Why Do People Trust the Bible?


I can't believe how people that consider themselves awake don't question the legitimacy of the Holy Bible. If the powers that be can pull all these cons throughout history, how could you not think one of them is the Holy Bible?

It's a book. Books are known to promote propaganda. Are we a literate population so we can be more easily controlled and given propaganda literature to read? I think so. Why wouldn't the bible be a way to control people and deceive them?

I don't subscribe to any of the man made religions. I don't label myself by the many labels given to us for not conforming to the religions. I think a God created this earth, but I think the powers that be don't know the truth about God. I think it's an unknown. Maybe it can't be known.

I think the powers that be took advantage of this unknown about God and why we are here, and used the unknown to their advantage to create religions to control people. Those who rule over us probably don't care about knowing the truth about a creator, but because so much is unknown, they rather take advantage of this to control people.

Taking advantage of the unknown to deceive people is a favorite tool by the powers that be.  I don't think we went into space or the moon. I think the powers that be don't have any technology to go to space or the moon, so they take advantage of this unknown about space, stars, and the moon and exploit it to control and confuse us.

How can the bible be this book that has been preserved for thousands of years without it being manipulated and people don't question if that the bible could be bullshit? The Old Testament dictates all these rules that God has for us. Wouldn't this be a convenient way for the overlords to control people by listing all these ways you have to be in life and how to behave? It's another control mechanism.

Considering all the deception that goes on with mass shootings, 9/11, JFK, etc., why wouldn't the Bible be one of the oldest versions of deception? The bible is referred to as the scriptures? What is that about? A script is for a movie or television show. Isn't referring to the bible as scripture like saying it's scripted?

I think the bible was movie, TV, and theater script writing of it's time. A lot of the stories in the bible remind me of stories told in fictional books, television shows, movies, and plays. The bible reads like  stories that were come up with by probably some of the best script writers of that time that would have been script writers for movies and TV like today.

Why wouldn't our overlords come up with a con to make people afraid and conform like the Bible does to people?