Social Control Via Religious Movements

In this podcast episode of CCN – UnSpun 003, Joe Atwill talks about how Christianity was created as a solution to slave rebellions in ancient Rome. Reduce the slave tension. It was a way of responding to the problem of slaves thinking they shouldn't be slaves and something had to be done about the constant rebellions and get slaves to think that rebelling is bad.

Joe makes the point Christianity was and is a form of mind and social control.

Also they talk about how we are currently living through Christianity 2.0 right now with mind and social control propaganda in our culture. We're basically living through the newest cons that are laid upon us. Us slaves have always been constantly conned for thousands of years and it's still going strong now.

Some fear mongering of course was put in this audio by Joe and Jan, so skip when needed.

Joe Atwill and and Jan Irvin are controlled opposition and belong to secret societies, but they do offer some gold, with a lot of disinformation. I prefer hearing Joe talk more than Jan on these talks. The guy gets annoying and interrupts Joe a lot.

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