Friday, January 5, 2018

Blue Morpho, What Happened To Your Twitter Account???

Blue Morpho was part of a debate with Chris Kendall Hoax Busters Call on the vegan diet. I had a feeling maybe Morpho was one of these fake vegans that shills for veganism. For one she doesn't look the pale, ghost like look vegans look like. Also I find the other dude in the debate Logan Blake also didn't look vegan and was shilling for the vegan diet.

I noticed Ms. Morpho has a freemasonic picture on her YouTube Channel and what was her twitter account. So I asked her about it and she preceded to delete her account:
I guess nothing to see there, huh? Well what about Freemasonic deception which I see all the time, especially these YouTubers that are put out there to mix truth with lies or shill for an agenda. I see a lot of people on YouTube shilling for Veganism and there is no way to know if they are truly vegan. Durian Rider comes to mind. Veganism and vegetarianism seems to me to be an agenda that goes back in time over centuries if not thousands of years. Getting the masses to get off meat and switch to a plant based diet. The Roman empire was said to have provided breads and circuses for the slaves. Indian slaves where given a vegetarian diet via the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. I think that was part of the cons of those religions. Keep the slaves dumb and stupid but still able to function with a lower quality energy intake.

I think these debates Blue Morpho has on her YouTube are to waste people's time like arguing Republican vs Democrat or the right/left paradigm. Seems like there is a formula she follows inviting people on to use logical fallacies and misrepresent what people say and never really debate the facts of veganism possible being an agenda and a way to dumb people down. Her being in a secret society would make sense to me because like I said she looks like a paid fake vegan who gets shill pay for spreading veganism. There are tons of others like her on YouTube. Seems to me to be a campaign and I noticed it pops up with flat earth, like Ms. Patricia Steere.

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