How Is There A Transgender Unit At An Immigration Detention Center?

I'm at a loss as to how to explain why a immigration detention center needs a transgender unit. There are really that many transgender immigrants right now? I doubt it and I think this for the future. Setting it up ahead time just like these transgender bathrooms. It's all about having this stuff in place for when there are going to be more transgender people because of all the mind bombing and gender psyops we are getting. It's probably targeted at the youth for the most part.

During the week of the inauguration of a president whose policies will lead to a sharp increase in migrant arrests, America’s newest immigrant detention centre opened in rural north Texas.

Known as Prairieland, it has an unusual feature designed to protect an especially vulnerable section of the population: a unit for transgender detainees. Some LGBT advocates, though, question whether holding transgender people in a detached pod in a remote location will do more harm than good.

New detention center's transgender unit in Texas raises concerns over intentions | The Guardian