NASA Space Laser Detects Eco-Disaster In Ocean

The laser technology allowed scientists to collect previously unknown data. © NASA
A tiny organism at the base of the food chain, but vital for life to exist on Earth, is under threat, according to data collected by a NASA satellite that has been firing a laser into the ocean for a decade.

Phytoplankton, a tiny plant organism living near the Earth’s poles, is an essential food source for ocean dwellers. It also sucks in carbon dioxide, assisting with the planet’s carbon cycle, contributing to up to 85 percent of the planet’s breathable oxygen.

The new findings by NASA worryingly indicate that the species' “boom and bust” population is heavily threatened by melting ice-caps caused by global warming.

NASA ‘space laser’ detects eco-disaster in ocean | RT
Absolutely laughable. People think this is for real? A giant laser beam is being shot down from space by a satellite, LOL! Why would NASA only provide this computer created imagery and not an actual picture of this supposed laser that can beam down from the sky into the ocean. Just more nonsense from NASA.