Operation Avalanche Exposes Moon Landing Hoax

I guess NASA is having a good laugh while nobody realizes this is a tell. This movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival early this year. Here is the Wikipedia for this movie which comes out nationwide September 16th:  Operation Avalanche (film). Also this reminds me of Capricorn One.

James Mighty2


  1. Interesting.

    I'm pretty sure you've seen Moonwalkers (2015). I fell like they are slowly preparing the public for a big mea culpa, which will most likely follow Weidner's narrative: "The images were fake, but we still went to the moon" or some shit like that.

  2. I haven't seen this movie but from what I just read it looks like a movie that is fucking with people about how the moon landings were staged. Throwing it in people's faces.

    It's possible this movie is preparing the public for a mea culpa on the moon landings. Kind of like what you said about how fakery would be admitted, but the claim of we still went there would be used and people would believe it too. It would be presented as a noble lie is some way.

    They probably have mea culpa excuses on standby ready to go for a lot of these staged Psyop events in case too many people start getting disgruntled being along the lines of the imagery was fake but it still happened etc.

  3. You might wanna see it then. It's a comedy (of course), and not a bad one. It's also laced with CIA, LSD, hippie and contemporary art memes. And what I like is that in the end, even though the Kubrick impersonator fails to deliver, they leave the door wide open to the interpretation that what everybody saw on TV might have been the work of someone else (i.e. the real Kubrick).

  4. I tracked down some free versions, so I will be checking it out. Thanks for suggesting this movie.


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