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USA Gymnastics Sex Abuse Scandal. Theater For The Mind?

Usually I don't read Miles Mathis because I see him put disinfo into his papers and also he gets sidetracked into other topics instead of the focus of the title of his papers. This paper has some good points which I highlighted below about the USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Show Trial. I think all these Sexual Abuse Scandals emerging is being put out there for bringing all of American Institutions down and creating more distrust in the United States. These celebrities are perfectly willing to be shamed in front of the unwashed masses. They enjoy the duping delight they derive from events like this.

Here's a masonic pic (one side of face lit up) I found of one of the main gymnast accusers Aly Raisman. This is why I think this is part of a display of Masonic Theater too. Masons love putting on a show. I could also see this being a form of masonic hazing. Masons hazing fellow masons in public. Also what about this as being a way to normalize pedophilia? Showcase people with problems molesting young women and how we have to accept these types of people eventually because of the frequency of these sex abuse cases happening.

In case you don't know, a doctor for the US Gymnastics Team has recently been sentenced to 175 years in jail for molesting young female gymnasts. As terrible as that sounds, there is a very good possibility it isn't true. Why do I say that? Well, because the reports of the trial of this Larry Nassar don't make any sense. My first clue was this quote from the judge at his sentencing:

I've just signed your death warrant.

This Judge Rosemarie Aquilina also said “I wouldn't send my dogs to you, sir”.

That all sounds like theater, since real judges don't talk like that. They actually aren't allowed to, and if she had said that at the end of a real trial, she could be removed from her seat and disbarred. Talk like that from a sentencing judge is cause for an appeal, which is why real judges don't say things like that.They don't want to give an appeals court reason to find bias. But a statement like the first one is way over the top, since it isn't even true. When I first read the headlines, I thought, “Oh my God, she gave this guy the death penalty!” That is what the words mean, after all. But if we read closer, she didn't sign his death warrant at all. She allegedly put him away for life, but that is completely different.

And if you think the 175 years also seems like theater, you aren't alone. It is unprecedented, and that is admitted in the accompanying literature. For example, go to the Wikipedia page for this case and you will find a long backstory, which includes previous offenders in gymnastics. One of these is former coach James Bell, convicted of molesting three gynmasts in 2003. He is allegedly serving 8 years.Note that is 8 years, not 175 years. You will say 8 years in jail is nothing. But go spend a month in jail and then get back to me.
Another curious thing we are told is that at the sentencing the judge read aloud a letter Nassar had written to the court after pleading guilty, in which he accused the girls of lying and said “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Yeah. And you believe that? You believe that guys already in prison write letters to the court like that, jeopardizing their own trials? I guess he just wanted another hundred years in jail or so. You don't write informal “letters” to the court. You might petition the court through your attorney for some reason, but those petitions are not public and would not be read in court by a judge. Such an action would be considered highly unusual—or insane—by any appellate court and might be reason for tossing the whole trial. The appellate court might also recommend the judge for a psychiatric evaluation.

Nassar's sentence is also weird, since we are told he was sentenced to 40 to 175 years. Well, which was it? And what is the spread based on? If you went to the doctor and he told you you had 10 to 100months to live, you would say, “Thanks, Doc, but that isn't really helpful.” It looks to me like these numbers are being published to add to the confusion. Most people will read this stuff and just give up trying to understand any of it, which is what they want. They don't want you understanding anything,they want to just accept it and move on.

Next, we find the prosecuting attorney is actually the Assistant Attorney General of Michigan, Angela Povilaitis. Is anyone involved here not Jewish, I wonder? Povilaitis is a prominent Lithuanian/Jewis hname. Just look it up. But regardless, it is strange to see this trial in Federal(circuit) court, prosecuted by the State Attorney General's office. I don't really understand why the Attorney General would be involved in such a case. Yes, the case became very high profile, but only because the media turned it into their usual circus.

Which brings us to the way this case hit the headlines. Although Nassar wasn't charged for these crimes until November of 2017, in February of that year three former gymnasts went on 60 Minutes to air their claims. Others went on Twitter under the #MeToo hashtag accusing Nassar. This isn't the way it is done in the real world. The procedure is to go to the police and hire an attorney. Both will tell you to keep the charges out of the media until after the trial—at which time it can be publicized all they want. But normally such girls don't want any publicity either before or after the trial, because they don't want people to know that nasty man had his finger up their wazoos. It should be very embarrassing, but curiously we don't see that here. These girls couldn't wait to talk about it
Judge Aquilina has also had her own syndicated radio talk show,Ask the Family Lawyer. Pretty strange for a circuit court judge. She was also in the Michigan Army National Guard, where she was the first female member of the Judge Advocate General's Corp. This links her to Kelly once again,as you see. She has published two novels with pretty strange titles: Feel No Evil and Triple Cross Killer.That last one came out in 2017, and it is about a serial killer who diverts Santa letters to himself.Intrigued? As usual, we find ourselves being pulled down the same old rabbit hole. Even the most skeptical must be seeing the lay of the land by now. Also, if you thought Aquilina was Spanish, you are wrong. Her father is given as Maltese and her mother as German. That already looks like a clue,since if we go to Wikipedia on the question, we find this: “In the time before World War II many Jews fleeing Nazism came to Malta as it was the only European country not to require visas of Jews fleeing German rule”. So my guess is Aquilina is also Jewish.
Which brings us to the fact this was filmed at all. Cameras used to be prohibited in courtrooms, but  Ias I showed in my O. J. Simpson paper, that severely limited the propaganda value of these fake CIA trials. So any time you see a trial filmed and released nationally, you can be sure it is a CIA/Hollywood project
So am I saying the girls just flat-out lied? Yep. But you have to understand they don't see it that way.They think they are part of a movie about women's rights, you see. That is how it was sold to them.They were probably told that bad guys like this really do exist, so it is important to educate people about it. And, since Nassar isn't really going to jail, no one is hurt here: they aren't lying, they are just part of a fiction. A morality play. I assume a lot of the middle level players in these projects justify their actions like that. I don't think the directors do, since the directors know the know the score. They know why this is going on, and it isn't to educate anyone. It is to mess people up on purpose. But I don't imagine these girls are that evil. They are simply being manipulated, like the rest of us
Why I think the whole USA Gymnastics Fracas is Fake | 


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