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Are You Awake Or Still Sound Asleep?


Dramatizing Psyops Makes Them Real In The Mind

I already wrote about how I think the Sandusky Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal looked phony to me. Fakeopedia at fakeologist has one of the criteria for a fake staged event being if a movie gets a made about said incident you can bet it's indicating a staged fake event. The reason mostly being that the movie is there to sell you a story or propagandize people to have it in their minds that this story was real because a movie is based on a true story and you can't question that. Making a movie also reminds the "viewer" of the said event to reinforce in their minds and not let them forget that said event happened and it was real.

Well this movie is about the Sandusky Sex abuse scandal at Penn State and about Joe Paterno. It stars Al Pachino who has been a go-to actor for selling the public on bullshit such as the Godfather. Who knows how bad the mafia was but with a movie like the Godfather they sure had people believing the Mafia was like the wild west. I also feel like…

Netflix Thinks 9/11 Truth Is HILARIOUS!


Las Vegas Police Don't Count Las Vegas Mass Shooting Because It Was A Staged Event!

The Metropolitan Police Department boasted close to a 1% decrease in crime between 2016 and 2017 — but the data omits the October shooting at a music festival that left 58 dead and scores more injured.

Excluding the victims of the massacre of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department last year investigated 141 murders with an 83% clearance rate, according to the department’s report, titled “LVMPD Shows Decrease in Violent Crime in 2017.”

The figure marks a 10.2% decrease in homicides and a 0.9% decrease in violent crimes — including rape, murder robbery and aggravated assault — from 2016.

Department spokesman Larry Hadfield said the deadly incident on Oct. 1 was excluded from the statistics due to federal reporting guidelines.

“Federally, you don’t have to report because it’s a mass casualty event,” he told the Las-Vegas Review Journal.

Director of Crime Analysis Patrick Baldwin said the Vegas massacre was “an anomaly” that would’ve pr…

Crisis Actors Have A Long History

On February 21, Princeton history professor Kevin M. Kruse took to Twitter to remind America that it had seen these types of tactics before. His viral tweet shared a 1957 clipping from the New York Times about the “Little Rock Nine,” a group of black students integrating an all-white high school in Arkansas.

In the article, the NAACP repudiated false stories that it said had been circulating about the students. These included “that the Negro children were being paid to attend classes at the newly integrated school,” and “that the children had been ‘imported’ from the North.”

As with the Parkland students, the assumption underlying these accusations against the Little Rock Nine was that someone was manipulating them— they couldn’t possibly have wanted to do what they were doing.

Raymond Arsenault, a civil rights historian and author of Freedom Riders, says that in 1960, white supremacists started to lean into this technique of discrediting student activists by linking their action…

The Measles Virus Was Breathed All Over New York City?

Measles has just visited the Big Apple, and public health officials are warning the city’s small unvaccinated population to be on guard.

Last Friday, the New York State Department of Health announced that an Australian tourist was confirmed to be carrying the viral disease days into their trip. Because exhaled measles can stay alive for up to two hours in the air or on surfaces, health officials have issued a precautionary alert for anyone who may have been exposed to the person as they traveled throughout the city and surrounding counties from February 16 to 21.

The locations where people could have been exposed to measles are:
La Quinta Inn, 31 W. 71st Street, New York, NY, between February 16 and the morning of February 19, 2018.Oasis Bible Tours at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Avenue, New York, NY, the morning of February 16, and the evening of February 17, 2018.Watchtower Educational Center, 100 Watchtower Drive, Patterson, NY, between 12:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.…

YouTube Aggressively Trying To Remove Videos That Expose Staged Psyops Now?

After reading this post from which talks about how Tim Fakeologist had one of his old videos on Psyop drills from 2013 flagged by YouTube, later on today I also I got a notice from YouTube telling me my Paris Terror Attack Crisis Actor video from 2015 was flagged and removed. Wow, I guess YouTube is now going to crack the whip and start taking videos down that expose these Psyops as staged events. I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end of my YouTube Channel.

Comparative Holographic Illusions


Surviving Mass Shootings Runs In The Family?

Annika Dean survived last year’s mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport by hiding behind a luggage cart. Her 14-year-old son Austin survived this week’s shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school by hiding in a classroom.

