Saturday, January 13, 2018

Freemasonry, NWO & Astana

Good video talking about Astana and it's heavy Freemasonic symbolism built within it's architecture. I recently listened to some good interviews from and where they interviewed Frank Albo who wrote a book detailing Astana's Freemasonic architecture from 2017. I caution following much on the Fakeologist website since it has EGI and Flat Earth shill work done by Mr. Ab Irato, Unreal and others, but he does produce good audios outside of those topics. Also this video talks about Freemasons being Satanist. This is a complete joke and I plan to talk about this soon. Satanism is a front that Freemasons put on to make you scared of them and to get people not to join but I want to dedicate a whole post to that bullshit.

Sam Hancock

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