Friday, December 30, 2016

22 Movies With Predictive Programming

Weird Science (1985)

What it predicted: 3D printing.
Okay so 3D printers aren’t actually able to create the Kelly LeBrock-shaped woman of your dreams out of a Barbie doll and an archaic looking computer (yet). But the concept of a printer able to manufacture any sort of three-dimensional object was still very much an impossible dream in 1985, and becoming surprisingly commonplace in 2016.

A.D.A.M (1973)

What it predicted: Smart homes.
The Automated Domestic Appliance Monitor that Roger Empson created to assist his disabled wife could easily pass as a prototype for any of the multiplying number of smart home solutions available today. Luckily for us, though, none of these systems seem to have developed A.D.A.M.’s penchant for romance (and violent jealousy). At least, not yet.

The Terminator (1984)

What it predicted: Military drones.
We were only given the briefest of glimpses of hunter killer aircraft in the first Terminator film. Back then the idea of unmanned planes that rained down fiery death seemed ridiculous and fantastical. Today, however, drones are everywhere, assisting in police actions and playing a prominent part in conflicts across the globe. Did you know the British military also have a satellite system called Skynet?

The Truman Show (1998)

What it predicted: Reality TV.
It may seem strange at a time when such a huge portion of programming is reality orientated, but back in 1998 the idea of voyeuristic television was strange enough to be considered fiction. And whilst The Truman Show didn’t quite predict the invention of Kocktails with Khloe, it did prove to be spot on when it came to the appetite to creepily watch other people’s lives unfold.

WarGames (1983)

What it predicted: Hacking / cyber warfare.
Back in 1983 a fresh-faced Matthew Broderick took a break from cutting class to show us what the future of hacking and cyber warfare might look like. The film's slightly light on actual details, but given that it was released seven years before the dawn of the World Wide Web, we're willing to cut it some slack. It may not have precisely predicted DDoS attacks or allegations of Russian hackers influencing foreign elections, but it did impress on audiences the powerful potential of 'the cyber'.

Total Recall (1990)

What it predicted: Self-driving cars.
Time travelling murderous cyborgs may still be a bit out of reach, but if Uber, Google, Volvo et al. have anything to say about it the self-driving cars we see in the Arnie-starring Total Recall might not be such a flight (or commute) of fancy.
Americathon (1979)

What it predicted: America’s economic hardships, demise of the Soviet Union, and the rise of China.
This oft-overlooked satire features a bankrupt American Government that must run a telethon to raise cash for its ailing economy. It also features hybrid vehicles, the end of the Soviet Union, China turning to capitalism and becoming a superpower, Vietnam becoming a major tourist attraction, smoking being banned and a future where The Beach Boys are still recording. All in all it’s an absurdly accurate take on the world we call home today.

The whole list is surprising good at showing how there is truth in movies. Predictive programming is a big part of movies and is probably one of the main purposes of most movies. I think the reason behind showing the "future" in movies in the form of predictive programming is for psychological purposes to get the slaves to accept change that is coming and also to plant ideas in our subconscious so we are more willing to go along with them without resisting or causing any trouble.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Garbage Trucks To Be A Fortress Of Security In Times Square On New Year's Eve

This is absolutely laughable. I'm sure those that rule over us are having a good laugh with how absurd they are making our reality. Why do people keep going along with this crap?

Well it's not just Australia which is preparing for a New Years Eve Deadly ISIS Truck Attack but it's all round the world.
Times Square in New York has planned for unprecedented security using 65 twenty tonne GARBAGE Trucks, 7,000 officers, 100 patrol cars, specially armed counter-terrorism units and bomb-sniffing dogs.

Peekay Truth

Child Prostitution Is Now LEGAL In The State Of California

California Democrats are passing destructive legislation left and right. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right.

SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.

California Democrats legalize child prostitution | Washington Examiner
I suppose the plan is to start legalizing child prostitution first and then legalize pedophilia. I think the powers that be are using a Fabian style approach in order to gradually phase in pedophilia as normal. Incremental changes over a period of time like this law is going to help to phase in pedophilia. It's basically a stealth tactic. Obviously the ultimate plan is the normalizing of pedophilia and intergenerational sex for the masses by the powers that be because of how much they value the break down of society's morals thus making it easier to control us.  

Buzz Aldrin - "Rocket Experience"

Such mockery.


NASA Jupiter Hoax - NASA Caught Faking Space Again!

