Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Exposing The Hoax Of Evolution

I don't believe in man-made religion like Christianity, but this video makes a good presentation exposing the evolution fraud

If you've received a public school education, read science magazines, or watch TV, you've probably seen some solid evidence that supports evolution. I want to show you some evidence that begs to differ and open your eyes to the fact that you may have been misled or brainwashed by the governmenting powers that we have all learned in recent times are honest and trustworthy.
Other aspects I left off of this video that prove evolution is impossible:
There is a scientific LAW that states: cells only come from other pre-existing cells.
It has been proven in a lab and in nature. This law doesn't just apply to cells, it also applies to the parts of cells like phospholipids, DNA, mitochondria, chloroplasts etc.
If you have ever watched the video of DNA replication in real time, you will see many enzymes working and doing things so complicated and fast that they would need brains more advanced than ours to do such tasks. There is no exploration to how or why they are able to replicate DNA.

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