Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jack Flash - Control

Control Lyrics

I’ve never been one to just bow to authority
I’ve always been one to question why I should
A uniform doesn’t mean that you practise honesty
And doesn’t guarantee your intentions are good
Who thinks like this? If everyone does
I wonder are we scared to mention this stuff
Or is it just a small percentage of us?
Who see the world without pedestals, where no-one is a level above
And if you look, you see the world covered in a very thin dust
And if we blow it off we start to see that everything’s fucked
So we let the dust settle like we’ve never been touched
Just to hide the fact we’re damaged goods
And that goes for the doctor, the cop or the model, the beautician
The writer, the actor, even the musician
See, everyone’s flawed, sealing the cracks
We put up walls from the floor to the ceiling and back
There’s no concealing the facts, if you see it you laugh
It’s like life is a theatre and everything you’ve seen is an act
So go and load that webpage up
See your favourite celebrity there with no make up
Shock horror that’s a normal girl’s face
I thought I told you that the world is a stage
I’m sorry mate, I’m just thinking aloud
In a world where the don’t want thinking allowed
I try and tell em

If we can’t trust the media
MP’s lie and the banks get greedier, well
Well then we have never needed each other more
We have never needed each other more
And if our teachers are teaching us
To keep quiet and just be obedient
Well then we have never needed each other more than now
And I sing

All your life they’ve been telling you to do as you’re told
Because the last thing the want is you to think on your own
In this game of control

You soon learn that everything is a scam
Deception has been around ever since there was man
Now, I’m not saying everyone has a sinister plan
But if you think everyone’s innocent, your head is in the sand
And it’s all part of being human
I know it’s hard, the good half and evil half of me are feuding
I’m stuck in the middle, feeling puzzled by a riddle
That should all be so simple but I can’t see a solution
Devil on one side, claiming he’s my brother
Telling me not to listen to the angel on the other
I only share that coz I’m sure you’ll relate
See, everybody’s going through all these emotional states
Coz we’re designed to but they’ll call you bi-polar and say
That your mind’s screwed and you should take 5 pills every day
But wait, mate, I’m only having mood swings
Surely that’s a condition of being human
A side effect of being alive
So why would you even prescribe anything I don’t need to survive?
See, someone’s benefitting if we’ve all gone nuts
Someone’s pocket’s bulging if we’re all on drugs
Now they’ve got us all addicted to the cure
But was something even wrong? I int sure
I’m sorry mate, I’m just thinking aloud
In a world where the don’t want thinking allowed
I try and tell em

If we can’t trust the media
MP’s lie and the banks get greedier, well
Well then we have never needed each other more
We have never needed each other more
And if our teachers are teaching us
To keep quiet and just be obedient
Well then we have never needed each other more than now
And I sing

All your life they’ve been telling you to do as you’re told
Because the last thing the want is you to think on your own
In this game of control

Ont' Sofa

Monday, January 29, 2018

Google's City Of The Future

Constant surveillance may sound like an Orwellian vision of the future, but it could become reality in a 'smart city' district being planned by Google's parent company.

Alphabet is turning a disused area of Toronto's waterfront into the first of its high tech neighbourhoods, as a pilot project for bigger things to come.

Everything from rubbish bins to traffic lights could be equipped with hardware designed to gather data and monitor changing conditions in the area.

If successful, the scheme could one day lead to entire cities where citizens every move is scrutinised by technology.

Would YOU live in Google's 'city of the future'? High-tech Toronto neighbourhood that will monitor resident's daily lives using sensors in everything from bins to traffic lights raises privacy concerns | Daily Mail

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Artificial Construct Of Time

Facebook’s decision to invent a unit of time to suit its needs may sound obnoxious and audacious. That, though, is how time works—and how it has always worked. Time as we think of it isn’t innate to the natural world; it’s a manmade construct intended to describe, monitor, and control industry and individual production. The number of flicks in a frame rate is no less objectively “real” than the number of seconds in a minute or hours in a day; all units of time are arbitrary inventions used for industrial means.
The industrial revolution in the 19th century bought the technology for far more precise clocks and, with them, heightened attention to the hourly work schedule. Employers started to carefully track work attendance, with timestamps marking employees’ arrival and departure every day. Meanwhile, companies also began to adopt principles of scientific management (often called “Taylorism” after its founder, Frederick Winslow Taylor), in order to try to increase production. In this system, workers’ individual movements were carefully monitored, timed with a stopwatch, and then streamlined into a precise, machine-like production line. “There were people looking over workers’ shoulders and measuring how long each element of the task [took],” says Levine. Each movement was then modified to maximize efficiency
Time is a human invention that controls how we work | Quartz

