Mother Who Waited 90 Years For Female President Dies After Voting For Hillary Clinton

Anita Harris Hillary Clinton
A photo of an Oregon woman who died just days after voting for Hillary Clinton has been shared by thousands of Facebook users.

Anita Harris, who had been in a hospice for the past eight months, according to the Huffington Post, posed for a photo with her ballot paper ahead of the November 8 election.

The 90-year-old, who lived in Clackamas County, passed away just days before Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump find out who will win the race for the White House.

Mother who waited 90 years for female president dies after voting for Hillary Clinton | The Telegraph
This is the most ridiculous fake story for this years Presidential election. If anyone really believes this crap, then they are easily duped. I like to point out the numerology in fake stories and I see 90 years old is the age this woman was or 9 which is of great occult significance. Aside from the numerology, the purpose of this story is to gain sympathy for voting for Hilary Clinton and bring attention to voting for her just because she will be the "First Female President".

I don't think for one second the President has any real power. To me the President is an actor who is there to give this illusion of democracy, the illusion of being in charge of the United States and just an overall stooge who just pretends for four years that they are making real decisions.