NASA Jupiter 2014

NASA Jupiter 2016


The Hubble Telescope Hoax


Transgender Militants You Pay For Their Sex Change


NASA Suck On This! (The video they don't want you to see) - ISS Space Fake Hoax Exposed

New of The Day Channels

The Fossil Fuel Hoax Explained


Geostationary Satellites Are Fake

Geostationary Satellites don't exist (All data connections are cables, ground radio wave Antenna and Earth's atmosphere based)

Satellites Freemasonic propaganda:

Did The Russians Fake Sputnik? You Decide...
TheFakingHoaxer YouTube Channel:

Solar Impulse 2 completes historic flight from New York to Spain
Google patented Project Loon

Electromagnetic Waves:


How TV signals work:


Doppler Weather Radar:

Weather Balloons:

Long range radio communication:

Ground Radar:

France to build EXTREME HIGH ALTITUDE uav aircraft

Occult Forces(1943)


Satellite Hoax 6000 Cartoon Satellites

There are no real images of satellites up in space. If you go on google and search for images of satellites, you will find that the ones in space are all cartoons and animations. There is a reason for that. It's because there are no satellites up in space at all, so they can't send us real images of them. Satellites cannot work in space. We can't get them there.

Google currently estimates that there have been 6000 satellites in space and that around 3600 are still orbiting. Other reports show as many as 40,000 satellites, so it is hard to figure out how many there are really supposed to be up there. Masking the true numbers is just another part of the satellite hoax.

FlatEarth Warrior

Satellite Hoax Ground Based Technology

Many of the technologies that we assume are space based, are in reality ground based systems. We've had the ability for a very long time to send messages across vast distances. We are not using space based equipment for the internet, nor for telecommunications, but we do use fiber optic and transatlantic cables, massive RF Towers, and bounce signals off of the atmosphere like with HAM radio signals. Space is fake, satellites are a hoax, and not what we are told they are. Nasa is a fraud of the highest order.

FlatEarth Warrior

Friday, December 23, 2016

NASA Space Laser Detects Eco-Disaster In Ocean

The laser technology allowed scientists to collect previously unknown data. © NASA
A tiny organism at the base of the food chain, but vital for life to exist on Earth, is under threat, according to data collected by a NASA satellite that has been firing a laser into the ocean for a decade.

Phytoplankton, a tiny plant organism living near the Earth’s poles, is an essential food source for ocean dwellers. It also sucks in carbon dioxide, assisting with the planet’s carbon cycle, contributing to up to 85 percent of the planet’s breathable oxygen.

The new findings by NASA worryingly indicate that the species' “boom and bust” population is heavily threatened by melting ice-caps caused by global warming.

NASA ‘space laser’ detects eco-disaster in ocean | RT
Absolutely laughable. People think this is for real? A giant laser beam is being shot down from space by a satellite, LOL! Why would NASA only provide this computer created imagery and not an actual picture of this supposed laser that can beam down from the sky into the ocean. Just more nonsense from NASA.

9/11 Triptych A Healing Exorcism?

Within a few days I felt compelled to go to ground zero, wanting to be a witness to history, to sear in my mind the reality of what had happened, so hard to grasp in its enormity. As an artist, I found the images on the television utterly compelling. What were people in New York feeling? People around the world? What was I feeling?

As a Jew, a son of immigrants who had fled first the pogroms and then the Holocaust, as one who grew up in Brooklyn, surrounded by survivors, and perhaps even in my Eastern European Jewish DNA, there was something about this “unimaginable” deed that, in fact, was not so unimaginable. I had wrestled with and wept over, researched and raged at, drawn, printed and painted the Holocaust for 15 years already. More than 100 drawings, lithographic portfolios and paintings had found their way to an exhibition and into the permanent collection of The Florida Holocaust Museum. The triptych was exhibited two years after 9/11 at the Newberger Museum in Purchase, Westchester County.

Human catastrophe, intolerable suffering, profound hatred and despair are still concerns that are never far from my consciousness, although working it out through my art has been like a healing exorcism. So it was natural for me to take what I saw at ground zero, and channel all the feelings roiling in me to create the triptych.

Although not literally or immediately obvious at first glance, the pictures do tell the story. The terrorists are represented by the nine “dogs of war,” dogs being pariah animals in Islam, running across the burning and devastated rubble of destruction. The looming iconic struts, leaning and smoking, of one of the towers, can be seen, as well as the suggestion of flames, smoke and flying debris. Quite hidden, but there, is even a fire truck.

For Millerton artist, 9/11 triptych a 'healing exorcism' | Poughkeepsie Journal
How do people fall for this bullshit? This is guy is making money drawing crappy art "depicting" 9/11. Not only does this look awful and makes no sense, it also is mockery of an event that was a made for TV movie, where nobody died or got hurt and the only thing real was that buildings came down in Manhattan with nobody in them. There are good artists, but some of these guys are so full of shit calling what they draw "art". This "artist" is making money off of 9/11 just like all those 9/11 memorabilia producers do.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gender Revolution

New World Agenda

Symbols, Sex, And The Stars In Popular Beliefs,204,203,200_.jpg

This book has a lot of good information on how much religions and superstitions are all belief systems that are made up. This book goes into the history of religions and belief systems going back thousands of years and even covering primitive man. This book shows you how Christianity has stories that are similar to some earlier religions and mythical tales.

