Friday, November 4, 2016

British Army Calls In Hollywood To Make Explosions Extra-Realistic

The British Army hosted a war games demonstration featuring an imaginary 'Soviet' force with special effects provided by a Hollywood company.

The land combat power demonstration featured different units of the army destroying the imaginary force.

According to the Ministry of Defence, Event Horizon were asked to help with the pyrotechnics for 'health and safety reasons'.

A MOD source said: 'As you can imagine, the army are very good at making things blow up and for part of the demonstration we use live ammunition, but this is always fired downrange, away from the VIPs and troops.

'We use the company because they are experts in making explosions which look good, but do not fire red-hot pieces of tungsten. Obviously, we don't want anyone to be hurt or killed.'

Are you watching Putin? British Army calls in Hollywood to make explosions extra-realistic in show of strength against imaginary Russian force |

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