Mother And Son Transition To Father And Daughter

This story is so absurd. I find it hard to believe these people are genuinely doing this. Maybe they are getting paid to help fake this story in order to promote the idea of parents with their children changing genders. The purpose of a story like this could be to normalize an idea of parents with children changing genders together so the masses start doing it/copying it in the future as part of the transgender agenda that keeps getting pushed.

A transgender father and daughter from the US have shared their remarkable journeys as they transition together.

Eric and Corey Maison, from Detroit, each struggled for years with their gender identities, unaware their loved one was also facing a battle of their own.

Corey, 15, told her parents she identified as a girl four years ago. Then last year, her mother Erica revealed she too would transition and live as Eric.

Corey and Eric’s relationship had changed from mother and son to father and daughter.

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