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Ground Traffic Lights For People That Stare At Their Phones

This article talks about a Dutch town installing traffic lights on the ground in order to help alert people who stare at their smart phones while walking on a street. To me this type of arrangement is a form of encouraging people to stare at their phones and not look up. It's promoting the behavior of people staring at their phones and not looking up and being anti-social (which I'm sure those who rule over us want).

When these types of traffic lights become widespread all over the world, then the behavior of looking down at your phone and not looking up will be normalized. No longer will people be frowned upon for looking at their phones while walking on the streets instead of looking where they are going. Looking at a screen while walking outside will be a norm not questioned and instead accepted because cities and towns are making it okay by installing ground traffic lights.

I just don't understand how people are okay with looking at screens 24/7. I've noticed more …


Jan and Joe discuss the promotion of transgender and the gay agenda, including unisex bathrooms as part of the modern eugenics program against Americans and the world.


Russianvids Exposed

I think this guy does a great job exposing Russianvids. I have put a lot of videos on this blog by Russianvids that I think offer truth. I avoid the videos that I think Russianvids is purposely trying to deceive, spread disinformation and mislead. I've noticed Russianvids is there to give you truth on Psyops being fake but spreads disinformation with flat earth waste of time videos, who's a transgender celebrity videos, gematria to the extreme videos and his religious/Christain agenda that he adds to is videos unnecessarily. Despite all that I still like the truth Russianvids puts out but I don't trust Russianvids and I think he's 100% controlled opposition. This video below points out some Russianvids bullshit which needed to be exposed.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Russianvids is not being entirely honest with you and will ban comments from anyone giving you more pieces of the puzzle.

Michael G

Mother And Son Transition To Father And Daughter

This story is so absurd. I find it hard to believe these people are genuinely doing this. Maybe they are getting paid to help fake this story in order to promote the idea of parents with their children changing genders. The purpose of a story like this could be to normalize an idea of parents with children changing genders together so the masses start doing it/copying it in the future as part of the transgender agenda that keeps getting pushed.

A transgender father and daughter from the US have shared their remarkable journeys as they transition together.

Eric and Corey Maison, from Detroit, each struggled for years with their gender identities, unaware their loved one was also facing a battle of their own.

Corey, 15, told her parents she identified as a girl four years ago. Then last year, her mother Erica revealed she too would transition and live as Eric.

Corey and Eric’s relationship had changed from mother and son to father and daughter.

Meet the transgender father and daughte…

How The Global Warming Scare Began

A great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years later, but Gore said Revelle was Senile and refused to debate. John Coleman documents the entire story and shows how our tax dollars are perpetuating the Global Warming alarmist campaign even though temperatures have not risen in years and years.


The Culture Of Narcissism

This book is extremely informative. The author has a lot of good chapters dealing with politics as theater, propaganda, sports as escapism, mass education, feminism, the taking over of family decisions by the state, socialism and other chapters showing the changing times and culture after World War II. It especially deals with the culture of consumption and how it forces the masses to have desires and fears it shouldn't have. Though it was written in 1979 it definitely gives you a wealth of information critically analyzing society and culture. Even though the title says narcissism this book definitely deals with more than that as I noted above.

Here are some quotes from the book that I though were good:
In the early days of industrial capitalism, employers saw the workingman as no more than a beast of burden-"a man of the type of the ox," in the words of the efficiency expert Frederick W. Taylor. Capitalists considered the worker purely as a producer; they cared nothing…

Who Fabricated 9/11? 3D Specialists And CGI Movie Makers



So Chuck Berry is dead allegedly: Chuck Berry, pioneer rock'n'roll guitarist, dies at age of 90 | The Guardian. It just so happens he is coming out with his first studio album in 38 years too: Chuck Berry, 90, announces first album in 38 years | The Guardian and Chuck (Chuck Berry album).

So Chuck Berry allegedly dies with a new studio album coming out. That just worked out perfectly by coincidence or by design? I say by design. I mean come on. This guy might be 90 but the music industry got him to do another studio album. Don't you have to be healthy and in good shape to record a studio album? I say his handlers retired him from the world stage and he goes out with a new album that will surely benefit financially from his alleged death.

Viking Mission To Mars Hoax

To me, the Viking mission to Mars, 33.9 million miles away, in 1975, with no astronauts on board to "do anything," is ridiculous. 5 years after the moon NASA became so technologically proficient, they no longer needed Astronauts.

