Tiny House Trend?

More than 10 million viewers tuned in to HGTV’s tiny-house shows this year. There’s a Tiny House magazine, at least two documentaries and countless blogs about tiny-house living.

“Part of the surprise is that it has resonated with urban viewers — the majority of whom are already living in tiny spaces,” said John Feld, senior vice president of programming and production at HGTV.l

And while tiny studios are common in NYC, 1987 zoning restrictions meant new-build apartments could be no smaller than 400 square feet. But in 2012, a waiver was passed allowing for one building of “micro-units,” measuring between 260 and 360 square feet. The ribbon on those 55 units was officially cut in October.

Meet New Yorkers making the most of the tiny house trend | New York Post
This is ridiculous. Why would anyone want a tiny house? I can see this is apart of Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. It falls in line with Agenda 21's plan to move people into large cities and because they have to fit a lot of people, what better way then making them live in tiny spaced houses and apartments. It's part of the sustainable living, austerity and reducing your carbon footprint con. They are tricking people into going for less and paying more for it too with these overpriced tiny houses.

I couldn't believe this video from the article about tiny house living that is absolutely laughable: