Russianvids Exposed

I think this guy does a great job exposing Russianvids. I have put a lot of videos on this blog by Russianvids that I think offer truth. I avoid the videos that I think Russianvids is purposely trying to deceive, spread disinformation and mislead. I've noticed Russianvids is there to give you truth on Psyops being fake but spreads disinformation with flat earth waste of time videos, who's a transgender celebrity videos, gematria to the extreme videos and his religious/Christain agenda that he adds to is videos unnecessarily. Despite all that I still like the truth Russianvids puts out but I don't trust Russianvids and I think he's 100% controlled opposition. This video below points out some Russianvids bullshit which needed to be exposed.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Russianvids is not being entirely honest with you and will ban comments from anyone giving you more pieces of the puzzle.

Michael G