Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Philosophic Death

This is one of Aaron Franz's best audios. It may be two years old but it's worth listening to multiple times. A good part of this audio is where Aaron talks about fake deaths by Freemasons and the occultist where he says there is such thing as a philosophic death where you fake your death by presenting yourself as dead to those who are not awake and also the exoteric world. He talks about those who fake their death from the truth movement now operate from behind the shadows. Aaron talks about the occult death/rebirth theme that is taking place with these fake deaths. The death is faked to the public/exoteric world and the rebirth is in the esoteric world. The story of Jesus Christ comes to mind as an example of an occult philosophic death display.

I think fake deaths are happening a lot by anyone who is a high level Freemason or secret society member. It could be someone in politics, government, entertainment, professional sports, etc. Sometimes the fake death is for financial purposes in addition to being philosophic like a popular musician who fakes their death for the public, thus making money for the music industry while at the same time taking part in a philosophic death where now they operate in the shadows and continue to advance in degrees of their secret society.The death/rebirth theme seems to be very important in secret societies/the occult/freemasonry.

I think the the high level secret society members really don't give a fuck about the exoteric world. A good example is the hazing we see taking place with celebrities. Bill Cosby right now is being hazed  in public with his trial over sexual assault accusations. I don't think he really sexually assaulted anyone. This is for secret society hazing purposes. It's to test Bill Cosby to advance in degrees in his secret society. He is showing how it doesn't bother him that those in the exoteric reality are seeing him disgraced. He is showing his allegiance to the esoteric world by going through this hazing ritual.

Another example is OJ Simpson. I don't think OJ killed anyone. The whole OJ Simpson Psyop was a hazing ritual on top of being a racial divide Psyop and to distract people. OJ went along with it because he is advancing in degrees in this secret society. He agrees to be disgraced to those in the exoteric world and show that it doesn't bother him because he is a initiate into his secret society or the esoteric world and that's where is allegiance is.

Anyways, this was a great audio by Aaron:

Trans Resister Radio #139 - Secret Societies and the Truth Movement - July 21, 2015

The Truth Movement/conspiracy culture points the finger at secret societies, calling them the enemy. However, the goal of "waking up" from the dream of our false reality is shared by both the Truth Movement and the secret societies. Is there anything more going on beyond the obvious irony of this situation?

topics include: dreams, waking up, occult, secret societies, Mystery Schools, conspiracy, sensationalism, bad research, reverse psychology, devil, emotion, alchemy, sublimation, initiates, candidates, truth, philosophic death, cults, Freemasonry, Gnostics, Rosicrucians, podcasts, spiritual ideals, Ain Soph, nothing, sexual alchemy, sexual magic, coitus preservatus, doctrine, perfection, transmutation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, mobile body awareness

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