the burning twin towers while listening to WCBS radio coverage of the worst terror attack in US History

George D 

View from Newark airport with WCBS radio coverage

George D

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chris Farley Died At Age 33 Or Did He Fake His Death?

Chris Farley allegedly died on December 18 (1+8=9) , 1997 at the age of 33.

Chris was found dead by his younger brother, John Farley who just happens to be an actor and entertainer.

I found it interesting the Chris's father Tom Farley owned an oil company. His brother Jim Farley is the CEO of Ford Motor Company Europe.

An autopsy later revealed that Farley had died of a cocaine and morphine overdose early that morning.

There is always comparisons of Chris Farley and John Belushi, two former Saturday Night Live Alums, who happened to allegedly both died of drug overdoses at the age of 33. I believe John Belushi faked his death just like Chris Farley. I wrote about it here.

Chris Farley just happened to have 2 movies that were coming out in 1998. One was Almost Heroes and the other was Dirty Work.

It looks like Chris Farley did fake his death just like John Belushi.

Chris Farley was rumored to have substance abuse problems leading up to his death.

I think Chris Farley did have problems abusing drugs and the cause was probably show business taking its toll on Chris. Being in the public spotlight on a massive scale like Chris Farley was leads to a lot of stress and probably wears down some entertainers and sometimes people want out.

I think Chris was offered a way out via faking his death via drug overdose. So he is basically faking his death and when people hear about that it was caused by drugs they think drug use in this country is out of control. I think drugs are bad and people shouldn't use them, but the War on Drugs is not real.

Our society is made to believe law enforcement should receive all this money to fight widespread drug trafficking and drug abuse. I don't think it's nearly as bad as the media portrays it. But when celebs are reported to have died of drug overdoses allegedly, it reinforces in people's minds how important it is to give law enforcement tax payer money to fight this "war".

The War on Drugs is nothing more then a way to direct tax payer money to law enforcement and help build up the current Police State. A tactic used to fool people into thinking that tax payer money is fighting a fictitious War on Drugs.

Celebrity drug related fake deaths like Chris Farley and John Belushi are used to promote the War on Drugs and drive home the message to the masses that drug use is so out of control we need to fund a War against it.

John Belushi Died At Age 33 Or Was It A Fake Death?

John Belushi allegedly died on March 5, 1982. He was 33 years old.

The reason he allegedly died was reported as being injected with a mixture of cocaine and heroin, known as a "speedball", which led to combined drug intoxication.

He was active in show business from 1971-1982 or 11 years.

Belushi also made a guest star appearance on an episode of the television series Police Squad! which was set to premiere in March 1982 the month of his alleged death, which showed Belushi underwater wearing cement shoes. Predictive Programming?

Now the cause of death was originally listed as combined drug intoxication involving cocaine and heroin or a speedball. In the early morning hours on the day of his death, he was visited separately by friends Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, each of whom left his home, leaving Belushi in the company of assorted others, including Catherine Evelyn Smith. His death was investigated by forensic pathologist Michael Baden, while the findings were disputed, it was officially ruled a drug-related accident.

Two months later, Smith admitted in an interview with the National Enquirer that she had been with Belushi the night of his death and had given him the fatal speedball shot. After the appearance of the article "I Killed Belushi" in the Enquirer edition of June 29 (2+9=11), 1982, the case was reopened. It was alleged that Smith injected Belushi with 11 speedballs. Really 11?

Smith was extradited from Toronto, Ontario, arrested and charged with first-degree murder. A plea bargain reduced the charge to involuntary manslaughter, and she served fifteen months in prison.

My analysis of this is that it's a narrative to build the media's story that John Belushi died. He was visited by two fellow "actors" Robin Williams (another fake death in 2014) and Robert De Niro. To me that helps substantiate the story in the masses minds because people will think Hey, Williams and De Niro visited him, so there is truth to the story.

So Catherine Everlyn Smith got charged with manslaughter and went to jail. Who is Catherine Everlyn Smith?  She was a backup singer and groupie of Gordon Lightfoot and The Band. Obviously involved in the music industry. I think she never went to jail and was offered to go along with this story just like Robin Williams and De Niro for money.

John Belushi was known to have drug and alcohol problems. Maybe there is some truth to that. But I don't buy that he was injected with 11 speedballs.

Knowing the sketchiness that seems to emulate from show business, maybe John Belushi was offered a deal to fake his death via drug overdose and promote the War on Drugs agenda. The War on Drugs campaign really took off in the United States in the 1980s and was heavily pushed, with emphasis on how the government needed to combat this problem.

Also maybe Belushi wanted out of show business because he was done with it and needed to get away since the stress of working in the business was causing him to have drug and alcohol problems.

I know the War on Drugs is a complete load of shit. It's lifting more money off the taxpayers and that money goes towards fighting a fake was on drugs. We're in 2016 and the War on Drugs continues with no end in sight. Why is this war taking so long? Maybe because it's fake and another reason to use tax payer money to help build up law enforcement for the Police State we currently live under.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pat Tillman Faked His Death

Pat Tillman allegedly died on April 22, 2004 at the age of 27 (2+7=9) from a friendly fire incident while serving in Afghanistan.

Did he really die or was he offered a deal to fake his death?

In May 2002, eight months after the September 11 attacks and after completing the 2001 season which followed the attacks with a salary of $512,000 per year, Tillman turned down a contract offer of $3.6 (3+6=9) million over three years from the Cardinals to enlist in the U.S. Army.