Friday, January 26, 2018

Mussolini Was Recruited By MI5

History remembers Benito Mussolini as a founder member of the original Axis of Evil, the Italian dictator who ruled his country with fear and forged a disastrous alliance with Nazi Germany. But a previously unknown area of Il Duce's CV has come to light: his brief career as a British agent.

Archived documents have revealed that Mussolini got his start in politics in 1917 with the help of a £100 weekly wage from MI5.

For the British intelligence agency, it must have seemed like a good investment. Mussolini, then a 34-year-old journalist, was not just willing to ensure Italy continued to fight alongside the allies in the first world war by publishing propaganda in his paper. He was also willing to send in the boys to "persuade'' peace protesters to stay at home.

Mussolini's payments were authorised by Sir Samuel Hoare, an MP and MI5's man in Rome, who ran a staff of 100 British intelligence officers in Italy at the time.

Cambridge historian Peter Martland, who discovered details of the deal struck with the future dictator, said: "Britain's least reliable ally in the war at the time was Italy after revolutionary Russia's pullout from the conflict. Mussolini was paid £100 a week from the autumn of 1917 for at least a year to keep up the pro-war campaigning – equivalent to about £6,000 a week today."

Recruited by MI5: the name's Mussolini. Benito Mussolini | The Guardian
via Kickstones Clues Forum

Calcified Crap

This has to be one of the stupidest videos I've seen in a long while. Calcified Lies puts out some good stuff (especially his videos on Jay Dyer) but like all these Freemason deceivers he gives you the poison. Mr. Lies has a Freemasonic one eye for his YouTube Channel just in case you didn't know.

Calcified puts forth straight up crazy in this video. Comparing sun reflection off of helmets versus what it is in the sky. This is completely laughable. I mean seriously putting a video out talking about the sun reflecting off of football helmets compared to what it's like in the sky was a complete waste of time by design. CL is so full of shit in this video. This video didn't work on me Calcified Lies, stick to the truth. A turd in the punch bowel by CL.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What's Up With All The JFK Assassination Games?

All of these games are for reinforcing in people's minds the JFK Assassination staged/fake/Psyop event and it's pure mockery of those who beLIEve the lie that JFK was assassinated.

JFK Reloaded Wiki

How about the JFK Assassination Card Game?

Amazon's Smart Convenience Store Has Scary Implications

Amazon is opening its first "Amazon Go," a brick-and-mortar convenience store, to the public in Seattle today. Using machine learning vision, the pilot store promises to make swinging by the corner for milk as frictionless as possible, and to make standing in the checkout line a thing of the past. But it's not all upsides.

Amazon Go works using advanced machine learning tech the company has already showcased in demonstration videos. After shoppers scan themselves in with an app-generated QR code, cameras all around the store pipe live footage into a robot brain sophisticated enough to recognize items as they are pulled off the shelves and match them to shoppers as they walk around the premises. Instead of heading through a formalized checkout when you're done, you simply leave the store, and the robot bills you for what you have in hand.

The ease of use is a clear benefit to shoppers, and the smaller staff headcount and automatic security implications are an even bigger boon to store-owners, but these advantages come at a cost. A similar demonstration of this sort of technology from Microsoft last year illustrates particularly clearly how the uncritical embrace of machine vision could lead to a privacy-free future, creating a searchable index of anything anyone does within its view. The full development of this kind of dystopia is likely years away, but the gradual, unregulated acceptance of machine-vision surveillance in exchange for convenience is a necessary first step.

Amazon's Smart Convenience Store Has Some Scary Implications | Popular Mechanics
Stuff like this gets accepted because of the convenience factor. Make some big brother surveillance situation look convenient and the masses automatically or gradually accept it. I guarantee this is going to be at Whole Foods really soon.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Faking Live Video In Real Time

You’ve probably seen countless behind-the-scenes videos of visual effects wizards spending months turning boring green screen footage into amazing movie shots. But did you know that the hardware exists to fake live video in real time? Is anything real anymore?

This pre-visualization setup uses a massive green screen, a motion-tracked camera, and some custom computer hardware to enable directors to see a performer interacting with a virtual environment while everyone is still on set. There’s a lot of expensive gear in use here, but in the long run this method may be cheaper than having to do reshoots, or extensive post-production, if the captured green screen footage isn’t exactly what’s needed for a final shot.

Movie-making aside, you can also find setups like this one used for TV news and many kids’ shows. Why would a network pay for separate studios and standing sets for multiple shows when they can all just share a single green screen set and composite in different virtual environments as needed?

These Real-Time Visual Effects Will Remind You Not to Believe Everything You See on TV | Gizmodo

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Obama Golfed 333 Times

President Obama earned his title as "golfer in chief" over eight years, becoming the first duffer who spent the most time on the greens since former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

CBS White House reporter Mark Knoller, who keeps an accurate database on presidential movements and actions, said Obama has golfed 333 times during his eight years, the last few outings in Hawaii during the first family's Christmas vacation last month.

Obama golfed 333 times, most since Ike | Washington Examiner

Babysitting Robots

Book a night at LAX’s Residence Inn and you may be fortunate enough to meet an employee named Wally. His gig is relatively pedestrian—bring you room service, navigate around the hotel's clientele in the lobby and halls—but Wally’s life is far more difficult than it seems. If you put a tray out in front of your door, for instance, he can’t get to you. If a cart is blocking the hall, he can’t push it out of the way. But fortunately for Wally, whenever he gets into a spot of trouble, he can call out for help.

See, Wally is a robot—specifically, a Relay robot from a company called Savioke. And when the machine finds itself in a particularly tricky situation, it relies on human agents in a call center way across the country in Pennsylvania to bail it out. When Wally makes the distress call, a real live human answers, takes control of the robot, and guides it to safety.

Wally’s job may seem inconsequential, but it signals just how close we are to the robot revolution. The machines are finally sophisticated enough to escape the lab and the factory, where they've long lived, and venture into our everyday lives. But for all their advances, robots still struggle with the human world. They get stuck. They get confused. They get assaulted. Which is giving rise to a fascinating new kind of job that only a human can do: robot babysitter.

The first companies to unleash robots into service sectors have been quietly opening call centers stocked with humans who monitor the machines and help them get out of jams. “It's something that's just starting to emerge, and it's not just robots,” says David Poole, CEO and co-founder of Symphony Ventures, which consults companies on automation. “I think there is going to be a huge industry, probably mostly offshore, in the monitoring of devices in general, whether they're health devices that individuals wear or monitoring pacemakers or whatever it might be.” Self-driving cars, too. Nissan in particular has admitted that getting a car to drive itself is hard as hell, so it wants humans in the loop.

Which might sound, well, a bit dystopian: vast rooms packed with humans devoted exclusively to tending to the whims of robots. But it’s actually an intriguing glimpse into the nature of work in a robotic future, and the way humans will interact with—and adapt to—the machines.

Job Alert: How Would You Like to Babysit Robots? | Wired.com

Monday, January 15, 2018

Disney World Has It's Own Government

Disney, with help from lawyers who were unaware of who their client was, and shell companies, was able to acquire the 27,000 acres that make up Disney World for only $5 million dollars, a bargain even in 1965. Once the land was secured, the campaign for total control over the area began, as is explained in this video from City Beautiful.

Disney petitioned the Florida legislature for a special district that would allow the corporation control over sewage, roads, building permits, and many other facets of municipal control in the area. They got it, and in 1967, the Reedy Creek Improvement District was created.

This district, including the two municipalities inside it, Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, give the corporation an unprecedented level of control. Only landowners in the district can vote to on governance for the district, thus giving Disney the upper hand in decision making. The powers granted are far-reaching--for example, Disney can issue their own liquor licenses to themselves. They largely do not use surrounding counties infrastructure, instead building their own water, fire departments, transportation, and emergency services.

Disney World is what it looks like if you give a corporation full control over an area of land as big as San Francisco.

Why Disney World Has Its Own Government | Popular Mechanics

More Horseshit From This Khammad Character

More horseshit from character khammad on Cluesforum. This person already shills for Fruitarian eating with her heavy promotion of Dr. Morse on Clues Forum and other websites. Now she is at it again with more bullshit on Clues Forum.