I came away with thinking that eventually those who wanted power over others figured out that since man is hard wired to use ignorance and is spiritual and religious in nature, why not take advantage of this and invent religions, superstitions and belief systems that would fool people and control them. Symbols, Sex, And The Stars In Popular Beliefs will make you realize how much people have been faked out over the course of history by made up religions.

Religion and superstitions are an old con used by those who want power over a mass of people. The reason I think people are conned so easily to believe in religion is because that is how we are made. We can be easily fooled to reason through believing something versus actually getting to the truth of the matter.

I can never look at religion the way I used to look at it after reading this book. This is another good book from the John Adams Recommended Reading List. Here is the pdf version of this book: Symbols, Sex, and the Stars in Popular Beliefs

Saturday, December 17, 2016

John Glenn's Masonic Public Viewing & NASA - Space X - Russian - Chinese - Space Programs Exposed


Ho Ho Hoax

The story of a 5-year-old child who reportedly died in the arms of Eric Schmitt-Matzen, a local Santa Claus actor from Tennessee, may have been be a hoax.

Days after the tear-jerking tale went viral, the Knoxville News Sentinel — the outlet that first broke the story — issued a statement on Wednesday, December 14, retracting their confidence in Schmitt-Matzen’s account after being unable to verify details or identify the boy.

Was the Story About a 5-Year-Old Boy Who Died in Santa’s Arms a Hoax? | Us Weekly

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New York Man Jumps To His Death HOAX!

Jordon Rains

This is my favorite picture from that article. Just put caution tape, a shoe and a glove and that should be enough proof to convince them, LOL!

"His wife is not going to be happy. I’m sorry it happened right before holidays," says the building super.

CNN Outs Themselves Using A Cameraman As A Fake Anti-Trump Protester!

News Today

The Economist’s “The World in 2017"
The first thing one can say about this cover is that it is occult. The tarot is indeed said to contain within its symbolism the entirety of occult mysteries transmitted by secret societies. Also, considering that the cards of the Major Arcana is also referred to as “trumps”, it was a great way to emphasize that next year will be very influenced by Trump’s election.
The Economist’s “The World in 2017” Makes Grim Predictions Using Cryptic Tarot Cards | The Vigilant Citizen

New World Order: The Ancient Plan Of Secret Societies,204,203,200_.jpg

I came across this book from John Adams's recommended reading list on This book talks a lot about the history of Freemasnory and secret societies and how they pertain to bring about the new world order or world government. Also there is good information on how secret societies and freemasonry were rampant in the founding of the United States of America. I'm glad I came across this book thanks to John Adams. The pdf version of this book is down below from this website:

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The World Run By Psychopaths - Fake News And A Play On Names


Transgender Training At The United States Naval Academy

The U.S. Naval Academy is bringing in Google employees to provide voluntary “Transgender 101” training to midshipmen this week as part of an ongoing “safe space” training series.

The academy’s Center for Teaching and Learning is holding two events on Friday, one for faculty and staff and another for midshipmen. The hour and a half-long workshops will be hosted by Marnie Florin and Kevin Perry, who launched a similar session at Google in 2015.

Midshipmen and staff who take the training course will get the opportunity to display cards outside their door that show they are allies of the LGBT community.

Naval Academy Hosting ‘Transgender 101’ Training for Midshipmen | The Washington Free Beacon

Gender Fluid Performer Qualifies For Both Male And Female Best Acting Categories

A 'gender fluid' performer has made Academy Award history by being eligible for both the best actor and best actress award categories.

Kelly Mantle, 40, who was born as a man but identifies as male or female, was submitted by producers in both gender categories, according to The Wrap.

Mantle plays a transgender prostitute named Ginger in the comedy 'Confessions of a Womanizer' starring Andrew Lawrence, C. Thomas Howell, Jillian Rose Reed, and Gary Busey.

'Gender fluid' performer makes Oscar history by qualifying in both male AND female best acting categories | Daily Mail

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dinosaurs Debunked In 3 Minutes!

The Dinosaurs were a hoax. In this video I debunk the existence of the dinosaurus in 3 minutes. Dinosaurs are fake, they did not exist! I am not giving Dinosaurs fact here, but just a logical explanation of the dinosaurus hoax! Dinosaur extinction is a false theory and dinosaur fossils are also fake artefacts.
Truth Seekers Channel

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

OSU's Joseph D. Smeltzer Is A Recycled Crisis Actor

Crisis Actor Joseph D. Smeltzer from the Ohio State University Attack from a week ago had a previous crisis acting role in another possibly staged/fake news story. How many times will this guy get placed in staged PsyOp events and fake news stories? Apparently they reuse these crisis actors in the news media. Maybe this guy is on standby for the news media to do interviews for staged/fake/hoax news stories.

In His Grace Walk on the narrow path

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ohio State University Hoax

Really good video by Russianvids. The alleged witnesses (crisis actors) admit a fire drill was being run during this Ohio State University car ramming and stabbing attack/PsyOp/staged event/hoax. Just a coincidence right? The best part of this video is on crisis actor Joe Smelzter.