Why would anyone want to risk their life by joining the Army and going to Afghanistan instead of making 3.6 million dollars? What's the incentive? Considering he was just making $512,000 per year too. I think he had a better offer and worth more money called faking his death to help the U.S. military with recruitment post 9/11, to help sell the War on Terror and how "real" it is, and to be this hero that can be used as inspiration for the War on Terror.

Once you are recognized on massive platform such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, movies, television, etc., fake death deals are out there for the taking and that is what I think happened with Pat Tillman.

Initially it was reported that Tillman had been killed by enemy fire and then an investigation determined it was actually friendly fire.

That was part of the script. Get the masses to believe the story by providing controversy and investigations, and having a back and forth debate over how Tillman died.

The media is constantly rehashing the story of what "actually" happened to Pat Tillman when he was allegedly killed. 

There is also the Pat Tillman Foundation that was established that brings in money. I wouldn't be surprised if that is the money that goes directly to Tillman as his payoff for going along with faking his death.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Jimmy V Faked Cancer and Faked His Death

Jim Valvano was a famous college basketball coach and sports announcer who allegedly died of bone cancer on April 28, 1993.

Jim Valvano is famous for coaching the 1983 National Champion North Carolina State Mens Basketball team. The team was considered a Cinderella story because the odds of them winning the NCAA tournament were very slim.

Jim Valvano is also known for this famous ESPY Awards speech he gave right before he allegedly died of cancer in March 1993:

I sense a fake death.

When Jim Valvano won the National Championship in 1983, he would only last until 1990 as a coach because he was forced out by North Carolina State University officials after his players were found to be in violation of NCAA rules during his coaching career there. Also he happened to be the North Carolina State University Athletic Director and was forced to resign because of the scandal.

After coaching he went into broadcasting for NCAA college basketball games.

Then in 1991 he released his autobiography entitled Valvano: They Gave Me a Lifetime Contract, and Then They Declared Me Dead.

He was diagnosed with cancer in June 1992 and supposedly died April 28, 1993.

After his death, the V Foundation for Cancer Research was started.

The V Foundation states the following:

The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded in 1993 by ESPN and the late Jim Valvano, legendary North Carolina State basketball coach and ESPN commentator. Since 1993, The Foundation has raised more than $115 million to fund cancer research grants nationwide.

Every year ESPN promotes this V Foundation and asks people to donate money to Cancer Research.

So Jim Valvano had a coaching career winning a championship and then had to resign after a scandal.

I think after this he was given an offer to fake having cancer and then fake his death.

If you watch the speech he gave at the ESPY awards that I posted above, he doesn't look sick. In fact he was getting chemotherapy and his hair looked pretty good for a chemo patient.

According to the January 11, 1993 Sports Illustrated issue, this is the explanation of why Valvano looked good for having gone through Chemo:
Valvano's hair was expected to fall out with chemotherapy treatment, but it didn't. Along with his ever-positive outlook, this masked to the public how serious his sickness was and the amount of pain he was dealing with. He had preemptively had his head shaved and was prepared to use a variety of whimsical wigs on his broadcasts. But his own hair remained.
So his positive outlook overcame the side effects of chemo and looking sick? I think this was put out there in publications like Sports Illustrated as a cover story for why he didn't look sick.

That speech he gave at the ESPY Awards looked like someone who is healthy and not about to die in a month of cancer.

Also check out his autobiography title:,204,203,200_.jpg
My interpretation is that this is a tell and he did get a lifetime contract which was to fake his death and the Media was going to declare him dead. A lifetime contract to fake his death from cancer. What other lifetime contract is he talking about???

Was the contract that he gets to keep the money that has been raised for the V Foundation?

There has to be some payoff.

This guy faked his death to normalize cancer in our society, to show that celebrities get it like himself and to get victims of cancer to accept medical treatments for it like Chemotherapy which is known to be deadly and might actually be responsible for so many cancer deaths.

People who have cancer should avoid Chemo and seek alternative treatments.

Here Jim Valvano is selling cancer as normal.

He is allowing a medical industry and pharmaceutical industry to make a huge amount of money off of cancer patients. I bet the cancer screenings have gone up massively in the last 23 years since people like Valvano have faked cancer.

Why not natural cures for cancer, instead of the standard medical and pharmaceutical treatments that cause you to lose your hair or have other bad side effects?

How about what is causing cancer? There is no focus on eliminating the cause.

Instead we have Jim Valvano faking cancer and his death for money on top of that speech he gave where he doesn't look sick for having under gone Chemotherapy.

It's sending the message on purpose that there is nothing you can do about cancer except go to doctors and get chemotherapy and hopefully you won't die.

Jim Valvano was 47 (4+7=11) when he allegedly died.

It seems once your on a level of mass influence like Valvano was, all of the sudden fake death offers to promote an agenda come along. I also think you have to be in some sort of a secret society so there is trust and sworn secrecy will not be violated.

The Zika Virus Is A Hoax

You know it's all about the profit bout the profit no trouble.
Well folks, it's that time again. Big pharma and their cronies in office and MSM are unleashing yet another phony virus on the public.
Can't we just watch the Superbowl in peace without some sort of sinister bug lurking in the guy standing next to ya at the sports bar?! FUCK NO!
I really had fun last year with measles bullshit! "Supersized outbreak!" LOL!

Weather Mafia