“I am in disbelief; I really am,” Dean said in an interview with WPTV in West Palm Beach.

Her brother told her: “You’re one of the luckiest people on the planet or you’re one of the unluckiest,” she told WPTV.

She told him, “Both.”

Teen survived shooting at Florida high school. Unbelievably, his mother survived a mass shooting last year. | Washington Post

Florida School Shooting - Where Is The Camera Footage?


"They Talked About Police Shooting Blanks To See What Would Happen" - Florida School Shooting


Florida School Shooting Predictive Programming?

Nikolas Cruz, 19, massacred 17 people and injured dozens more in a bloody gun rampage at his former school in Parkland yesterday.

And many have noticed the tragedy is eerily similar to the track by the British rock legend – which is about a fictional school shooting.

The song – released on Bowie’s 2013 album The Next Day – includes lyrics like: “Valentine told me who's to go … The teachers and the football stars.”

Another line goes: “It's in his scrawny hands, it's in his icy heart.

“It's happening today.”

Producer Tony Visconti previously confirmed the song’s “scary” subject matter.

He reportedly said the song was “related to people who go postal – about people who acquire a gun and do awful things with it”.

There is no suggestion the song inspired the shooter to carry out the massacre.

But the tune’s eerie echo of yesterday’s events has not been lost on many.

The chilling lyrics to Valentine's Day by David Bowie

Valentine told me who's to go
Feelings he trea…

Technology And The Fragmented Society

John discusses the current and future state of our relationship with technology. Books referenced are Person/Planet by Theodore Roszak, Love+Sex with Robots by David Levy Alone Together by Sherry Tuttle and The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra.

Hoaxbusters Call John Adams

Listen To Me Pretend Like I Know Things

Lies has some good videos like this but his masonic one eye YouTube Channel picture is still an issue of concern. Also his video on NFL CGI was total horseshit and provided a good laugh. I also interpret it as disinformation put out by Lies. This video at least is worth the time.


Abraham Lincoln's Secret Visits to Slaves

Shortly before the election of 1860, a man came upon a plantation near Marlin, Texas, some 20 miles southeast of Waco. Though nobody knew who he was, the plantation owner took him in as a guest. The stranger paid close attention to how the enslaved people working on the plantation were treated—how they subsisted on a weekly ration of “four pounds of meat and a peck of meal,” how they were whipped and sometimes sold, resulting in the tearing apart of families. Eventually, the stranger said goodbye and went on his way, but a little while later he wrote a letter to the plantation owner, informing him he would soon have to free his slaves—“that everybody was going to have to, that the North was going to see to it.” The stranger told the owner to go into the room where he’d slept, and see where he’d carved his name into the headrest. And when the slaveholder went and looked, he saw the name: “A. Lincoln.”

Abraham Lincoln's Secret Visits to Slaves | The Atlantic This is so …

Jay Dyer Bans John le Bon For Nuke Skepticism

Jay Dyer is a banning machine. Who won't this guy ban? Jay loves Censorship. Since he does, here's an idea for Jay Dyer. Why not do a video telling us what not to talk about on his YouTube Channel, Twitter Account and on his website. This way we can have a understanding of what Jay Dyer won't talk about because it will get banned.

Jay Dyer broadcast a live google hangout to discuss 'end times' prophecy and its use in social engineering. JLB decided to ask the live chat about the possibility that we are lied to about nukes. Jay responded by banning JLB from the chat. Why is Jay avoiding the Nuclear Question?

John le Bon

Virtual Reality Will Affect Actual Reality

Since tech wizard Jaron Lanier made virtual reality popular in the 1990s, many claims have been made about its transformative power. Most of these have proved to be hype and VR remained little more than a fad, popular with video gamers. But in his new book, VR: Experience On Demand, Jeremy Bailenson, founding director of the Virtual Human Interactive Lab at Stanford University, insists that VR is at last coming of age, with new applications from conservation to the treatment of PTSD.

When National Geographic caught up with him by phone from Stanford, Bailenson explained how VR is now being used to raise awareness about climate change, help quarterbacks memorize plays for the NFL, and even help first 9/11 responders suffering from PTSD.

When I interviewed Jaron Lanier, the pioneer of VR, two decades ago, he was ecstatic about its potential. Recently he said the digital “hive mind” threatens to lead us into “social catastrophe.” Which is right?

