Friday, September 30, 2016

Nuclear Cattle

This documentary was made to reinforce the fake Fukushima Disaster. If you watch this video you might spot some duping delight, no surprise. They must need to make documentaries like these because they need to make sure the masses remember these fake events and sell to us how "real" they were with personal stories from most likely actors or paid liars.

This is the story of innocent cattle farmers forced from the hills they’ve called home for decades due to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Not willing to go along with the government’s plan to slaughter their livestock and livelihoods, the farmers decide to keep their cattle alive as a symbol of resistance in the fight to rid Japan of nuclear power. Many farmers have reached breaking point. We examine the personal turmoil and inner conflict of embattled cattle farmers in the years following the disaster. Who will risk everything to preserve this living reminder of how we got it wrong?

Tamotsu Matsubara

I was checking out the YouTube Channel of this video and the guy is getting really carried away:

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hoboken Train Crash Duping Delight And Laughter

Just watched these two videos of what is supposed to be a tragic train crash according to news reports, but these "witnesses" don't do a convincing job of recalling what they saw happen.

CBS New York

Monday, September 26, 2016

Did Arnold Palmer Fake His Death?

In an unusual coincidence, the season premiere episode of long-running animated comedy The Simpsons made a reference to the late famed golfer Arnold Palmer, who passed away on Sunday — the same day the episode aired — at 87. In the oddly prescient scene, Homer enthusiastically describes one of his bizarre schemes to Marge, and it all revolves around Palmer’s namesake drink.

“I’m going to fill a Super Soaker full of lemonade, Karl’s going to fill one with iced tea and we’re going to Arnold Palmer Lenny when he walks in!” he begins.

“Arnold Palmer Lenny? You’re going to Arnold Palmer Lenny?” she asks, unclear.

“Yeah, you see, Arnold Palmer was a golfer and he made up this drink where it’s not a full glass of lemonade or a full glass of iced tea,” Homer then explains about the now-classic beverage.

Twitter users were quick to point out the eerie reference, calling it “scary” and “weird,” especially since Palmer hadn’t particularly been in the news recently. The episode, the first in the show’s 28th season, had been written prior to Palmer’s passing.

The Simpsons Season Premiere Coincidentally Referenced Late Golfer Arnold Palmer


Just a coincidence, right... Well I don't fall for crap like this and now I have no doubt Arnold Palmer faked his death and there was foreknowledge by writers on The Simpsons that it was going to happen.

The Night A Nuclear Warhead Nearly Destroyed Arkansas

Command and Control
It didn't take much to nearly annihilate Arkansas. In 1980, a young repairman, who was standing on a platform working on a missile in the town of Damascus, dropped a socket from his wrench. It fell 70 feet, took a bounce and pierced the fuel tank of the missile, which was armed with a nuclear warhead three times more powerful than the bombs that leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
These kinds of near-misses - 32 documented ones, but probably many more - are called "broken arrows," and the stories are startling both because of their frequency and because Americans assume that the greatest threats to our safety will come from afar.

The movie's second thread is a more comprehensive examination of the way the United States kept upping the ante on arming itself during the Cold War. The more weapons we had, the more safe we presumably were - except when we weren't. Like the time a plane broke apart over North Carolina and dropped a hydrogen bomb that inadvertently went through nearly all of its steps to detonate. A last-ditch precaution - a part of the bomb that looked a lot like an on-off light switch - prevented catastrophe.
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TSA Humiliated Transgender Navy Seal

On Tuesday afternoon, the retired transgender Navy SEAL was bound for Kansas City to give a speech to federal employees about gender sensitivity. It's what she does, ever since she stopped going by her birth name, Christopher Beck, and wrote a book about her life as a member of SEAL Team 6. She was featured in the CNN series, "Lady Valor."

She arrived at Reagan National Airport with enough time to spare, but not too much. Beck told CNN she entered the security checkpoint, put her bags on the conveyor belt and stepped into the body scanner, as she's done countless times before.

When flagged for secondary screening, she took it in stride. She said she waited for one of two Transportation Security Administration agents -- a man and a woman -- to step forward and pat her down. Instead, they turned their backs to her and started whispering.

But to Beck, it was clear what was happening. Despite her makeup, long hair and low-cut blouse, the agents thought she was a man. It wouldn't be the first time since she began publicly living as a woman.
"These are my real boobs, he's not going to pat me down," she recalls telling agents.

"This is wrong. I'm a female, it says female on my Maryland driver's license. This is the real me."
According to TSA guidelines, when passengers go through a full body scanner, the TSA agent selects a button indicating man or woman, depending on how the person looks. The equipment conducts a scan and alerts areas of the body warranting further inspection, which is often the case when a person's anatomy is inconsistent with the body type selected.
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Dr. Hans Utter "Laying the Dead To Rest, Part 1: Occult Networks In The Holosonic Control Matrix"


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mickey Mouse Attacked Japan

Japan may have forgiven the rip-off Disney star, but they have not forgotten what he did 80 years ago on that blood soaked Pacific island beach.

