Agenda 21 Programming Tiny Houses and Micro Apartments

Good video showing how insane this agenda is getting people into tiny houses and micro apartments for the future. Also check out how the rich and famous somehow don't like tiny houses. Heads up on the YouTube channel that created this video because his other videos are all disinformation.

I am a firm believer that we are slowly being turned into factory animals.
Like what agriculture did to other specifies.
This is showing the propaganda behind it.
Make it sound hip and cool.
It also shows the narrative white families in shoe boxes while mix race , blacks and jew collaborators in palaces.
This is happening even in countries like Australia, yes.
They are closing down regional areas and forcing people into crowded cities.
That way you are totally dependant on the state no vegetable gardens, no live stock or pets.
Just you and the corporate food chain.

Mr 117