Texas Shrugged Book

I don't believe it's possible that both Viking 1 and Viking 2 traveled 35,000,000 miles to Mars and then successfully deployed landers completely on it's own, with no astronauts and no assistance from "Houston" because a message takes 8 minutes to go "both ways." Therefore, I think it's bullcrap. I am open to changing my mind if anyone has anything.

Texas Shrugged Book


Good video. I was blown away by the information in this video and the critical analysis by the author of this video. This guy is a great critical thinker.


Staying At A Tokyo Capsule Hotel

This is an absolute joke. Training people to like being stuffed into compact living space and making it cool with all the visual entertainment devices to distract you from how uncomfortable it is. Is this coming to North America and going to be pushed as the norm? Probably.

Abroad in Japan

Joe Rogan Experience #752 - Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson has good information on nutrition, health and exercise. He talks about eating mostly fats and protein from animals and getting carbohydrates from vegetables. Mark comes across as very knowledgeable on health, nutrition and exercise subjects for having no academic background in those areas. You have to stomach some stupid from Joe Rogan but I think it's worth listening to. Joe does get some good guests on his podcast. Also there is a little promotion of eating bugs especially from Rogan who did a lot of that of the Fear Factor reality TV show. I think there is an agenda to get the masses eating bugs as a good source of protein as opposed to animal protein. You see company's springing up with products that have bug protein in them. I don't think Joe Rogan talking is usually good or informative but sometimes the guests he gets are worth hearing. It's odd how dumb he comes across but somehow is so popular. I think he is being promoted to us by design from behin…

Science Fiction Programming Of Our Reality


The H.I.V Conspiracy Exposed - Aids Is A Hoax

Some good stuff on how fraudulent AIDS is. AIDS is a tool used to put fear into people's minds. I'm sure it really helped the condom manufacturers when the AIDS epidemic started.


Joe Rogan On Why He Changed His Stance On The Moon Landing Conspiracy

Ha! Joe Rogan didn't convince me. I have no doubt the moon landings were faked along with the all the other NASA space missions including the International Space Station. NASA is Hollywood of the south. I guess Joe Rogan is getting too popular so he was told to change his stance on the moon landings being faked.

Joe Rogan talks about the reason why he changed his stance on the Moon landing conspiracy theory.

Featuring Arian Foster.

JRE Clips

Freemasons Are In The Churches

I think there is some truth in this video as far as Freemasons definitely existing inside churches of all religions. Parts of the video are a little over the top. I don't think Freemasons are murdering their own.


Magic, Science And Religion And Other Essays

I've always been interested in how primitive man operated. Well this book sheds some light on that. The author Bronisław Malinowski writes about his experiences studying primitive tribes from the early 1900s. He talks about these tribes and their religious beliefs. Mainly how the primitive tribes he studied used religion, superstition and magic instead of logic in order to explain the world in which they lived. One of the big parts of the book that stood out to me was how the primitive tribes that Malinowski was studying didn't understand impregnation or had ignorance of conception. Malinowski accounts for how the tribe thought it was possible for a woman to get pregnant through religious/superstitious beings that they believed in and that a man didn't need to be part of the situation via sexual intercourse. Basically the tribe didn't understand or was ignorant to the fact that a man through sexual intercourse impregnates a woman only.

After reading this book I now s…

Woman Wins Priceless Bag Of Moon Dust From NASA! Or Is It Worthless?

So laughable. NASA using the media. A story like this helps to promote the narrative that NASA went to the moon and NASA is using the media to mock us with this crap.

This video is about Chicago Woman wins priceless bag of moon dust from NASA! or is it worthless? I describe the details of a Chicago woman winning her moon dust back from NASA and how NASA has been caught giving fake items to others.

Truthful Universal News Network

Bestiality And Now Homosexuality In New Beauty And The Beast Movie

The new Beauty and the Beast Movie will feature a gay character. It wasn't enough for Disney to have a bestiality theme so they thought a homosexuality theme should be added in. Why not just throw all normalization of sexually deviant behaviors in these movie like pedophilia, incest, or any others I'm leaving out.

It built its reputation on princesses finding their prince, living happily ever after in storylines which set the benchmark for romance for generations of children.

Now, Disney is to move firmly into a new era as it introduces its first “exclusively gay moment”, disclosing the new version of Beauty and the Beast will star a manservant exploring his sexuality.

The live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is already on course to be the most thoroughly modern film of its kind, with star Emma Watson discussing how she made the role of Belle more feminist.

The team have now revealed one character, LeFou, will experience Disney’s first ever “gay moment” on screen, as he…