Joe Rogan Experience #752 - Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson has good information on nutrition, health and exercise. He talks about eating mostly fats and protein from animals and getting carbohydrates from vegetables. Mark comes across as very knowledgeable on health, nutrition and exercise subjects for having no academic background in those areas. You have to stomach some stupid from Joe Rogan but I think it's worth listening to. Joe does get some good guests on his podcast. Also there is a little promotion of eating bugs especially from Rogan who did a lot of that of the Fear Factor reality TV show. I think there is an agenda to get the masses eating bugs as a good source of protein as opposed to animal protein. You see company's springing up with products that have bug protein in them. I don't think Joe Rogan talking is usually good or informative but sometimes the guests he gets are worth hearing. It's odd how dumb he comes across but somehow is so popular. I think he is being promoted to us by design from behind the scenes to have a lot of culture creation guests on even though he's not that good but occasionally he has someone on worth listening to.