Here she is challenging the term sheeple being used and how it's derogatory towards those who aren't awake. Yeah it is but so is the phrase Hoi Polloi who is also the person Khammad teams up with on Clues Chronicle audios. What gives? She won't call out Hoi Polloi for his own name, I guarantee it.

This is a complete joke. Khammad is trying to tell people how to think and also tell people not to use the term sheeple for those who can't see through the bullshit. Why would you feel bad for those who don't get it and are in the dark. You try talking to any of these sheeple about media fakery or staged media events and they think your crazy, so why worry about terminology that is derogatory towards these people? This is another instance of Khammad purposely trying to control and complicate people's thinking.

Also in this post she proceeds to say Pearl Harbor is a real event, LOL! Are you shitting me? Why wouldn't she challenge the official story and think maybe it was all theater considering the only footage of Pearl Harbor is some military news reel that can be faked just like the nuclear bomb footage was faked. Khammad then implies and asserts maybe these staged events such as Pearl Harbor or staged terror/shootings might have real causalities. How is she on Clues Forum spewing this nonsense? The whole forum is way past whether media fakery has casualites or not.

I don't trust this character Khammad and I think she is around to control people's thinking and shill for the fruitarian diet.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Transgender Sex Robots

'TRANSGENDER' sex robots could be a new and exotic way to spice things up in your bedroom.

The Sun has learned that the Californian start-up responsible for the female Harmony sex droid is now considering a trans version too.

Realbotix has been constantly in the news in recent months thanks to its revolutionary robot sexual companions.

Powered by artificial intelligence software, the lifelike bots have their own personalities, and can even have a conversation with you.

The female Harmony model was launched last year, and a male version was recently announced to be in development.

But a senior Realbotix director has told The Sun that a "transgender" model could be the company's next big project.

SEX CHANGE ‘Transgender’ SEX ROBOTS could be coming to a bedroom near you, as bosses reveal interest in love-droids for ‘any sexual preference’ | The Sun

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Freemasonry, NWO & Astana

Good video talking about Astana and it's heavy Freemasonic symbolism built within it's architecture. I recently listened to some good interviews from Fakeologist.com and Hoaxbusterscall.com where they interviewed Frank Albo who wrote a book detailing Astana's Freemasonic architecture from 2017. I caution following much on the Fakeologist website since it has EGI and Flat Earth shill work done by Mr. Ab Irato, Unreal and others, but he does produce good audios outside of those topics. Also this video talks about Freemasons being Satanist. This is a complete joke and I plan to talk about this soon. Satanism is a front that Freemasons put on to make you scared of them and to get people not to join but I want to dedicate a whole post to that bullshit.

Sam Hancock

Fear Based 1970's Ice Age & 2000's Global Warming Hoax

Leonard Nimoy scaring the masses in 1977 with arctic cold and Leonardo DiCaprio predicting the end of the world due to global warming in 2006. Solution: Cap and trade global tax scam!

Zack Greevey

Facebook Developing ‘Portal’ Gadget Which Will Let It Put Microphones And Cameras In People’s Homes

In George Orwell’s 1984, the oppressive rulers of Oceania use devices called telescreens to closely monitor and repress citizens.

Now Facebook looks set to follow in the Party’s footsteps by putting its own firm’s microphones and cameras into people’s homes.

The social network is planning to release its first ever piece of consumer hardware which will be called Portal and cost a whopping $499 (£368), a website called Cheddar has claimed.

The device will feature a 15inch screen, a wide-angle camera with facial recognition and microphones to allow voice control.

It’s expected to use facial recognition to allow people to log into their accounts without having to type in passwords and will be dedicated to video chat.

The gadget has been designed by a shadowy Facebook department called Building 8 that’s also working on mind-reading technology.

Facebook developing ‘Portal’ gadget which will let it put microphones and cameras in people’s homes | Metro

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Radiation Drug Has Sales Increase After Trump's Big Button Tweet

Conservatives are defending President Trump’s decision to taunt the leader of North Korea on Twitter as a stroke of genius intended to scare the dictator away from launching nuclear weapons against the US. But if the sales of a radiation drug treatment are any indication, it seems that Trump’s tweet also scared the bejesus out of ordinary Americans.

