Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Las Vegas Police Don't Count Las Vegas Mass Shooting Because It Was A Staged Event!

The Metropolitan Police Department boasted close to a 1% decrease in crime between 2016 and 2017 — but the data omits the October shooting at a music festival that left 58 dead and scores more injured.

Excluding the victims of the massacre of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department last year investigated 141 murders with an 83% clearance rate, according to the department’s report, titled “LVMPD Shows Decrease in Violent Crime in 2017.”

The figure marks a 10.2% decrease in homicides and a 0.9% decrease in violent crimes — including rape, murder robbery and aggravated assault — from 2016.

Department spokesman Larry Hadfield said the deadly incident on Oct. 1 was excluded from the statistics due to federal reporting guidelines.

“Federally, you don’t have to report because it’s a mass casualty event,” he told the Las-Vegas Review Journal.

Director of Crime Analysis Patrick Baldwin said the Vegas massacre was “an anomaly” that would’ve prevented the department from accurately comparing year-to-year data.

The admitted omission of Vegas massacre sparked backlash when the report was first released earlier this year, prompting the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to further clarify the numbers.

Las Vegas police tout drop in violent crime after omitting mass shooting from data | New York Daily News
This is what happened with the Virginia Tech Mass Shooting Staged Event. The FBI doesn't count the Virginia Tech Shooting in their data for Murders in 2007. Where are the 33 people that allegedly died?

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University FBI Murders For 2007

Yeah just 2 people murdered at Virginia Tech the whole year. Also I did a video on this a few years ago which YouTube has put a warning on and disabled comments and likes.

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