It’s sort of like staying inside a Swiss Army knife: In stylish new microhotels, architects deploy tech and minimalist design to fold a lot of amenities into small spaces. Consider the 150-square-foot rooms at the two Arlo hotels, which opened this fall in Manhattan. “There’s not a lot of room to navigate, but that can be a convenience,” says Matthew Goodrich, chief creative officer at AvroKO, the haute hospitality agency behind Arlo. “You don’t have to get up and go across the room to adjust anything. It’s all within arm’s reach.” Welcome to your tiny castle.

Sleep Tight in a Smartly Designed Microhotel | Wired.com
Are microhotels part of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, going green and austerity? Is this the future? Jam pack people into smaller living spaces, even for hotels? Seriously this smaller is better agenda being promoted is a con. Why would people want smaller living space?

Did you know there's a tiny house agenda, I mean trend house trend?