The year is 1936. The first edition of a new novel called Gone with the Wind was released just as African-American runner Jesse Owens dominated at the Berlin Olympics bemusing his host Adolf Hitler. Also, a baby by the name of Dennis Hopper was born, destined to go on to greatness as the true star of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, by far the best in the series.

But in Japan a historical battle had taken place. Often overlooked in other countries, it was a battle that rocked the nation to its very core. Waves of pain and regret rippled through the generations and can still be felt today in the hearts of Japanese people.

I’m talking about the 1936 “Mickey Mouse” bombing raids of a Japanese island in the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to this preserved archival footage of the incident we can all know what it was like so hopefully atrocities like that may never be committed again.
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Canal de MitsukoWhiteWolf

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Manley P. Hall Breaksdown Christianity And Religion

illuminati illuminati

Fake Colors In NASA Images Explained

We hear it all the time. Well, maybe you don't, but I get this thrown at me a lot. We see beautiful images released by NASA and other space agencies: ghostly nebulas giving tantalizing hints of their inner structures, leftover ruins of long-dead stellar systems, furious supernovae caught in the act of exploding and newborn stars peeking out from their dusty wombs.

Instead of just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the light show the universe is putting on, some people feel compelled to object: But those colors are fake!
Scientists want pictures to look better, too — for the sake of science. Researchers take pictures of stuff in space to learn about how it works, and some higher contrast here or a little brightening over there can help us understand complex structures and relationships within and between them.

So don't blame NASA for a little photo enhancement touching up; they're doing it for science. Stop Complaining about 'Fake' Colors in NASA Images

Magic Johnson Exposed As A Freemason On Live TV

Espn live coverage of the dodgers vs the giants showed magic johnson giving a handshake can you recognize it?? If you guessed free-mason your correct!


Alexander Dugin: Transhumanism

The transformation of humanity in the modern age

Novaya Zemlya I

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Clint Eastwood Defends His Choice To Show Planes Crashing Into Buildings In 'Sully'

Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Frank Marshall and more hit the buzzy NYC premiere of the film — out, coincidentally, on the Sept. 11 anniversary weekend.
The big-screen retelling of the Miracle-on-the-Hudson includes sequences of planes crashing into Manhattan skyscrapers. "It's just a bad dream sequence, and what could have happened if he didn't make the right decision," explained Eastwood. "The spirit it gave back the city, even though it was a tragic loss of a plane, there was no tragic loss of life."

Screenwriter Todd Komarnicki further echoed that Sully's feat is "the inverted story of 9/11," and adding the sequences allows Americans "to reclaim that narrative. That narrative was laid on us by people who are enemies of our country; this is a story of heroism in New York City."

As far as the coincidental release of the film of the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, Komarnicki attributes it to box-office logistics. "It's totally coincidental because of limited Imax screens ... didn't have room in the summer and Christmas is all Star Wars. Very ironic."

Disney's Lilo & Stitch Originally Had A Scene Involving A Plane Hijacking

“Lilo & Stitch” was the feel-good film the country needed when Disney released it in 2002.

The animated hit features Hawaii’s beautiful scenery and explores themes of loss and unity ― which particularly resonated after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

But Disney made one major change to the film between the 9/11 attacks and the film’s release date.

“Lilo & Stitch” originally was supposed to end with an action-packed scene featuring Stitch and Jumba hijacking a commercial airplane to rescue Lilo from evil Gantu ― something that’s visible in a side-by-side video produced by Vox. The protagonists take over a passenger-filled Boeing 747 and go on a high-speed chase through a dense city, brushing the sides of skyscrapers and coming close to pedestrians on the ground.
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

To Launch A Nuclear Strike, Clinton Or Trump Would Follow These Steps

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Knowing that nukes don't exist, I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous this is. Definitely some funny shit to read about.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Computer Game “Orwell” Trains You To Be A Master Spy On Citizens

There couldn’t be a better example to highlight the extent to which governments are prepared to snoop on us than by a new computer game called Orwell. In this game you are invited to take on the role of a master surveillance officer, spying on citizens’ online activities.

