Families and Relationships in a Brave New World

In this episode of CCN - UnSpun 004, Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill talk about how family life functions today and how people aren't married and raising kids like the old days. This podcast episode analyzes the break up of the family. This may be one of the best episodes of Unspun I've heard.

Jan Irvin can be annoying, but he makes a good point that we are taught to love our servitude and how slavery is sold as freedom and not what it is which is slavery. Jan also makes a point how all these unmarried single men and women who are not going to end up making families (more than ever before) will have no one to take care of them when they are older. So the state will have to step in with a solution, which would be government taking care of old people. I see this definitely coming in the future. The state will be in charge of advanced age old people because there will be no families around to take care of these people.

Also I liked how Jan said that people aren't as stupid as the powers that be claim because why would they need to propagandize us and mind bomb us with so much bullshit to keep us ignorant?

Conscious Consumer Network 

Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill keep saying there is an awakening and changes are coming, so support Conscious Consumer Network. I think that is 100% bullshit. These two are paid separately from donations, they are controlled opposition, and in secret societies.

They are just selling false hope on purpose and they know it. I will take the gold nuggets they give, but I know Joe Atwill is full of shit saying we must do something and endorsing Conscious Consumer Network like it some real grassroots platform. Every time Joe says this at the end of the show, it sounds so laughable. He is probably having a good laugh having us think something special is taking place with all this consciousness and awakening and it will lead to some changes. It's just another con. These two are put out there for us to listen to, follow, and trust. They are like truth messiahs given to us. Most of their information is bullshit but they do provide some truth. That is how most controlled opposition work. Give you great information and then lace it with poison. You just have to be skeptical when listening.