Ground Traffic Lights For People That Stare At Their Phones

This article talks about a Dutch town installing traffic lights on the ground in order to help alert people who stare at their smart phones while walking on a street. To me this type of arrangement is a form of encouraging people to stare at their phones and not look up. It's promoting the behavior of people staring at their phones and not looking up and being anti-social (which I'm sure those who rule over us want).

When these types of traffic lights become widespread all over the world, then the behavior of looking down at your phone and not looking up will be normalized. No longer will people be frowned upon for looking at their phones while walking on the streets instead of looking where they are going. Looking at a screen while walking outside will be a norm not questioned and instead accepted because cities and towns are making it okay by installing ground traffic lights.

I just don't understand how people are okay with looking at screens 24/7. I've noticed more people are getting glasses than ever before and I wonder if it's because of people constantly looking at a screen in the form of their smart phone or computer. I think our eyes need to look at objects far away (far sighted/ objects in the far distance) like when walking on a street. So I guess more people are going to be getting glasses as constantly looking at a screen is here to stay. Anti-social behavior with those in your physical reality is the future and something like this is making sure it is. Instead of people interacting with those around them (reality) now they are free to look at their virtual reality without having to engage much in the physical world that is in front of them.

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A Dutch town has introduced an unusual way of trying to keep smartphone-addicted residents safe: Installing traffic lights in the pavement.

Bodegraven, in the Netherlands, has put strip lights in the floor at a pedestrian crossing — meaning people who stare at their phones all day will see them, preventing them from wandering dangerously into traffic. (We heard about the news via the BBC.)

Apart from their unusual location, they work just like ordinary traffic lights: Green means go, and red means wait.

This Dutch town has traffic lights on the ground because people are staring at their phones | World Economic Forum