Potassium iodide is a fixture on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines. It’s approved by the FDA for over the counter use, and it has many applications. In the event of a nuclear accident, or two mad men lobbing nukes at each other, radioactive iodine fills the air around the site of the incident. Potassium iodide helps prevent future health issues caused by nuclear fallout, like thyroid cancer, by saturating the body with stable iodide and preventing uptake of the radioactive iodine in the thyroid. No, it’s not a magical drug that protects you from nuclear fallout, but it helps.

NPR recently reached out to distributors of the drug to see how sales have been going since Trump tweeted, “North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” As it turns out, business is booming.

Troy Jones, proprietor of nukepills.com, told the reporters that he sold a month’s supply, about 140,000 doses of potassium iodide, in 48 hours following Trump’s tweet. Jones’s sales to government agencies, hospitals and universities, weren’t included in that figure.

Sales of a Radiation Drug Got a Big Bump After Trump's Big Button Tweet | Gizmodo.com
Nuclear weapons don't exist. They are fear porn and look it's working if this story is for real.

Another Tale Of A NASA Astronaut Duping The Masses

A Japanese astronaut has sparked hilarity back on Earth after he claimed to have grown 9 centimeters in space, making him worried he would not squeeze into the capsule home.

Norishige Kanai, who is aboard the International Space Station, tweeted: “We had our bodies measured after reaching space, and wow, wow, wow, I had actually grown by as much as 9 centimeters (3.5 inches)!”

However, Kanai remeasured himself after a Russian colleague told him a 9 cm growth spurt was unlikely and his tall tale was corrected when he found out he had only grown by 2 cm.

He later tweeted apologies for what he described as “fake news.”

Tall tale: Japanese astronaut aboard International Space Station sorry for ‘fake news’ growth spurt | Japan Times
Another Freemason getting off on deceiving people and the significant occult number 9 which shows up a lot with masons, is used. This guy probably creamed his pants knowing people believe this crap, especially with the retraction yet still claiming he grew 2 cm and was on the nonexistent International Space Station. Freemasons love doing this kind of shit especially if millions of people are duped which NASA gives such a platform for.

Monday, January 8, 2018

NASA Fails Again & Again | Space is Fake

NASA Fails over and over again. Yet, somehow they are still a thing in 2018. Just do a youtube search for NASA Fails or NASA Bloopers and spend a whole day or more watching NASA fumble. From obvious green screens, wire harnesses and space bubbles to permed hair, software glitches and inconsistencies in stories, the International Space Station is clearly being faked by the space programs of the world. It's so bad that all they really have left is brainwashing and mental conditioning through media programming and propaganda. It's really sad. It's time to put NASA to bed. Outer space doesn't exist in the capacity that we are told and the earth is level and stationary plane. NASA lies. Do your research. - ODD TV =)

ODD Reality

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Penis Whitening

Skin whitening is popular across south east asia as darker skin is associated with outdoor labour and being poorer, with a wide range of bleaching products on the market.

In Thailand the phallic fad has unexpectedly extended to men who believe a paler penis and groin area looks more attractive.

But health officials have urged people to rethink undergoing the procedure, which can lead to scarring, inflammation and "nasty looking spots."

"Penis laser whitening is not necessary, wastes money and may give more negative effects than positive ones," the health ministry's Dr Thongchai Keeratihuttayakorn said in a statement.

Lightening the load: Thai men gripped by penis-whitening trend | The Telegraph
This has to be coming to the United States. I can see this definitely being a millennial trend. People are so dumb to fall for this shit, but how can you feel bad for them when stuff like this becomes trendy, especially manipulating your body trend.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Blue Morpho, What Happened To Your Twitter Account???

Blue Morpho was part of a debate with Chris Kendall Hoax Busters Call on the vegan diet. I had a feeling maybe Morpho was one of these fake vegans that shills for veganism. For one she doesn't look the pale, ghost like look vegans look like. Also I find the other dude in the debate Logan Blake also didn't look vegan and was shilling for the vegan diet.

I noticed Ms. Morpho has a freemasonic picture on her YouTube Channel and what was her twitter account. So I asked her about it and she preceded to delete her account:
I guess nothing to see there, huh? Well what about Freemasonic deception which I see all the time, especially these YouTubers that are put out there to mix truth with lies or shill for an agenda. I see a lot of people on YouTube shilling for Veganism and there is no way to know if they are truly vegan. Durian Rider comes to mind. Veganism and vegetarianism seems to me to be an agenda that goes back in time over centuries if not thousands of years. Getting the masses to get off meat and switch to a plant based diet. The Roman empire was said to have provided breads and circuses for the slaves. Indian slaves where given a vegetarian diet via the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. I think that was part of the cons of those religions. Keep the slaves dumb and stupid but still able to function with a lower quality energy intake.

