Insects Are Our Future Livestock

This is absolutely ridiculous, yet people will believe they will soon being devouring insects, LOL!

“In the near future, your kids will eat insects, food made of insects” says Nanna Roos. Inspired from Kenya, Thaïland or Cambodia, she wants to bring insects in our meat production as a sustainable, nutritious and tasty solution for babies and adults.

As collecting wild insects is not a sustainable solution, Nanna Roos and her team are working on developing farms, where insects can be mass produced using tiny space and little water, and staying healthy. The current challenge is to turn insects into the livestock of the future.

Nanna Roos is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen within the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports. One of her projects, GREEiNSECT, contributes to researching capacity building in Kenya by supporting studies in the fields of insect production, food product development and economy.

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