9/11 Triptych A Healing Exorcism?

Within a few days I felt compelled to go to ground zero, wanting to be a witness to history, to sear in my mind the reality of what had happened, so hard to grasp in its enormity. As an artist, I found the images on the television utterly compelling. What were people in New York feeling? People around the world? What was I feeling?

As a Jew, a son of immigrants who had fled first the pogroms and then the Holocaust, as one who grew up in Brooklyn, surrounded by survivors, and perhaps even in my Eastern European Jewish DNA, there was something about this “unimaginable” deed that, in fact, was not so unimaginable. I had wrestled with and wept over, researched and raged at, drawn, printed and painted the Holocaust for 15 years already. More than 100 drawings, lithographic portfolios and paintings had found their way to an exhibition and into the permanent collection of The Florida Holocaust Museum. The triptych was exhibited two years after 9/11 at the Newberger Museum in Purchase, Westchester County.

Human catastrophe, intolerable suffering, profound hatred and despair are still concerns that are never far from my consciousness, although working it out through my art has been like a healing exorcism. So it was natural for me to take what I saw at ground zero, and channel all the feelings roiling in me to create the triptych.

Although not literally or immediately obvious at first glance, the pictures do tell the story. The terrorists are represented by the nine “dogs of war,” dogs being pariah animals in Islam, running across the burning and devastated rubble of destruction. The looming iconic struts, leaning and smoking, of one of the towers, can be seen, as well as the suggestion of flames, smoke and flying debris. Quite hidden, but there, is even a fire truck.

For Millerton artist, 9/11 triptych a 'healing exorcism' | Poughkeepsie Journal
How do people fall for this bullshit? This is guy is making money drawing crappy art "depicting" 9/11. Not only does this look awful and makes no sense, it also is mockery of an event that was a made for TV movie, where nobody died or got hurt and the only thing real was that buildings came down in Manhattan with nobody in them. There are good artists, but some of these guys are so full of shit calling what they draw "art". This "artist" is making money off of 9/11 just like all those 9/11 memorabilia producers do.