I think these debates Blue Morpho has on her YouTube are to waste people's time like arguing Republican vs Democrat or the right/left paradigm. Seems like there is a formula she follows inviting people on to use logical fallacies and misrepresent what people say and never really debate the facts of veganism possible being an agenda and a way to dumb people down. Her being in a secret society would make sense to me because like I said she looks like a paid fake vegan who gets shill pay for spreading veganism. There are tons of others like her on YouTube. Seems to me to be a campaign and I noticed it pops up with flat earth, like Ms. Patricia Steere.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Atomic Bowl Game

The story of the ‘Atom Bowl’ is one of the most bizarre tales in the wake of the atomic bomb being dropped on Nagasaki, Japan—pitting the makeshift teams the Nagasaki Bears against the Isahaya Tigers. The Bears’ quarterback was Angelo Bertelli, who won the Heisman trophy in 1943 while playing for Notre Dame. Bertelli enlisted in the Marines in 1942 but wasn’t deployed until the fall of 1943. The Tigers had Bullet Bill Osmanski, an NFL star who played for the real life Chicago Bears and led the league in rushing in 1939 with 699 yards.

Americans Played Football in the Nuked Remains of Nagasaki For the 'Atom Bowl' in 1946 | Paleo Future
Knowing that nuclear bombs don't exist and who knows what really happened in Nagasaki whether it was firebombed or not, this is absolutely hilarious how months after the nuclear bomb was said to have been dropped by Americans somehow it was okay to have Americans playing football in Nagasaki. On top of the radiation that we hear about that lingers for years after a nuclear bomb has been detonated, this somehow wasn't an issue to play this football game in Nagasaki. I mean come on, this game was to reinforce the myth of nuclear weapons and that a nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Does The Javelin Missile Exist?

The Javelin missile was designed in the late 1980s and early '90s to be the standard U.S. medium-range anti-tank missile. Javelin was meant to replace the awful Cold War-era Dragon anti-tank missile, which was heavy, unreliable and generally despised by American troops. Javelin, on the other hand, has been a tremendous success and is one of the most widely used anti-tank missiles of the post-Cold War era.

Javelin is a two-part system comprised of a reusable Command Launch Unit (CLU) and disposable missile canister. The CLU attaches to the missile canister and provides a 4x day viewer and a magnified thermal imager. Once the gunner identifies an enemy tank, the gunner locks onto the target and launches the missile. The missile can hit tanks, armored vehicles, fortifications, and even helicopters at ranges of up to 2,733 yards.

The U.S. Is Sending Deadly Javelin Missiles to Ukraine | Popular Mechanics
I've seen the idea questioned whether missiles exist. First off I think a giveaway that this missile is faked is the name they give it, Javelin. Just sounds laughable. After reading this article I have to question the above picture from the article because it looks manipulated and taking a picture of a missile launching at the speed they tell us doesn't seem feasible. This missile just happens to fire up to a range of 2,733 masonic miles too, LOL! Also the video below from the article looks like CGI is involved with the missile not the army personnel doing the firing of the missile. I can also see where these guys are firing some sort of prop projectile but not a missile and CGI is being added.

AiirSource Military

The Muscular Christianity Movement

Sports offered the supposedly geneticallyblessed elite young men an opportunity to display their potential as natural leaders. In effect, muscular Christianity was intended to produce the kind of leadership that aristocrats had historically exercised, especially in times of war. In contrast to aristocracy, where family ties had governed selection, muscular Christianity, which merged with the eugenics movement, was determined to scientifically produce a new breed of natural leaders on the basis of genetic inheritance as well as the young men’s own hard work and selfdiscipline. The expectation was that this new generation of leaders would carry out its duties and obligations so successfully that the rest of the population would naturally embrace their new brand of meritocratic leadership.
By the later part of the nineteenth century, football appeared to offer a partial response to the threat of declining masculinity. Organized Bostonstyle football emerged in elite secondary schools in the urban Northeast, such as Boston Latin and Dixwell’s. Some of these boys would eventually matriculate to Harvard, bringing their game with them, which would soon displace the regional versions of football that Yale, Princeton, and Penn had been playing (Miller 2011, p. 60). Because the sport appeared to offer an ideal means for addressing the threat of declining masculinity by toughening elite young men, it became a primary vehicle for developing muscular Christianity.
The more telling association of football with the capacity of empire building provided an obvious attraction for the sport, especially because of the parallels between the game and business. Scoring points as a team resembled the way corporations kept the books on profits, which flowed from the collective efforts of their workers.