Jaron is a great colleague of mine. He and…

USA Gymnastics Sex Abuse Scandal. Theater For The Mind?

Usually I don't read Miles Mathis because I see him put disinfo into his papers and also he gets sidetracked into other topics instead of the focus of the title of his papers. This paper has some good points which I highlighted below about the USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Show Trial. I think all these Sexual Abuse Scandals emerging is being put out there for bringing all of American Institutions down and creating more distrust in the United States. These celebrities are perfectly willing to be shamed in front of the unwashed masses. They enjoy the duping delight they derive from events like this.

Here's a masonic pic (one side of face lit up) I found of one of the main gymnast accusers Aly Raisman. This is why I think this is part of a display of Masonic Theater too. Masons love putting on a show. I could also see this being a form of masonic hazing. Masons hazing fellow masons in public. Also what about this as being a way to normalize pedophilia? Showcase people with problem…

Markus Allen Needs To Release His Archive Of Audios

Markus Allen from had some good talks with Chris Kendall at and with other like minded people. I know his audios go back to 2008, but it's hard to find many of those audios on the internet. I'm sure a lot of people would like to hear some old Markus Allen audios from back in the day. This one with Adam Curry was good because we learned Adam Curry comes from a family that works in intelligence. Markus Allen if your reading this could you consider releasing the whole archive of Truth in 7 Minutes Audios going back to when your first started in 2008???

Proof Super Bowl 52 Was Scripted?

There are predictions, and then there are scarily-accurate-weirdly-prescient-can-you-see-the-future predictions.

Sheil Kapadia, who covers the Eagles for The Athletic Philadelphia and hosts the Birds with Friends Podcast, gave one of the most precise predictions to come true in recent memory on Feb. 2, two days before the Super Bowl.

He predicted that with 2:16 left in the fourth quarter of a close game, the Patriots would have the ball and that Brandon Graham would come up with the decisive sack fumble.


"I think it's gonna be a game in the fourth quarter with both these teams," Kapadia said. "I think like you that the Patriots are going to get the ball with 2:16 left on the clock. That's when I think the guy you mentioned earlier on this podcast, Brandon Graham, is heard from. I don't know if he'll be rushing from the inside, if he'll be rushing from the edge.

"I think Fletcher Cox will be in Tom Brady's face. He'll ste…

Jay Dyer Was On Alex Jones

I did not know Mr. Jay Dyer appeared on Alex Jones and Infowars. Yeah nothing to see here. Just Jay Dyer hanging out with obvious controlled opposition Alex Jones. How does one get on Alex Jones without being controlled opposition or at least a Freemason since all who appear on Alex Jones have ties to the occult if you some digging.

Jay Dyer

Thomas Jefferson Owned a Qur’an

Two hundred and three years ago this month, President James Madison approved the act of Congress purchasing Thomas Jefferson’s private library. Intended to restock the Library of Congress after its previous holdings were destroyed by British arson during the War of 1812, the transfer of books from Monticello to Washington also highlights a forgotten aspect of religious diversity in early America.

Among the 6,487 books that soon traveled north, Jefferson’s 1734 edition of the Qur’an is perhaps the most surprising.

Historians have attributed the third president’s ownership of the Muslim holy book to his curiosity about a variety of religious perspectives. It’s appropriate to view it that way. Jefferson bought this book while he was a young man studying law, and he may have read it in part to better understand Islam’s influence on some of the world’s legal systems.

Why Thomas Jefferson Owned a Qur’an |

Virtual Reality Church

The first time D. J. Soto strapped on an Oculus Rift and stepped into virtual reality, he felt like the ancient prophets must have felt—arriving in the promised land that would fulfill his destiny. It was a summer Friday in 2016, and the virtual world he was visiting, AltSpaceVR, was just a year old. Billing itself as a free social network in virtual reality, AltSpaceVR allows its users to toggle between 2-D and 3-D, using a virtual-reality headset or a computer monitor to explore the space. When Soto entered, he found a virtual world that was practically empty: just a few avatars attending quiz shows or cheesy comedy performances. Still, the young preacher was electrified.

This Pastor Is Putting His Faith in a Virtual Reality Church |