Nuclear Cattle

This documentary was made to reinforce the fake Fukushima Disaster. If you watch this video you might spot some duping delight, no surprise. They must need to make documentaries like these because they need to make sure the masses remember these fake events and sell to us how "real" they were with personal stories from most likely actors or paid liars.

This is the story of innocent cattle farmers forced from the hills they’ve called home for decades due to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Not willing to go along with the government’s plan to slaughter their livestock and livelihoods, the farmers decide to keep their cattle alive as a symbol of resistance in the fight to rid Japan of nuclear power. Many farmers have reached breaking point. We examine the personal turmoil and inner conflict of embattled cattle farmers in the years following the disaster. Who will risk everything to preserve this living reminder of how we got it wrong?

Tamotsu Matsubara

I was checking out the YouTube Channel of this video and the guy is getting really carried away: