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This book really goes into the  breaking down or cultural assault on the baby boomer generation with regards to drugs, stunted adolescence, new age religions, arrested development and much more. If you want to understand the counter culture of the 1960s and what the baby boomers were put through in regards to culture creation this is a good book that will do that. 

This book was written in 1969 within the time the counter culture was happening. One of the parts that really sticks out to me is where it talks about how the baby boomers suddenly being the first generation in mass to go to college was part of a prolonging of adolescence. Instead of getting a job and starting a family, baby boomers were encouraged to go to college as opposed to previous generations. It also talks a lot about the drug culture that was introduced and characters like Alan Ginsberg and Timothy Leary leading the way. 

Overall I was surprised this book was written during the actual counter culture with so much insight into how it was manufactured by the author Theodore Roszak. He really breaks the counter culture down for the farce that it was.

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