Time management is a crucial consideration in running a business as well as a football game. Walter Camp was also chairman of the board of directors of the New Haven Clock Company, a family business. This latter connection is often mentioned regarding the introduction of the game clock in football (Collins 2013, pp. 22526). Finally, the authoritarian nature of coaching is quite similar to business management.
The Brutal Legacy of the Muscular Christian Movement | Counterpunch.org

I notice how this physical fitness movement started just in time for the industrial revolution when masses of people moved from agricultural or manual skilled based jobs to the factories somehow being sprung up to industrialize America, England and Europe. Those industrial jobs with machinery doing much of the work obviously led to people not being as fit as they used to be. I'm not surprised a movement was started to make the masses exercise so the powers that be don't have slaves who are declining in health and physical ability. Also the cons behind all these sports invented where clocks, rules and similarities to battles in war just somehow were natural part of the sport when in fact it's by design to train people for being mechanical/robotic, rule oriented and obedient just like how they are supposed to be at their slave jobs.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Strangest Dinosaur Or The Most Absurd Dinosaur I've Ever Seen?

It looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, and it swims like a duck—but it’s a predatory dinosaur unlike any scientists have seen before.

A study published this week in the journal Nature has introduced the world to the Halszkaraptor escuilliei, the first amphibious dinosaur ever discovered. It’s believed to have lived some 75 million years ago in the Ukhaa Tolgod area of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, known as a treasure trove of Cretaceous-era dinosaur bones. The unusual creature came to light in recent years after its fossil was purchased by a private French collector named François Escuillié, who contacted paleontologist Pascal Godefroit in 2015 for an expert opinion.

At first, Godefroit’s team believed that the fossil, encased in a 15-inch block of stone, was comprised of multiple skeletons glued together. Its body just didn’t make sense. The research team headed to Grenoble, France to scan the creature using a particle accelerator. Their findings, published in Nature, confirmed that it was, in fact, a very unusual dinosaur.

Meet the Strangest New Dinosaur You’ve Ever Seen | History.com
This is a complete joke. Going by the picture alone, how can anyone fall for this shit. Also they tell you in the article the fossil discovered looked like it was multiple skeletons glued together. I mean come on, these dinosaur deceivers don't even try anymore. This is pure mockery.

There's A Transgender Suicide Hotline?

This line is primarily for transgender people experiencing a crisis. This includes people who may be struggling with their gender identity and are not sure that they are transgender. While our goal is to prevent self harm, we welcome the call of any transgender person in need. We will do our very best to connect them with services that can help them meet that need. If you are not sure whether you should call or not, then please call us.

Our hotline is staffed by the true experts on transgender experience, transgender people themselves. Our volunteers are all trans identified and educated in the range of difficulties transgender people experience. Our volunteers are dedicated to improving the lives of transgender people.

Trans Lifeline
I guarantee this hotline isn't helping people question whether they should be transgender or not or whether something about being transgender might be wrong. This hotline most likely encourages people to continue being transgender and not realize that maybe there is a transgender Psyop taking place. If people want to be transgender on their own free will, then fine. If a person is being psychologically programmed to be transgender or confused about their gender like American culture creation is doing to people now (not talking about disinformation EGI bullcrap) and people feel confused about their gender, then hopefully they can break out of the programming.

Dystopian Dating?

In the episode’s concept, Frank (Joe Cole) and Amy (Georgina Campbell) are both new members of a dating program that pairs them up for dinner. So far, so conventional—but there are signs that something is different. Two bouncers lurk menacingly on the periphery, providing some sense that the dates in this world aren’t optional. And Frank and Amy both have handheld devices that show them how long their relationship is going to last, which in this case is 12 hours. Self-driving buggies transport them to a cabin, where they’re given the option to sleep together, or not. Things must have been “mental” before “the system,” they agree. Too many choices, total option paralysis. Too many variables. Too many unpleasantries if things go wrong.

