Proof The NFL Plans Super Bowls And Their Outcomes?

Here are two videos that might demonstrate how players and coaches are in the know as to the plan for game outcomes and even the Super Bowl.

Here is head coach Jimmy Johnson possibly giving a preview days before for the outcome of Super Bowl 28 held on January 30, 1994:

JJ let's slip that Dallas was about to beat Buffalo for the Bills 4th SB loss in a row!

Bally Gobackwards
I think this was a slip and Jimmy Johnson screwed up and it was corrected by Chris Mortensen. Jimmy wasn't supposed to say that.

Here's another slip up by Don Beebe, the wide receiver of the Buffalo Bills during Super Bowl 28 and the other 3 Super Bowls the Bills played in. Notice how he quickly changes what he was saying:

Don Beebe slips up and struggles to repair the damage!!

Bally Gobackwards