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This book has a lot of good information on how much religions and superstitions are all belief systems that are made up. This book goes into the history of religions and belief systems going back thousands of years and even covering primitive man. This book shows you how Christianity has stories that are similar to some earlier religions and mythical tales.

I came away with thinking that eventually those who wanted power over others figured out that since man is hard wired to use ignorance and is spiritual and religious in nature, why not take advantage of this and invent religions, superstitions and belief systems that would fool people and control them. Symbols, Sex, And The Stars In Popular Beliefs will make you realize how much people have been faked out over the course of history by made up religions.

Religion and superstitions are an old con used by those who want power over a mass of people. The reason I think people are conned so easily to believe in religion is because that is how we are made. We can be easily fooled to reason through believing something versus actually getting to the truth of the matter.

I can never look at religion the way I used to look at it after reading this book. This is another good book from the John Adams Recommended Reading List. Here is the pdf version of this book: Symbols, Sex, and the Stars in Popular Beliefs