It feels at first like this is going to be a satire about snowflake millennials who don’t have the emotional maturity to actually date like adults. But there are other questions hovering around: Why do Frank, Amy, and all these other attractive young adults live inside some kind of sealed dome, Truman Show–style? Why, given that Frank and Amy have so much obvious chemistry, isn’t the system pairing them up for longer? What happens if they opt out?

“Hang the DJ,” directed by the TV veteran Tim Van Patten, has the artificial-world sheen of “Nosedive,” with its brightly colored cabins, soulless restaurants, and ubiquitous talking devices. It also has moments that feel like a critique of Tinder and its counterparts, like the scene in which Amy proceeds through a sped-up montage of different relationships and sexual encounters as if outside her own body, detached and dehumanized. But the crux of the episode is a broader thought experiment: Frank and Amy are actually simulations, one pair of a thousand digital versions of the real Frank and Amy, who in actual fact have never met each other. Their avatars are a way for a dating app to test their compatibility, and whether or not they elect to try and escape from the dome together decides whether they’re a match. In this case, 99.8 percent of the time, they are.

Black Mirror: 'Hang the DJ' Explores Dystopian Dating | The Atlantic

Hang the DJ (Black Mirror) Episode Detailed Description Wikipedia

This show reads like straight predictive programming. Young people will soak this up and agree to a future of dating that this show is programming them to accept. It definitely has the dystopian feel of 1984 and Brave New World. Good luck to young people of the future because this is going to be reality.

Toward The Year 2018

If you wanted to hear the future in late May, 1968, you might have gone to Abbey Road to hear the Beatles record a new song of John Lennon’s—something called “Revolution.” Or you could have gone to the decidedly less fab midtown Hilton in Manhattan, where a thousand “leaders and future leaders,” ranging from the economist John Kenneth Galbraith to the peace activist Arthur Waskow, were invited to a conference by the Foreign Policy Association. For its fiftieth anniversary, the F.P.A. scheduled a three-day gathering of experts, asking them to gaze fifty years ahead. An accompanying book shared the conference’s far-off title: “Toward the Year 2018.”
But for every amusingly wrong prediction, there’s one unnervingly close to the mark. It’s the same Thomas Malone who, amid predictions of weaponized hurricanes, wonders aloud whether “large-scale climate modification will be effected inadvertently” from rising levels of carbon dioxide. Such global warming, he predicts, might require the creation of an international climate body with “policing powers”—an undertaking, he adds, heartbreakingly, that should be “as nonpolitical as possible.” Gordon F. MacDonald, a fellow early advocate on climate change, writes a chapter on space that largely shrugs at manned interplanetary travel—a near-heresy in 1968—by cannily observing that while the Apollo missions would soon exhaust their political usefulness, weather and communications satellites would not. “A global communication system . . . would permit the use of giant computer complexes,” he adds, noting the revolutionary potential of a data bank that “could be queried at any time.”

What “Toward the Year 2018” gets most consistently right is the integration of computing into daily life. Massive information networks of fibre optics and satellite communication, accessed through portable devices in a “universality of telephony”—and an upheaval in privacy? It’s all in there. The Bell Labs director John R. Pierce, in a few masterful strokes, extrapolates the advent of Touch-Tone to text and picture transmission, and editing the results online—“This will even extend to justification and pagination in the preparation of documents of a quality comparable to today’s letterpress.” And it’s Ithiel de Sola Pool—he of the free love and controlled economies—who wonders, five decades before alarms were raised over Equifax, Facebook, and Google, how personal information will be “computer-stored and fantastically manipulative” in both senses of the word: “By 2018 a researcher sitting at his console will be able to compile a cross-tabulation of consumer purchases (from store records) by people of low IQ (from school records) who have an unemployed member of the family (from social security records),” Pool predicts. “That is, he will have the technological capacity to do so. Will he have the legal right?”
The 1968 Book That Tried to Predict the World of 2018 | The New Yorker

I tried to find a free pdf version of this book but all I could find was that it's on Amazon.The reviews talk about the predictions that were correct not mentioned in this article. Interesting how a book like this gets put out and gets a lot of predictions right.