Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dramatizing Psyops Makes Them Real In The Mind

I already wrote about how I think the Sandusky Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal looked phony to me. Fakeopedia at fakeologist has one of the criteria for a fake staged event being if a movie gets a made about said incident you can bet it's indicating a staged fake event. The reason mostly being that the movie is there to sell you a story or propagandize people to have it in their minds that this story was real because a movie is based on a true story and you can't question that. Making a movie also reminds the "viewer" of the said event to reinforce in their minds and not let them forget that said event happened and it was real.

Well this movie is about the Sandusky Sex abuse scandal at Penn State and about Joe Paterno. It stars Al Pachino who has been a go-to actor for selling the public on bullshit such as the Godfather. Who knows how bad the mafia was but with a movie like the Godfather they sure had people believing the Mafia was like the wild west. I also feel like the mafia reminds me of the serial killers bogeyman that was there to terrorize people. Who knows how many serial killers were real or were just stories with crisis actors and the same thing with the mafia. Did the mafia really go around murdering people or did they just go around trying to bully people? Not saying they didn't exist but when you don't have to kill people and you can just scare people, it's probably a better idea. Also it feels like the mafia was there to function in place of a police state and then once the United States had paramilitary police in place, it was time to retire the mafia.


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