The game engages you in its claimed virtual state-of-the-art security, while using information retrieval and profiling on fictitious citizens. In so many words, promoters of the game say that as an international master surveillance officer you will need to have the ability to discern suspects through recognizing their suspicious online activities. The promo goes on to say that, “stakes are high and lives hang in the balance…” emphasizing you are needed to “make sure that the world is a safer place… ”
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Big Brother has arrived - and it’s you. Investigate the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks. Information from the internet, personal communications and private files are all accessible to you. But, be warned, the information you supply will have consequences…

Invading your privacy late 2016


Surprise Attack 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Freemasonry And The American Revolution


America Is Getting Its First Transgender Superhero

Chalice will be the central 'Alter' in this series/ Photo via
Chalice, also known as Charlie Young, is a middle brother of three siblings living with her family. Her story begins while she is undergoing hormone therapy after making the big decision to switch genders. Her parents struggle to take care of one of her brothers who is suffering from cerebral palsy, and Charlie has a difficult time explaining her situation to her family during this testing period. Certain events transpire around the central protagonist as this arc develops, launching her into strange and unexpected adventures as an ‘Alter’.
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When I was reading this article, I thought this could have easily been a Saturday Night Live Sketch during the pre-politically correct era, LOL! SNL had a cartoon series at one time called the The Ambiguously Gay Duo. It was about two superheroes and it was intended to satirize suggestions that early Batman comics implied a homosexual relationship between Batman and Robin with the two superhoeroes Ace and Gary behaving in ways perceived stereotypically homosexual.

The Invention Of AIDS

First, an interview with researcher guest Rochello. Then, we break down the HIV/AIDS scare and discuss why AIDS was invented, hoaxed and promoted through celebrities in order to control the public with fear.

“The invention of AIDS” by nonhocapito on October 12th, 2012,
Direct link to featured posts:

The Clues Chronicle issue 11 : Hi, 'Roch3llo' and 'The Invention of AIDS:


Questioning Our Reality

Tom Hanks Says Sully Prevented Another 9/11

Tom Hanks arrives at BBC Broadcasting House
Hero pilot Capt. Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger became so celebrated for his Airbus A320 emergency landing on the Hudson River because his actions prevented another 9/11, according to Tom Hanks.

The Oscar winner plays Sullenberger in Clint Eastwood's new movie Sully, and got the chance to meet the captain as he researched the role.
The pilot became an overnight cultural icon when he successfully guided US Airways Flight 1549 to a safe emergency water landing on the Hudson River in 2009 after both its engines had been disabled by a flock of Canada geese, and Hanks believes Sully became such a hero because of what didn't happen.

He tells WENN, "We had gone through the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and the last thing the world needed to see, and the last thing New York City wanted to experience was a bunch of dead people against the skyline of New York City.

"They did not need to see more wreckage, more flames on the water; they did not want to experience a moment where guess what, everything fell apart one more time. But the opposite happened!
Read More:  Xposé.ie

Pearse Redmond On Disney And The CIA

The first 55 minutes is about politics for the most part. I think Pearse thinks politics is for real judging by what he says about this years presidential race. Also I couldn't believe Pearse thinks the Sandy Hook Psyop was real, LOL! He tries to convince Tim and he doesn't do a good job. I recommend skipping to the 54:51 minute mark where Disney and CIA talk starts.

Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Review returns to the show to discuss the 2016 Presidential race and his research regarding the Disney Corporation's ties to the CIA. We talk about the assistance Disney received from Langley in building Disney World and the Magic Kingdom's other connections to the intelligence community.


If You See Something, Say Something - 2016

Wow, what a load of crap. This is how to create a culture of fear and a paranoid society.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Chris Kendall On Fake News, Hoaxes And Public Myths

Chris Kendall of Hoax Busters Call returns to the show to talk about the various hoaxes, myths and frauds that comprise mainstream "reality." We engage in a wandering discussion touching on the economy, fiat debt-based money, fake news, public myths (a.k.a noble lies), manufactured terrorism, education and a few other topics.


9/11 Art Or 9/11 Mockery?

New York artists respond to 9/11
The day after the 15th anniversary of the 11 September attacks, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York opens an exhibition that looks at artists’ reactions to the event and its lingering legacy.
Thirteen artists, all of whom have direct ties to New York and some of who were directly affected by the attacks, are represented in Rendering the Unthinkable: Artists Respond to 9/11 (opening 12 September). Among them is Christopher Saucedo, whose brother, a firefighter, died in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Saucedo is showing a work on paper that depicts the buildings as clouds.
Read More:  The Art Newspaper

Hitler And The Catholic Church - Freemasonry Skull And Bones


Saturday, September 3, 2016

11,000 AIDS

Simon Shack of found AIDS articles featuring the number eleven thousand when he was searching for information on the World Health Organization. I guess it's just a big coincidence how many times 11,000 came up, LOL!!!

Link to the post:  The "11.000" AIDS meme

Friday, September 2, 2016

NASA Admits Moon Landing Tapes Got Erased

The original recordings of the first humans landing on the moon 40 years ago were erased and re-used, but newly restored copies of the original broadcast look even better, NASA officials said on Thursday.

NASA released the first glimpses of a complete digital make-over of the original landing footage that clarifies the blurry and grainy images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the surface of the moon.
The full set of recordings, being cleaned up by Burbank, California-based Lowry Digital, will be released in September. The preview is available at

NASA admitted in 2006 that no one could find the original video recordings of the July 20, 1969, landing.
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