Monday, February 27, 2017

How Is There A Transgender Unit At An Immigration Detention Center?

I'm at a loss as to how to explain why a immigration detention center needs a transgender unit. There are really that many transgender immigrants right now? I doubt it and I think this for the future. Setting it up ahead time just like these transgender bathrooms. It's all about having this stuff in place for when there are going to be more transgender people because of all the mind bombing and gender psyops we are getting. It's probably targeted at the youth for the most part.

During the week of the inauguration of a president whose policies will lead to a sharp increase in migrant arrests, America’s newest immigrant detention centre opened in rural north Texas.

Known as Prairieland, it has an unusual feature designed to protect an especially vulnerable section of the population: a unit for transgender detainees. Some LGBT advocates, though, question whether holding transgender people in a detached pod in a remote location will do more harm than good.

New detention center's transgender unit in Texas raises concerns over intentions | The Guardian

Agenda 21 Programming Tiny Houses and Micro Apartments

Good video showing how insane this agenda is getting people into tiny houses and micro apartments for the future. Also check out how the rich and famous somehow don't like tiny houses. Heads up on the YouTube channel that created this video because his other videos are all disinformation.

I am a firm believer that we are slowly being turned into factory animals.
Like what agriculture did to other specifies.
This is showing the propaganda behind it.
Make it sound hip and cool.
It also shows the narrative white families in shoe boxes while mix race , blacks and jew collaborators in palaces.
This is happening even in countries like Australia, yes.
They are closing down regional areas and forcing people into crowded cities.
That way you are totally dependant on the state no vegetable gardens, no live stock or pets.
Just you and the corporate food chain.

Mr 117

Dale Earnhardt Fake Death At Daytona

Dale Jr. laughing at his Dad's death. Nothing like laughing at your own dad's death. How about Dale Sr. getting in a far more horrific wreck than the alleged death wreck. I'm sold Dale Earnhardt faked his death and in doing so boosted NASACAR's popularity.


The Making Of A Counter Culture,204,203,200_.jpg

This book really goes into the  breaking down or cultural assault on the baby boomer generation with regards to drugs, stunted adolescence, new age religions, arrested development and much more. If you want to understand the counter culture of the 1960s and what the baby boomers were put through in regards to culture creation this is a good book that will do that. 

This book was written in 1969 within the time the counter culture was happening. One of the parts that really sticks out to me is where it talks about how the baby boomers suddenly being the first generation in mass to go to college was part of a prolonging of adolescence. Instead of getting a job and starting a family, baby boomers were encouraged to go to college as opposed to previous generations. It also talks a lot about the drug culture that was introduced and characters like Alan Ginsberg and Timothy Leary leading the way. 

Overall I was surprised this book was written during the actual counter culture with so much insight into how it was manufactured by the author Theodore Roszak. He really breaks the counter culture down for the farce that it was.

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